Friday, December 26, 2008

The very breast for the holiday

I'm back in the states and missing Europe. Maybe if I'm a good girl they'll post me there someday. I stayed away from the family for Christmas, a good thing given all the drama around Justin. So I took the train up to New York and spent Christmas with my old friend and sometime lover, Jon. We could never make it as a couple, but there's a wonderful familiarity everytime we get back together.

The sexual high point for me wasn't anything spectacular, such as making love in a department store window (which my ex always promised we would do, but never happened). We were in his cozy Manhattan walkup with the lights off, just letting the ambient city illumination spill into the room. He was sitting on the love seat that passes for his sofa and I straddled him and started kissing him. He is a wonderful kisser, and knows just how to tease, then heat me up with progressively more passionate kisses. This went on for a long time, from light lip brushes to professional tongue wrestling. He always tastes fresh. Sometimes he fucks my mouth with his tongue and it reminds me of what it is like when I sit on his face and he tongue-fucks my pussy.

Gradually more clothes came off. I felt his warm hands against my back, rubbing my collar-bones -- which for some reason he makes incredibly sensual -- and caressing my breasts. By this time, my nipples were aching from being so erect, and he started to work on them. He is the man who taught me how to really have my nipples and breasts worshipped. Not being the bustiest girl in town, men often ignore my breasts -- I am definitely a magnet for legs-and-ass men. Jon loves my "perfect" pert breasts -- his words. So he worked wet circles around my nipples with his tongue, then gently sucked them. Every now and then he would nibble lightly. I felt as if there was a hgh-tension power line connecting my tits with my pussy and he was just ramping up the voltage. My panties were already sopping wet and I could feel his cock pressing against their fabric.

Then he really went at me. Cupping my breasts, he started sucking my nipples really hard. I thought I was going to pass out it felt so damned good. I told him so in words and moans. First one breast got the treatment, then the other while he stroked and pinched the opposite nipple with his fingers. I moaned and rocked against his cock, starting to have little nipplegasms. I kept trying to reach down and get him inside me, but he stopped me. "Not yet," he said. Then he would hold me strongly in place with his hands on my back while he licked and sucked on my nipples.

He finally let me pull the panties aside. He easily slipped in and I came almost immediately, nearly dislocating his neck from holding him so tightly. I came so hard I was crying and he held me for a long time. Later I got down on my knees and repaid the favor.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Losing it -- tell me everything

Now it's your turn again to turn me on, dear readers. I'm more than interested by our two polls on losing virginity. You know my stories (here and here). Tell me your stories: sexy, stumbling, awful, lurking now. Give it up. The comments section is totally confidential -- not even I can see your email.

I am particularly intrigued by you men who said your cock was too big but you fucked her anyway. Why would you do that?

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

I was thankful, believe me

The black jeans...I had worn them in place of a skirt to keep myself from they were bunched on the floor along with my panties, bra and blouse. The marble of the bathroom vanity was cold against my hips, but I didn't really feel it as I helped him out of his well-tailored slacks, reached into his boxers and freed his hard cock...

But I'm getting ahead of myself.

It was a Thanksgiving party for American ex-pats in Paris, held in a spacious flat of a reporter whose name you know if you are well informed. These are not co-workers, but some old friends from college or grad school. To them, I'm just Linda with the dull government job. There were others I didn't know, including him. It was one of those sparkling, flirty parties. And he acquired me like a predator drone soon after he made his entrance with his wife. She was blond and lithe, with an ice-queen expression. He kept coming back, and finally we were on a sofa together and our legs were touching.

I was getting overheated by then. The attention was nice, and the forbidden fruit thing, and the fact that he was tall, broad-shouldered, with wavy dark hair just starting to get little sleet-streaks of gray. And I hadn't been laid in weeks, since I had left Seattle with a bang. It didn't hurt that he was witty and could talk about interesting things, art and history. And nothing was going to come of it. So I let my leg stay as he consciously rubbed against me. I vaguely smelled pussy arousal, and I suspect he did, too.

Or so I thought when I excused myself to go to the bathroom. But the subconscious slut in me was hoping...and five minutes later the door opens and he stepped inside. I didn't wait for him to give me more than a merry look in his faithless blue eyes. My hands cupped his face and brought it down to mine beginning a long kiss. Tongues danced and he took me full in his arms. I could already feel his cock hard against my belly. He slipped off my blouse and bra, sucking my nipples very hard. They tingled and ached and ran a high-tension power line directly to my clit. I thought I was going to come right then, as I staggered backward with nothing to hold me but his strong hands. I nearly ripped off my jeans and he slipped his hands on my waist, effortlessly lifting me onto the top of the vanity.

"I need a taste," he cooed, dropping down to kiss my pussy, then run his tongue gently up and down my labia.

I couldn't take any more. I frantically undid his belt and let his slacks drop. My hand wrapped around a fat cock, about seven inches long. Why am I such a large-cock magnet? Not complaining...certainly not at that moment. He opened my legs, swung each ankle over his shoulder and started working his cockhead into a pussy re-virginated by lack of fucking. I leaned back into the mirror and gasped as he pushed in. But I was very wet and it didn't take long until he was really in there. The momentary discomfort of being stretched open soon gave way to a very warm, full feeling.

We made our odd position work, hands holding arms as he fucked me, first slowly, working his cock at different angles, my legs splayed wide open. But I wasn't the only one who was mad with lust. He eased my ankles down so we could get close and he really started humping me as I ground my pelvis back at him. Little contractions started coming. He could feel them, he told me, my pussy kissing him, he said.

Suddenly I started coming. I buried my face in his shoulder to muffle my cries. After a few seconds he gasped and moaned and I felt him pulsing inside me. For a long moment, we just held each other tightly. His cock finally slid out of me, covered with milky semen and pussy juice.

He slipped away and I put myself together, returning to the party with a flushed face. The bathroom had a bidet, of course. But I preferred to put my panties and jeans back on. A few minutes later, I felt a big glob of semen fall out of me. My souvenir.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

More self-pleasure tales

It's a good thing I'll be going back to the states soon. Otherwise, I would be a very bad girl, very bad.

Another agent I've been working with is named Ben. He's broad-shouldered, immaculately dressed -- with his suit coat cut just right to conceal his service weapon. God, I'd like to get my hands on his other weapon for service... He looks about six-foot-three, just the right kissing height for my five-foot-eight horny body. He's a toucher, in the right ways, and he makes me laugh. He's got a wife named Jennifer. I've got it bad for him.

Today I couldn't stand it any longer. So I went into the ladies room, to the last stall. Waited until I was alone. Then, I sat and started playing with myself, a pleasure made easier by wearing garters and stockings. So I slid down my panties and my hand found that my pussy was already dripping wet, my lips sensitive and swollen.

I closed my eyes and imagined him kissing me and undressing me, laying me down on the bed and giving me the glory fuck of my young life. The head of his cock pushing into my tight pussy, then pushing in. His long frame on top, my legs over his shoulders as his cock sank in deep. I watch as his penis goes in and out, wet with our juices, then disappearing inside me again. My finger made circles around my clit while my other hand stroked the inside of my thighs, then probed my wet lovehole.

Fortunately these are comfy toilets, because I soon lost myself and leaned back, raising my long legs and jammed my shoes against the walls of the stall. In my mind, we could go all night, but I needed this quick, hard first fucking from him, I needed his semen inside him, the way I make a man mine. Oh, his cock was in so deep. He swiveled those slender hips as he pumped into me.

Suddenly I lost it, letting out this muffled moan-scream: "Ummmmmmmmmmfffffffffffoohhhhhhhhhhh!"

As I lay back, I heard a woman's voice: "Are you okay in there?"

"Uh-huh," I peeped, breathless, my hands drenched in pussy goo.

I waited until she had left before putting myself back together, and going back to work.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Linda Sue's blowjob tricks

Yes, blowjobs. Men love 'em. Even the worst was pretty damned good, as one of my co-workers says. But from what I can tell, many women are mediocre at this love skill. Some don't like it, like my friend back in the states Jennifer. Others, who knows.

I started out as a clumsy late-teenage cocksucker. But I was always very into the bodies of the men I was sucking off: how they might start sighing or even shaking when I was really doing something right; how they might start thinking about what's on television if I wasn't. I've told you some of the "secrets" I learned. I start off licking his cock like a lollypop, making circles, too. Even before that, if we're in bed, I run my breasts and hard nipples across his belly and cock.

I want him interested, and really anticipating when I will take him into my mouth. Once I do that, I still return to the licking and teasing. I kiss his balls, run my fingers and tongue gently around them, take them ever-so-easy in my mouth. He's really gasping when I start really sucking and moving up and down. I use my hand, or hands, to jerk off his shaft while I suck, or twist my hands both ways -- this causes them to like this way too much. Sometimes I do my "feather blowjob," the lightest sucking up and down, drawing it out and out until he comes. Sometimes I sit him down so he can see me suck him in a mirror, watching my shapely ass move seductively as I worship his penis. If he's average to smaller, I take him all the way to my throat.

One of the most important things I learned was how to, and this is an unromantic way to put it, manage his orgasm. When I was younger, I'd just suck like a madwoman, even though this caused many men to moan not just in ecstasy but discomfort. Once they started to come their cocks became so sensitive that my sucking was too much.

So I learned to back off once it's clear he's going to come. I ease off on the pressure as he's spurting in my mouth, but keep it up enough to extend his pleasure. Same with my hand, letting up some but still milking that magical dick. It can do on and on amazingly long. I feel him tense and his muscles ripple, his balls get tight, especially if he's young. His semen spurts again and again as I greedily swallow. No man ever forgets a Linda Sue blowjob.

But when you've come, baby, no napping. I'm just getting started.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The secret life of men

The poll to your right tells me that more men than will admit it have gotten it on with other men. As for women, it's hard to tell -- I suspect most readers here are male, so the poll may be weighted against girl-on-girl confessions. I've loved my few female experiences, but in the end...and everywhere else...I gotta have cock.

Apparently the same has been true for some of my male readers. Interesting, too, is how many of these liaisons were unplanned. There's a little guilt or regret shown, but mostly they liked it. Mikey liked it. (Mikey will eat anything).

My sense is there's a much deeper, primal taboo inside most men about homosexuality than there is with women. We're natural touchers, and more than once in my life a friendly hug with a female has evolved into caresses that were first comforting, then sexual, then kisses, perhaps tentative...let me try this out...and then...Linda likes it.

Men are different. Now, some are gay of course, and a few are bi, but I'm especially interested in the guys who are straight but either by happenstance or walking on the wild side ended up with a cock in their mouth. I know how wonderful every blowjob is for me. I remember my first vividly. How is it the first time for the average suburban straight guy who never thought he'd have a dick sliding between his lips? (For being so "hard," they're so wonderfully soft, aren't they?). And when that first rush of sperm comes out...I swallowed as fast as I could, surprised at the taste and smell and force of his ejaculation (he was 17, after all). Did you? And did you drive back home to wifey with a mouth full of sperm, or semen running out your anus, feeling flush with accomplishment and guilt?

I'm getting aroused just writing this.

I was dating a man who said he'd be open to a threesome with another guy. We got very hot talking about it, and he was obviously aroused when I said I wanted to see the two of them play together. Alas, he chickened out. Which is a shame, because I wanted to see his first time.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Home alone

Yes, women masturbate -- at least all of the women you'd want to know. This has been much on my mind lately as I am forced by my work situation to avoid the real thing. Horny slut that I am, my going-away gang fuck just wasn't enough to keep me satisfied for long.

I've never been much of one for toys -- I especially don't care for plastic inside me, even though I have used a strap-on on an old boyfriend! -- but my hand can do wonders. When I was 13, I started feeling this magnetic desire to touch myself "down there," even though my mother had made it clear that "down there" was dirty and only made for peeing. But alone in my bed at night, I just couldn't resist. It felt so good. Late that year I was rubbing myself when I suddenly had my first orgasm. It wasn't like the glory comes I would experience later, but it was new and wow! It completely took me by surprise. A few minutes later, my mother tapped on the door and asked if I was alright. Oh, yes. Surely she knew, and worried her little daughter would end up pregnant at sixteen, before going straight to hell.

Well there was no way I was going to get pregnant and stuck in suburban Auburn, Washington. But as you all know, I stayed a virgin all through high school. Yet my masturbatory life flourished. I came to realize the effect I had on boys and men. And I went through the usual round of crushes, and simple appreciation for everything from boys' muscles and masculinity, to the nerdy brainy ones, to my history teacher. I always fantasized when I got myself off, always had specific boys in mind, although I never acted on it. Sometimes I would come home after a game, take off my panties and masturbate in my cheerleader outfit, recalling all the lustful looks my pretty legs had garnered that night.

I thought about this, later, the other night when my neighbors woke me fucking. They can get wonderfully loud -- her moaning and mumbling nonstop in French, still managing to get out a "fuck me!" here and there; he encouraging her until he lets loose with his own moans and yells. It was balmy enough in my room that I pulled off the sheet as I raised my legs, planting my feet on the softness of the mattress. Already highly aroused...but I wanted to take my time. I lightly stroked the inside of my thighs, starting close to the knee, then moving up and just flickering across my pubic mound. Then the other side. I could hear my breathing get deeper.

My outer lips were together and I gently parted them, only granting myself a couple of clit rubs. A finger ran around the uneven form of my labia, lingered at the bottom, stroked my perineum. By now I could feel my heartrate really pick up. On the other side of the wall, I could hear her percussive moans...he was on top, slamming into her, each moan timed to the stroke of his cock. I have seen them both...beautiful people. I imagined him atop me, holding himself up by his elbows as he fucked me. I could look down and see his penis disappear inside me, again and again, filling me up.

By now my other hand was working easy circles on my clit, which felt like it was on electric fire. Meanwhile, I finger-fucked myself, felt all the familiar folds of my pussy, enjoyed the juices that were now flowing all over my labia, down into my anus, onto the sheets. God, I needed a good fucking. I reached up and gently pinched my nippled. What would happen if I went next door, wearing nothing, and banged on the door? Would he dismount and open the door with his erection still hanging in front? And could I take the time to drop to my knees and take it into my mouth, tasting the bounty of their mingled fluids? No, I would have to be fucked right then, right now...on the floor, against the wall.

In real life, the headboard is banging against the wall. I know he is fucking her doggy-style, their typical final act. I tilted my pelvis and raised my legs as my hands did their work, the bottoms of my feet burning, recalling all the find male asses they had rested against as I got fucked.

I heard myself screaming...the rest of me was somewhere else. For a few moments, it was completely silent next door. By the time they resumed, I was seconds from dropping into the sleep that only sex brings.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Be patient, loves...

Linda Sue is on the job and on the road. Amuse yourselves with the archives...
Back soon. Kiss...lick...

Wednesday, October 22, 2008!

I just discovered Dirty Debbie's "CWB" section. Let's just say it's a must-see for horny women, especially if you're not getting any right now.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Ode to a little black dress

My luckiest piece of clothing was my little black dress.
It clung in all the right places, my silhouette,
Flowed out to show off my legs.
Men always loved them, especially in this dress.
I was twenty-eight when I bought it.
I've owned others. But this was the
I've had other lucky clothing. My khaki miniskirt
In college, my power suits with skirts just above
The knee, my muscle T-shirt, worn braless
On Saturday mornings to get a mocha at Uptown Espresso.
But I loved this little black dress above all.

When I was twenty-eight and powerful, such a powerful
Age for a woman, my body still taut and youthful
But my mind wiser.
This little black dress got me lovers
And got me into trouble.
It ended up on the floor at the foot of his bed.
It bunched up against a wall as he fucked me

I was reminded of this the other night,
As I walked in the misty black air along the Seine.
I was alone, wearing garters and black stockings
Under a longer dress. But no fun for Linda.
I have duties, responsibilities, minders, a firearm.
Your national security. My sexual insecurity.
I wanted to feel sexy as I walked, then I heard her.

A cascade of moans and cries and oaths
In a French soprano voice. She never stopped.
I saw them under the ancient bridge. He had her,
Up against the wall. She in a little black dress,
His pants were down, his hip muscles tensed
As he fucked her with madness.
I had been there, mon cheri. Louder than you.
I could see her pale face, red hair,
black dress. Him, his skin was coal black,
Glistening as he took his fair maiden.

She looked at me and we exchanged souls
For a moment. She looked twenty-eight. I told
Her of the lifetime of fucking she had ahead.
Each one wonderfully different, each heartbreak
Worth it.
My black dress would get scuffed and sperm-stained
With all my adventures, with my running from
One lover at eight to another at midnight.
They didn't know they were sharing my
Ah, but my little black dress knew.

They just wanted my legs wrapped around them,
My red hair thrown back and my screams
Validating their manliness. And they did.
They wanted the cute redhead in
The little black dress.
I killed at parties. Made wives went crazy.
Their husbands in a trance, Linda's
So many lovers came magnetized to that dress,
And a girl-woman, twenty-eight.
We all got what we were after, right?

I stood there on the storied riverbank,
Paused, a little tingle behind my knees,
As I watched him fuck her.
So much of life flowing by.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I try to resist that last leaving-town temptation

I've loved your kinky stories -- they've given me some hot masturbation material as I have endured celibacy with work taking me from Paris to Berlin, Brussels and, well, I'd better not say.

So you want to know about Justin? Oh, yes, sleeping with my "hood" brother-in-law, after his years of hitting on me. It was one of the most irresponsible things I've ever done, so of course I couldn't eventually resist it. I can be completely straight and narrow on everything but sex.

I spent the days after my going-away party letting my little pussy readjust, and my mind wander back to fond memories. (Read about them here, here here and here). I am packing and thinking, it's good to be getting out of town. Good to be getting away from the inevitable tryst that will blow up my life -- and the playtime with Justin is a very good candidate. C-4 explosive.

So I am slowly saying goodbye to my Seattle condo (where so much good sex has happened), hoping Justin doesn't "drop by" and partly hoping he does. That is Bad Linda talking. As usual, Bad Linda prevails.

I'm already asleep when there's a banging as the door. Justin looms through the fisheye. All I have on is a T-shirt, but I open the door. He comes in with an angry stride -- he and Amber have had a fight. He's at his most macho, masculine, strangely attractive this way -- at least in small doses. So I let him grab me up and start kissing me, while rubbing my bush and pussy that are exposed by the raised T-Shirt. I feel his big cock expanding down the left leg of his jeans.

Back in the bedroom, he just wants to fuck me, but I lay him down and undress him as he complains about my sister. He's not complaining by the time I have him naked and start stroking his cock. It stands up straight and grandly in the ambient light, like some monument to the gods of fucking. But as I start to kiss and lick, I can smell pussy. Not mine.

"Did you fuck her tonight?"


So here it is -- my sister's pussy scent and dried pussy juice on my lover's penis. In the abstract, it's strange and compelling. In the flesh before me, it's primal. I am a bad, sick girl, my good-girl voice says. But I am fascinated and turned on. I imagine Amber: the brunette to my red hair, the sister with big boobs, but not my fine legs. Her scent is strong like mine, but somehow different, too. I inhale and run my nose and tongue around his crotch. I make him tell me how he fucks her and I slowly suck his cock. He is blue-collar and inarticulate, but I stop sucking if he stops talking. Amber is a pure missionary girl -- won't even ride him. If she comes, he can't tell. He always has to initiate sex. I stop and make him give me the primal stuff. How it feels. Does she wrap her legs or keep them wide? "She says I'm too big for her..." I go back to worshipping this cock. Soon I let him just enjoy it and am madly sucking and jerking the shaft when he comes. He shoots strongly into the back of my mouth. No wonder they have four kids -- after fucking her, he still has enough semen left to nearly choke me.

We spent the next hour fucking -- he has a wonderful recovery time. And it is surprisingly tender. I let him fuck me in all sorts of positions -- my pussy is very ready to be fucked again. I let him fuck me in the ass, finally. He can get about half the way in. I have a strong orgasm myself. And then I steer him toward the door. He can't stay here tonight. He needs to get back to being a husband. And I am leaving myself. And this big, tall, macho guy cries as I hold him. Then he's gone and the locking of the door sounds unusually loud in the cool night.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Ball gags? Public sex? Got the wife to take it in the ass?

Some of the sexiest and best-read posts come when readers share your experiences. The answers to the poll already have me wet. So give it up. Tell your story in the comments section of this post. Your email address is secure -- even I can't see it. You don't have to be a "good writer." Just get us all hard or damp with your own...very personal...confessions. Lurkers: That means you, too.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

That secret college lover that the good girl never discussed

I've left up the poll on college sex experiences to savor. What a delicious variety! You already know about many of my coed dalliances.

One of my coleagues is named Susan. She's a little older, but is still gorgeous, with cute-short blond hair, Ivory soap girl skin and, from what I can tell, a killer body, with very firm, perfect breasts. Gradually, she's opened up and we've traded stories. I put in the category about only having sex with your steady -- except for that secret one-night-stand -- because of her inspiration. It took some doing, time and bottles of wine, but here's Susan's college story, as told to Linda Sue.

I grew up in a very straight-laced family in the South. Dad was a church elder. You get the idea. I was a good girl. I was going steady with a guy who was a year older; we met in high school. But it wasn't until I was nineteen and a freshman in college that we went all the way and I lost my virginity. Rob was a very nice young man, but...a little boring. We were both going to the same nearby state university, and it was just assumed we would soon marry after graduation. But, in my way, I already knew I wanted out of there. Southern girls don't rebel -- at least in my experience. So I guess I acted out.

There was Steve. I'd had a crush on him in high school: he was tall, broad shouldered, with dark wavy hair. He made me wet and flushed feeling -- it was so embarrassing. But he was one of the school "hoods" -- rode a motorcycle, not going to college, close to the drug dealers if not one of them, and working class. We were very much middle class, with dad being a prosperous businessman. To date Steve would have been impossible.

But after having lost it with Rob, a few months later I ran into Steve in a store. He asked me out and I accepted. I just did it. I couldn't believe I had done such a thing. My pussy almost gushed into my panties as I said yes. I was going steady with Rob, of course. But there I was. So Steve takes me to a movie and after drives me back to the dorm. We get into a heavy makeout session in his car. I step out and walk back to the dorm in a comatose horny state. I can't think of anything else. I had reached down and felt his hard cock being restrained by the fabric of his pants. My nipples ached they were so hard.

Later that night he calls and we talk awhile, and he tells me to come over to his apartment. Again, totally out of character, I did it. We were all over each other before he even closed the door. He was a great kisser and very strong. He guided me into the bedroom and had my clothes off in a flash. I protested a little, but he was going to have his way with me. And I was turned on by this. Intellectually, it made no sense. But it was a huge attraction, this man I had wanted just taking me. He also kept calling me "Susie." I was always "Susan," nothing else, a quick little bitch to correct people. But when Steve called me "Susie," it just fed my lust. He dropped his pants and kicked them off. His cock was larger than Rob's and it wobbled enticingly as he moved.

I started to caress it and try out my very rudimentary skills in fellatio, but he pushed me down on the bed and was on top of me in a flash. I reached down and guided his cock inside me. I was very tight, but also very wet and he skillfully took his time pushing inside until he was in to the hilt. I was already gasping and moaning and bucking against him. This little voice inside me was saying, "Wow, I have the second cock of my life inside me now -- two in one year, and I was supposed to be faithful and settle down with Rob...even my parents would have been shocked to know Rob and I had done it. That voice didn't last. Steve just overwhelmed me with his physicality. He was very athletic, a much better lover than I had experienced. He was also kind of rough and dominant. Again, this was a turn on. Pretty soon he had my legs up over his shoulders -- an incredible new feeling. He fucked me a long time, and I had my first vaginal orgasm. Then he let out a loud cry and I could feel his big cock pumping semen into my recently virginal pussy.

We made love three more times until it was time for me to go to class. I was fucked doggy for the first time. Even with a shower, his come was running out of me all the next day. I had a date with Rob that night. Although I'm sure I acted strangely, we ended up screwing, too. It was quite a letdown. In two days, two different men. Not exactly church conversation.

Steve was my secret lover for the next three months. I argued with myself about it being wrong, about the need to confess. I never did. More time than I can remember, I went from one man to the other's place with semen in my pussy. Steve would fuck me roughly, in all sorts of positions, giving me these blowout orgasms; Rob would make love to me sweetly and innocently. Steve really knew how to drive me crazy sucking my tits, and he taught me how to give killer blowjobs. I still remember how big and impressive his balls were. I learned how to tease him, then really bring him off in my mouth. Or just give a quick but satisfying blowjob out in the car. Rob benefited from my learning. Steve always gave me this thrilling sense of being an outlaw...ironic considering my eventual career.

Steve knew I was still going with Rob, but didn't really care. I was a college girl, and he knew it had no future. But what fun we had, and made even more so by its illicit nature. The two worlds of Rob and Steve were so separate, I never really worried about getting caught. I broke it off and we had one more great fuck. After graduation, Rob and I married, as expected. But I knew it was a mistake even as I walked down the aisle. We divorced six years later and I left the South for good.

For years, I kept Steve as my little secret. The outward me certainly stayed pretty straight-laced -- only five lovers in forty years. But I'll never forget my "hood."

Saturday, September 27, 2008

My going-away party, Part IV

By this time I am starting to lose my bearings, all I have is a riot of sensations -- my clit aches for need of an orgasm, my pussy has that high-voltage quiver of being repeatedly fucked, my face is covered with another woman's pussy juice -- mingled with a man's semen -- my legs are noodly and shaky, come running out of me is tickling my anus, and the room reeks of sex. Nobody speaks. After the woman's orgasm, the only voice is mine, moaning, begging to come.

Hands untie me, while other hands gently caress my belly and thighs. Mouths suck on my nipples, getting me worked up all over again -- one of the mouths is topped by a scratchy mustache. The other mouth must be the woman -- her hair falls on me -- and she sucks hard. I groan loudly, whisper, "that feels so good." They turn me over and rearrange me. It's all very gentle and silent, and now I am on my knees, my ass high in the air, my arms resting on a pillow.

I expect another dick in me from behind. Instead, the bed leans in a little and a body is in front of me. Now I have hands free to explore. It's a man's body, with hairy legs and a flat belly and a fat, short cock. I let my hands roam and feel it encased in soft foreskin. I just barely brush my hands across it. Time for somebody else to get played. I kiss, lick and bite the tops of his thighs, run my tongue in circles around his belly button. With one hand, I reach up and pinch his nipples. I hear him start to breathe heavily.

I approach his cock slowly. First, I cup his balls in my hands and lick them. Some men want it rough with their balls sucked. But you never know. It can be painful for most guys, so I take it easy. They are tight and close to his dick, with soft skin and little hair. He's clearly enjoying this way too much. So I start lightly licking his cock. It's almost like an artillery round in shape -- of it feels that way: I am still blindfolded. But the skin is so soft. I flick my tongue up and down and in circles. He lets out a baritone moan.

Now I pull down the foreskin and inhale the man smell. I jerk him off gently while kissing his belly. My ass is still invitingly in the air, and this is brought home to me when suddenly the other side of the mattress is depressed and I feel a man positioning himself behind me. I try to lick and please my uncut man, running my tongue around his exposed head, but my pussy is having pre-quake jitters in anticipation of what's to come.

Any woman who tells you every cock feels the same (except for the really big boys) isn't paying attention. Each is delightfully different. And now I feel that distinct, sweet pain of the big head of Chris's cock pushing into my vagina. Even though I've already been opened up by a monster and am gushing pussy juice and come, his head still gets my attention. Selfish bitch that I am, I ram myself against him, letting it fill me up, and let out a pre-orgasm scream.

But he's having none of it. His strong hands firmly grip my hips and he won't really fuck me. God! He stays inside, then slowly withdraws, then oh-so-slowly slides back in. All the while, he keeps control. I am breathless. But I keep working on the fat little cock before me. It slides into my mouth and I gently suck while cupping and caressing his balls. Next I move my head up and down a few times, just to get things started. This is going to be fun...

Then a big rope of semen explodes into the back of my throat and the man screams a profanity and grabs my head. I am swallowing as fast as I can as two, three, four big ejaculations fly into my mouth. It tastes like very salty, pungent pea soup. Haven't swallowed so much in awhile -- he must be young. I ease up the pressure and manage his orgasm, so it feels good, not to painfully intense, and he's soon just moaning and stroking my hair. His cock collapses and I lick up the rest of his come from his pubic hair. The taste of come stays in my mouth, keeps my throat sticky, and I can feel the thick semen on its way into my stomach.

Now Chris really starts to fuck me. Piston, whatever fucking analogy you want this is it. He does the move where he angles his hips as he fucks, letting his cock touch different areas inside me. Incredible feeling. It doesn't take long before I am seeing colors at the edges of my eyes and my feet are burning. My pussy gives some powerful contractions and then the first orgasm just annihilates me. He just keeps fucking. I have buried my head in the belly of my uncut friend and I am screaming and moaning, whimpering unintelligible fuck talk. Yes, I claw the sheets... A finger slips into my anus, finger-fucking me with KY while Chris's dick is fucking my pussy. He's done this before, in preparation to taking my ass. This time, though, he's so aroused that all he can do is suddenly pull out of my pussy and slide into my anus before he comes. I am filled up with cock and semen and he collapses on me. We're all in a heap, gasping and moaning.

Everybody had another turn, at least. I can't tell you how many times I was fucked or in how many positions. I rode the heavy-set man and came again. Chris gave me a sweet missionary fuck, my legs wrapped around his waist and hips. The woman and I sixty-nined, and I just got to the plateau and couldn't get off, but she came again. Then, above my face, I felt a cock slide into her and I licked it and her as she was fucked. Later, I sucked the semen out of her. The first guy, the skinny one with the impossibly large cock, gave me a hell of a shafting from behind -- really rough this time, hard to adjust my pelvis to take all of him -- but I had another shattering orgasm. The only rule was that I couldn't take off the blindfold.

It seemed as if we had taken a pause. I was lying there, as well-fucked as a woman could be. After awhile, my nose itched and I thought, what the hell. I took off the blindfold. The room was empty. Nobody but me and the semen-stained sheets.

A single red rose was on the pillow next to me. I could barely walk the next day.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

A small break...appreciating those comments

People continue to add their comments to my "Sex with a relative" post from long ago. The latest, by Angela, is one of the sexiest comments I've ever read. W-O-W! So enjoy. And I'd love to have more honest, explicit commenters on all posts...(Thank you BadGirlJennifer).

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

My going-away party, Part III

I have just been fucked by two strangers. I can't see them, but I know how they feel on top of me, the texture of their skin, the scent of their breath, the size and shape of their cocks, the way they fuck and the way they sound when they come, the volume of sperm they pump into me (a lot).

"How much edge can you handle, you little slut?" Chris had asked the question with a fond look but an edge in his voice. I knew he had been angry with me for screwing around on him -- just as I had been pissed at his continued dalliance with Heather. So now I was leaving, and he wanted to throw me a "party." Would I go along? No details. "I don't want to be hurt, and if you bring friends, make them wear condoms," I said. He nodded. Liar.

Now I lie on the soft, expensive sheets that smell of sex. My hands are still tied to the headboard with soft but unyielding restraints. My little pussy aches from being fucked and from being taken to the edge without letting me come. I know it's all part of his plan. If a woman could have blue balls, I am she. No one says a word.

The mattress is again depressed and a body lies beside me. Skin on skin, this is unmistakably female. She gives me urgent French kisses, her tongue exploring my mouth, then lingering, teasing lip brushes. Her hair falls down on my cheeks and neck. It feels lush and curly. She's a good kisser. After a few minutes of this, she leans over me and one heavy breast caresses my face, then the other does. Her nipples are erect and thick, and I lick and suck them hungrily. But soon she takes them away. Now I feel a leg coming across me and I smell pussy as she moves to sit on my face and get adjusted. Her pubic hair is soft and sparse.

Her pussy is very wet. The juices cover my lips and nose as I start licking and tonguing her. She's has a very pungent pussy odor, and I start to get aroused all over again. Someone has recently fucked her, because as I drill my tongue into her vaginal canal I taste man -- I get thick globs of semen mixed up with her pussy juices and swallow them. The semen has a sharp, nasty smell. She rocks back and forth, moaning softly as I work on her. After a thorough tongue-fucking, I worship her labia, only occasionally darting up to her clit. She has small, bud-like pussy lips. Then, as I really focus on her clit, she starts grinding against me. This goes on a long time. With my hands tied, I can't guide her or raise her pelvis.

Thank God she's relatively light or I would suffocate. By now she's really grinding against my face and I am bearing down with my tongue on her clit. Her pussy is making lubrication overtime now and it covers my face even as I try to lick it up and swallow it. Her cunty smell becomes even more pronounced, and I can feel her shake in little pre-orgasm contractions.

Godaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" she lets out this long, low moan, shaking and pushing against my face. I involuntarily wrestle at my restraints. I want to hold her close. But I can't. After sitting and rocking for awhile, she dismounts with a little yelp, and I am alone again on the bed.

Monday, August 25, 2008

My going-away party, Part II

I keep getting to the brink of coming and he hits my sounds a mix of aroused woman and all mixes together with a strange, new sensation. He grunts and shakes and I feel his come shooting inside me.

I don't know his name...

He immediately pulls out. I hate it when men do's even worse when it's a well-hung pussy is suddenly left empty and achie. I am still quivering, right on the brink of coming. I want to put my legs together and clench them together to bring myself off. I wish my hands weren't tied. God, I want to come so bad. But suddenly another man is on top of me.

He's big and his belly is on mine as his dick slides inside. He feels average, and that's fine. It takes my poor big-cock-fucked pussy a minute to adjust to him but by that time he's already fucking me. He's down on me, rubbing my nipples and breathing against my neck. He smells like cigarettes but makes no attempt to kiss me.

I feel his weight on me, holding me down. His pelvis, though, is a lithe and supple thing, ramming in and out, up and down, oscillating. What a feeling! I raise my legs against him and my feet start to heat up again. Now my pussy walls are tight against him and I grind against his pelvis, fucking his back. His breath comes very sharp and fast. He's one of those men who doesn't make noise, but I make him moan. He gasps: "'" I wonder if he's going to come or have a heart attack on top of me!

Then he pulls both my legs wide and holds them in the insides of his elbows as he slides back inside. I am spread wide open, feeling very vulnerable, feeling the air in the room brush against my hips and anus as I am lifted higher off the sheets. He fucks me with abandon as I gasp and moan. His heavy balls slap against my ass -- an unbelievably sexy sensation. I hear our sounds...the first man came in me and my juices mingle with his semen to make that distinctive squishy fast sound of being really fucked. My feet are burning and I am seeing colors at the edges of my eyes...

I am just about to explode when he lets out a "oh, fuck!" and I feel him spurting inside me. His cock seems to grow bigger as this happens. He must not have come for a month: I feel the semen cascade inside me, then dripping out, running down into my anus. He immediately pulls out and I moan with disappointment.

"Fuck me, fuck me...I want to come..." I am moaning. Only silence comes from around me. With the blindfold, I can see nothing. The room smells of strongly semen and pussy.

I wonder: How did I get into this?

Friday, August 15, 2008

My going-away party, Part I

I am lying naked on a bed with soft, clean sheets. My hands are tied to the headboard. I am wearing a blindfold. Something about the blindfold actually heightens senses other than vision. Opening my eyes only yields blackness. So I close them and feel the mouths sucking my nipples hard, the hands roaming all over me. I am already very wet. My legs are free and I feel hands parting them, raising my knees.

An unfamiliar body. He's very slender and his breath vaguely smells of peppermint as he leans down kissing me, pushing his tongue into my mouth. He lacks any finesse, like a college-boy. And very slim -- I rub one leg up and down him. But I can feel his erection pressing against me, and he's hung. Ohmygod. I can feel him reaching down with one hand, playing with my pussy with the tip of his cock, my juices coating it. Then he starts to push inside.

It hurts and I cry out. "Go slow, babe." He waits for me to adjust my pelvis to take more of him. I feel his head push inside me, and behind it a very thick shaft...I imagine this as one of those cocks that gets bigger beyond the head. Gasp, I gasp, and his breathing is coming hard on my shoulder. Then his head and torso push away; he must be raising himself up on his arms. He uses this purchase to push his cock all the way in. I let out a half-moan, half-scream. I am filled up, the walls of my pussy almost painfully stretched.

I wrap my legs around him. He's so skinny I can go way beyond crossing my ankles. And yet he's got this giant dick, which he proceeds to use on me full throttle. He's fucking me with a hard rhythm, very fast, his ass and pelvis rotating up and down maniacally. Then he slows down and I rest my feet on the backs of his thighs. He pulls way out, then slams inside me, provoking another moan/scream. I open my legs wide and push up my pelvis to await the next move, and he slams in again. Then he pulls almost out, leaving me quivering, unfilled, the walls of my pussy wet and waiting. It's excruciating...waiting, wanting the rhythm of fucking. But he plays me with more skill than I first expected. Again and again, he slow-fucks me.

Then I feel my legs being lifted and I am nearly upended as my feet and ankles go over his muscular shoulders. Now he's going even deeper, hitting my cervis...not comfortable...yet the thickness of him keeps me moaning and groaning. My hands strain at the headboard, wanting to feel his face and chest, grab his gymnastic little ass. But I am helpless to do so, which of course adds to the arousal. I keep getting to the brink of coming and he hits my sounds a mix of aroused woman and all mixes together with a strange, new sensation. He grunts and shakes and I feel his come shooting inside me.

I don't know his name...

Friday, August 8, 2008

Listening to the sounds though the walls

I'm on temporary liaison to a European agency that does what my bunch does -- fuzzy enough? I think so. It's nice duty -- the usual posting is three to five years, but I am not so lucky. In any event, I am in a very nice flat in a very nice arrondissement, one the tourists never get to. Thank you, dear taxpayers.

I don't know my neighbor, but I hear him, almost every night.

One girlfriend -- I call her Carla, after the French first lady -- is a screamer like me. She is not only very loud when she comes, but does lots of moaning and coaxing in French, such a wonderful language to make love in. He is loud, too. Another one is an American girl, younger; I have named her Marcia. She is a bit more reticent. I can't hear her until she lets out a sudden moan or passionate cry. Then she has one long, intense orgasm and I hear her alto "oohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh..." I bet he's gone down on her. There is another Frenchwoman -- Danielle in my fantasies -- who starts this amazing yodel of moaning and noisemaking. I imagine her riding him as she does this. Sometimes I hear the headboard hitting the wall and now he is fucking one of these women doggy.

I have only seen "Marcia" coming and going, and Monsieur is ruggedly handsome, like a mountaineer, and older -- he reminds me of a man I had a fling with during my undergraduate semester in Paris. He introduced himself to me once, as Luc, and his smile told me he knew I was listening to the nighttime sounds.

Alas, it is all I can do. Must be ever so careful in this position. I can't get into the other positions I would want. So I will have to content myself with the sounds through the wall, and my wistful fingers. I have always loved hearing my neighbors fuck -- it's like hearing life.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Open thread: The things we've done under the influence

What I've done while tipsy. Well, I got into a submissive fling with a much younger man (read about it here, here, and here). I had my first sexual experience with a girl. I fucked my bother-in-law. Drunken little slut.

As Dorothy Parker said, "I love a dry martini, two at the most. Three, I'm under the table. Four, I'm under the host."

When I was 20 and still fairly inexperienced, I had a doozy boozy experience. For years, I had noticed how my dad's buddies had their eyes on me. For a long time, I thought it was because I was ugly or funny looking. Hey, I was naive. Anyway, by 20 I was savvy enough to know what it meant. Once I accompanied my father to a dinner/springtime party for the large company where he worked. I wore a little black dress and was already looking for trouble.

As soon as we got there, I ran into my dad's golfing buddy Chuck. He had long "appreciated" me. Buff and tan, he was a surgeon and private pilot, very cocky, very married. He steered me over to the bar and bought me my first martini. Back then, like any college kid, I liked beer or sweet drinks. But I wanted to appear sophisticated. We stood against the wall and talked. Soon Mrs. Chuck -- Diane -- drifted over and joined the conversation, staring daggers at me. She was a pretty blonde -- but an young attractive woman is a destabilizing threat to any wife with half a brain. We talked, time passed and all of us went to circulate elsewhere.

Half an hour later, Chuck found me on the terrace of the country club, bored out of my skull by these old fogies. He brought another martini, and I drank it. He was very attractive, and I felt the innate competitiveness now with Diane, and I drank way too fast as he asked me about college and whatever... Pretty soon, I excused myself to go to the restroom. When I came out, there was the buff surgeon, standing in the hall. He took me by the arm and led me into an unoccupied ballroom.

We came together like matter in some physics experiment -- and, wow, being kissed by an older, experienced man was so much better than making out with some college guy. He just ravished me with kisses on my mouth, neck... I was ravenously horny as he put me on a table, hiked up my legs and pulled down my panties. He went down on me and I thought I would come right then -- but he was good; he just kept me hovering on the edge of orgasm. I kept ineffectually reaching for his pants, and soon he complied. Dropping them and his boxers, as he slid his cock inside my dripping pussy. I gasped from the moment he entered, and he fucked me with sure, rhythmic strokes. It didn't take long before I exploded, screaming...I couldn't help it.

He was still standing, fucking me on the table. "God, you're so tight," he gasped. He fucked me expertly, through a couple more orgasms, but I could tell he was about to come, too. "Are you on the pill?" he breathed. "Unh-huh," I managed to get out, and he came inside me, shuddering, moaning...hell, he was going to come inside me whether I was on the pill or not, he was so far gone. I felt his come shoot in me, and he held me close for a long time, stroking my hair, telling me how beautiful I was.

We put ourselves back together -- having left a massive come stain on the table cloth. About fifteen minutes later, I was back with dad, but still watching Chuck across the room. He was talking to this or that bigwig, smiling like a man who had just fucked the sweet young thing he had lusted after for years. Then Diane came up, smiled sweetly and pulled on his tie, as if to pull him down to kiss him. A second after their faces met, she slapped him so hard I could hear it across the noisy room. She had smelled my sweet pussy odor on Chuck's face.

By that point, I was drinking Diet Coke.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Postcard from the road XXXXO (fuck me now)

I'm not breaking any rules to tell you that I've been in Europe for several weeks. I've done a lot of train riding -- and I love trains. So civilized, so much less stressful than airplanes and airports, and so open to sexual adventures. More on that later. I must also tell you about my two ... goodbye parties as I left Seattle. And note that we have been given the quality seal by Jane's Guide.

For now, I am fascinated by the poll this week. For the record: I am satisfied and highly sexed. It's not surprising that lots of men want more sex, especially more frequency. Sad to say, men stay horny forever, while many women fade in their desire, especially as they reach menopause. That won't be me, babes.

Meanwhile, I know we have a significant cohort of female readers, so I am surprised that there are fewer votes for better quality sex. Back in the day, when I was in college with horny guys why just wanted to hop on and get off, quality was something I knew I wanted, but didn't know what it would be. Now I demand it. Then someone who reads this blog votes that sex isn't all that important to him or her. Hey, I'm grateful you're reading.

As for you poor babies in dry spells. Get out there. Personals are a great start. Just be honest about your bottom line.

Must run for now...gad, my French is rusty, if not my French kissing.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Advice for better cunnilingus

I received an email from a man who said he loved going down on women, he could do it "for three or four hours," and he wondered why some women didn't like cunnilingus.

My advice was, first, most women don't want you down there for three or four hours. We couldn't handle it. But I give an A for effort. A man who loves cunnilingus is on his way to being a good lover. But...he's got to take his time. For example, don't underestimate the value of foreplay and kissing (there are hundreds of different ways to kiss and caress alone). Be willing to heat her up once you go down there, too. Different tongue strokes...tongue fucking. Become very plugged in to what she's feeling and go with it.

Below is an old post I did on this subject on The Fellatrices. One more thing: some women are fucked up about cunnilingus -- it's "nasty to put your mouth down there" or they are afraid to lose control. With the right foreplay and communications, you might be able to break through this barrier (and she will always love you for it). Otherwise, beware. You will have a sex life that is highly constrained and slowly dies.

Otherwise, here's advice for the Fluent Cunnilinguist:

You gentlemen want blowjobs. But it’s better to give than to receive. And if you want to receive, you’d better be good at giving.

I can’t speak for any woman but myself, but I love to have my pussy licked. Show me a good cunnilinguist, and I’ll show you a man whose dick I will happily, greedily worship with my mouth.I can’t speak for any woman but myself, but I love to have my pussy licked. Show me a good cunnilinguist, and I’ll show you a man whose dick I will happily, greedily worship with my mouth.

Here’s what I don’t want: A man who hurriedly licks my vagina, like it’s an ice cream cone, for a few seconds before he fucks me. I had a couple of those in college and even then I knew I was being dissed. Later, I wasn’t shy about demanding more, and if I didn’t get it, then the Detonate Relationship light was flashing red.

A good cunnilinguist loves women and their vaginas. It’s that simple. It’s that rare.

If you want to make love to me, be willing to take your time with my pussy. Can you kiss me, I mean really kiss me? Light brushes on my lips, deep, passionate tongue kisses. Then kiss and nibble my ears…I’m already getting wet.

Take your time. Take off my clothes the way you lusted after me in them, maybe with urgency, maybe teasingly, brushing the fabric across my nipples. Linger over my panties. Can you kiss me all over, suck my nipples and caress my breasts, lick and suck my toes, kiss and nibble on the inside of my thighs? You’ll have me moaning by then, and a lesser man might climb on and slide inside. But not you, my love.

No, you will lightly pass your face across my pussy, taking in my scent. You say you love that. As I lie there, spread open and vulnerable, you say I’m beautiful. I feel your tongue ever so lightly across my clit, just a taste, just a sample. Then I feel you exploring my labia with your tongue, all around, for a long time. You gently open my lips. You raise my legs and put my feet on your shoulders, the better to tongue-fuck me, going as deep as you can. I feel your tongue catching my juices as they flow to my perineum. You know how sensitive I am there, so you linger. One hand reaches up and gently teases my nipples. You stroke my thighs.

All this takes time. You are in no hurry, my love.

Only later do you start to work on my clit, first with very faint circles with the tip of your tongue. Then you go away again, sliding that tongue inside me, mapping all the folds of my pussy, before returning, again and again, each time changing the rhythm. Urgency takes me higher, but then you back off. I may even try to grind against you, but you are in no hurry. You may make me wait a bit more. God, I want to come! Wait, wait, not too fast, make it last! You are connected to me, sensing all this.

I shudder, holding your head, stroking your hair. My feet start to burn. I need to hold your hands now, need you to be with me, and you instinctively know this. We hold hands as you make circles with the flat edge of your tongue, now with more pressure. You use the same edge to move up and down my slit, now always returning to the clit. I have lost time now, the edges of my eyes flash with colors. You are doing things I can’t see, things I don’t have time to process, because you have made me lose myself. You took me up and slowed, up and slowed, but now it’s too late. I can’t suppress my screams, even if the neighbors hear…

You know when I am wrung out and you gently kiss my pussy, lick my thighs. You come up and hold me tight. You know I will get to you, Love, and it will be so good on the way to getting that full load shot down my throat.

Friday, July 18, 2008

"I'm commmmmiiiinnnnng!!!"

I have hardly said those words because when I enjoy la petit mort everybody knows it -- my lover, the neighbors, passersby on the street. I've been a screamer ever since I really learned how to let myself go and come. It means my lover and I have a difficult time staying in bed-and-breakfasts. Otherwise, I love it. I come easily. With a skillful lover, I can also come several times.

Everybody's different. My friend Deb says she's very slow to heat up and needs a patient and skilled lover. She always thought she was a moaner until she had a two-year affair with a married man, a very very expert lover -- with him, she was a screamer. She surprised herself. Mary Beth tells me when she really gets going she's kind of a scremoaner...constantly giving cries and moans as she climbs the mountain o arousal and jumps off. Pam was a screamer. Megan couldn't come -- but I just think she was afraid to lose control. I'd bet my poor sister Amber has never come.

What about you? Tell me everything. Men, tell your experiences, too.

Friday, July 11, 2008

As I thread

locked and loaded, dear readers, note I am keeping the polls up, and will try to keep them interesting. Feel free to share your experiences and opinions here. The hotter the better.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Anatomy of a pickup rim job

I was catching up with sexy Cheryl, and sure enough, she had a new adventure she was willing to share:

"Monday night I was out with guy. Dinner. Cocktails. Chat. Two Margaritas and I was happy. Guy is decent. Cute. First date thingy, "although we went to a baseball game once as friends.

"Anywho, I ordered a glass of Port after dinner to sustain my buzz. He looks at me and says 'what would you like to do now?' I hate that fucking question. Especially with that leer some guys have. This guy had it. He didn't want anything more from me but a nice fuck. Screw him.

"So, I looked at him and said, 'The only thing I want to do is to have my ass licked. I want my ass worshipped. I want to have you lick my feet all the way up to my asshole and then ream me until I tell you to stop. Then, when I am satisfied, you will go home and I will take a bath and masturbate. How does that sound to you?'

"I thought he was going to faint. I was hoping it was from shock and disgust rather than shock and wanting to take me up on it. He looks at me and says, 'hmmm, well, umm...that might be nice, but it will have to be some other time.' 'Oh, OK,' I said.

"He dropped me at home. Now he has a great story to tell...

"Later, after sitting at home for an hour, I realized I really would like to have my ass worshipped a bit. I really didn't want to try to troll for someone so I took a bth and played with myself and my ass. No good. Not what I wanted. I got up and dried off. Got a vibe and tickled my ass. No good. I needed tongue.

"So I pulled up a skirt. Put on some heels. Nice tight tee, braless, with a cute jacket and went trolling. I knew where to go. I walked in to my fave place, I saw Jeff. I was pretty sure he'd be there on a Monday. His wife has a book club. 'Jeff, listen, I need a little something.'

" 'Want me to guess or are you going to tell me in sordid detail?' he said. 'Guess,' I replied.

" 'Hmmm....take of your jacket. ahh...braless. What about panties?'

" 'None.'

" 'Hmmm...did you have a date?'

" 'Yep.'

" 'OK, I know what you like but I know you change it up a bit so I am going to guess you want to play glory hole. (Oh my goodness...great game).

" 'Not quite Jeff. Here's a hint: Mrs. Jeff doesn't let you near there.'

" 'Ahhh....yes ma'am. I do believe I am your man.' I giggled 'I know you are the man, that's why I'm here.' 'Where to, Cheryl?''My place as soon as you can get there.'

"He followed me. I opened the door. I walked a few feet in and Jeff followed. I stopped. The door closed. I could feel my skirt being lifted. Jeff is not a small guy. Very handsome. Rough hands. Big fingers. His hands were on my butt cheeks and he spread my ass. My skirt must have been over his head...a funny look in my minds eye.

"Anyway he spread my butt, wet a finger and teased my asshole. What a feeling. He stood up with his hand under my skirt and his finger dangerously close to penetrating my ass. He pushed me toward my couch and bent me over the arm. Then he really went to work with his tongue. It felt so incredible. He reached around to play with my clit, but I told him no. Jeff doesn't have to be told twice. He always does want I want. He must have rimmed me for 20 minutes. I had enough. I needed to cum so badly. I told him to lay on the floor. I squatted over his face and played with my pussy until I came. Then a scooted down and let him lick me. Absolute delight.

"I asked if I could do him any favors. 'Not tonight, babe. Susan will be home soon and after book club she always wants a tumble. This was a good work up for that.

"I know Susan, and she knows that Jeff does favors for me. She hates giving head and she is dead set against back door play so she let's me and Jeff dabble around to satisfy each of our base needs. She likes to watch me give him head on occasion and once she actually masturbated while I was doing Jeff -- that was a pretty good thrill.

"I am such a tramp. And, I rather like it."

I do, too!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Losing my (other) virginity

When I was in my twenties, many men tried to fuck me in the ass. This usually happened in the heat of a passionate, headboard-banging doggie-style fucking. He might start fingering my anus, and then I would feel him pull out and put his cockhead right on the tip of my virgin asshole. I just couldn't do it. I would always say no, then slide forward so he couldn't do it.

Don't get me wrong, I loved it when a more prepared and sophisticated lover would whip out the KY or Astroglide and finger my anus while he licked me or fucked me. He might reach around and do it while I rode him. A couple were dexterous enough have one finger in my anus, another caressing my perineum and a cock inside me. The orgasms were always very intense. My perineum is very sensitive and I love it when a man touches me there. But, still, I was afraid of anal intercourse.

Maybe some of this was my repressed upbringing, but I had always been turned on by breaking those boundaries. I think one element was that I had taken some large cocks, starting with the drunken football player who fucked me at the frat house way back in college. Some of these monsters had made me feel like I was being split open, at first, but usually my pussy relaxed and accommodated them quite nicely, and I loved that filled up feeling. But I knew my anus was not built to expand that way. And I always wanted pleasure, not pain.

I finally crossed the threshold with my future (and later ex) husband. Like the best of my lovers, he was very playful, uninhibited, always horny, inventive and, at just the right times, gentle. He also had what seemed to me a perfect cock: about average length, but with a nicely thick shaft and a beautiful head. It's still the most beautiful cock I've ever seen. At work and at home, I could fantasize about that cock in my ass. We did a lot of buildup, with fingering and rimming. He was on fire from the moment I said, "I want you to fuck me in the ass."

He did his usual long, magical foreplay...lots of kissing, holding, caressing, leg licking...cunnilingus. I had already had one orgasm. I fucked him on top, and he fucked me missionary, then with my legs up under his arms. Finally, I was on my knees, my ass high in the air, my head down on the mattress. He told me how beautiful I looked as he slowly fucked my pussy from behind. He opened the KY and fingered my ass, then slipped in one finger. He finger fucked my anus as he cock-fucked my pussy. He told me what an amazing feeling it was to feel both going in and out. (And he had been very careful to trim his fingernails; hint to you gentlemen). Then he started fucking me with two fingers. It felt good.

Then I felt his cock on my anus and he gently slid it in. It had been well slathered with KY, too. Wow...I could feel it. A very different feeling from a cock in my pussy. I adjusted my pelvis and back, and it felt better. He was all the way in and started to very gently fuck me. I liked it. Liked the fullness, the sense of ultimate surrender. Then it just really started to hurt, and as turned on as I was, I moaned "hurting..." and he pulled out. As I say, he was a gentleman. A hood might have just taken me and fucked me anyway. Would I have liked that or not? Anyway, that was my first time.

About a week later he was fucking me hard from behind, fingering my ass with one KY'd finger -- though he often did this. He was moaning himself, I was screaming...and suddenly I felt his cock slide right into my anus as he came. I couldn't feel him shooting inside me the same way I can when a man comes in my pussy. But it felt very forbidden and nasty and I came again myself. As he often did, he stayed hard and just gently fucked my ass for a few minutes. It felt great. My anal virginity was gone, semen was in my anus and I could hear and feel it sloppily running out as he fucked me.

New horizons were ahead.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Thoughts about that ideal lover

As the poll indicates, most people want a lover with experience...but not too much. I've been discussing this with some of my male and female colleagues.

There is that group that wants a virgin they can teach how to fuck. One male friend actually got that and it seemed to work out well for him. "She kept telling me, 'teach me how...'," he said. So she enthusiastically learned how to suck cock and swallow. She asked him to fuck her in the ass. A number of women friends talked about the older men who taught them the moves -- even if they weren't virgins, they were very inexperienced -- and they were eternally grateful. One man told me how he was initiated by a woman 10 years his senior. Of course the danger is that the virgin won't ultimately like sex. And, she just doesn't have the moves of someone who has had several lovers. This is what I don't get about the "stay a virgin until you're married" thing -- how do you know you will be sexually compatible. My sister and her husband fall into this camp.

The very experienced carry ghosts and baggage with them. I had girlfriends tell me that they loved the skill of their experienced lovers, but they couldn't bear to think about how the men had acquired it. That green-eyed monster of jealousy.

For the ones who get off with their long-time spouse and partner - you're lucky (if you're being honest). I like variety and edge and change. I was a cute young thing as a virgin, but I was probably a lousy lay. (Once a boyfriend told me he got off just by looking at me as he fucked me -- he meant it as a compliment). It was only with multiple lovers, different moves, men (and a couple of women, yay!) who would challenge me and push me out of my comfort zones, that I became who I am. But I don't think I have filled a phone book, not by a long-shot.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

How did it get to be June already?

Be patient, my friends. Keeping you safe from evildoers takes more of my time right now. I do look smashing on the witness stand. In the meantime, troll through the archives to keep yourselves...amused.
Linda Sue

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

It was supposed to be a party...

I'm busy on assignment this week, so here's a favorite from my posts on the Fellatrices. If you missed it, enjoy:

Now that we know each other well, dear reader, I can confess some dark secrets. There was the first time I went to a so-called lifestyle club. It was my senior year in college, I was just as much of a sweet young thing as you can imagine, and I was seeing an older man named Frank, among other boys and men. I had overcome many of my born-and-bred inhibitions, but more barriers were yet to be broken.

Frank took me to a party in the Hamptons. It was off-season, and once we got there I was by far the youngest in a party of five couples. The booze and pot flowed freely. I had hardly eaten that day and it took no time for the martini and marijuana to go to my head. Then the clothes started coming off. It was pretty much what you might expect: pale, middle-age bodies. Frank obviously wanted to show me off to his friends. I later learned that he and his wife had been here before. I kept my clothes on and watched.

In no time, of course, a penis was in front of my face. This was all a coincidence, of course, as I was seated and the man was standing. He had a pot belly, a thick uncircumsized cock and, I later learned, was a big Manhattan developer. What was I studying? he asked. Pretty soon I was studying his cock. People were pairing off and even starting to fuck all around me. It was a big room with cushions, plush white carpet and candles -- all very Bonfire of the Vanities late '80s.

As we talked, I started gently touching his already hardening cock. I was fascinated by the foreskin that covered the head. I could see the eye of his cock peaking through as he got harder. My fingers stroked up and down and pretty soon he wasn't talking. As he stood there, I took his cock in my hand. I gently pulled the foreskin back, revealing a prominent, very red, very sensitive cockhead. It was actually lubricated, I guess from the foreskin. This was pretty new to me.

Frank was sitting back with his Canadian Club watching me, as an older brunette got on her knees and started sucking him off with frantic lust. Suddenly, I felt a territorial competition. My pussy was wet and its scent came up to me. I momentarily thought about how my mom would react if she could see her once virginal Sue (as she calls me) now. I reached down and stroked his balls as I moved my mouth to his cock. He had a pungent smell that was at once repellent and sexy, very fuck-you manly. It filled my mouth as I took him in.

I started sucking him and he fucked my face at an easy rhythm. I stroked his balls with one hand and caressed his ass with the other, before using it to stroke his big cock. I moved the foreskin up and down, slid my tongue under it, fascinated by this different beast. Then he seemed seized by lust and grabbed my head. He fucked my mouth at an increasing rhythm. I realized I had gone from watcher to participant in a flash. Such a little slut, Linda. See a cock and have to suck it. Yes, indeed. And he erupted in my mouth, a big shot of semen flying out, followed by two or three less powerful spurts. He gave a long, low sigh-grunt. I swallowed everything. He backed away without even looking me in the eye.

And just like that another cock was in my face. It was short and red and I thought, what the hell. I could get him all the way in and gave him a sweet long sucking. When he came, he fall backward, shooting come onto my face and hair. Frank was now fucking the brunette on one of the cushions. Her legs were high in the air and she was moaning loudly. All around me, couples were fucking, even moving into trios. I was still dressed.

I sucked five men off that night and had a belly full of sperm, all different consistency, different smells and tastes. In the end, I was sucking an older guy off on the floor, on my knees as he was laid out like a sultan. I was so high and horny at that point that I didn't resist when I felt my skirt being pulled up and my panties being ripped aside. My ass was already up in the air as I madly sucked the man. I was pushed forward and moaned loudly as a big cock was shoved into my pussy. Big enough to hurt at wasn't Frank...but pretty soon it felt really good. I was totally filled up. I sucked madly and jerked the cock before me, and he came in my mouth. I just buried my head against his belly as I got fucked hard by he stranger. My pussy farted loudly as he pulled nearly out and slammed back in, again and again, before settling into a steady, increasing pounding. He fucked me a long time and I came with a scream, then he unloaded. I realized all the other participants were sitting around watching me do all this. I blushed like hell and pulled my dress back down as I stood, took a little bow, and staggered to a sofa, feeling semen run out of my pussy.

Afterwards I didn't know what I thought about the adventure. Frank used me and misled me about the "party," but I was also aroused at having broken another barrier. We had to pull off the road halfway back to the city so I could avoid barfing all over his nice BMW seats. There on the side of the road was all that mingled semen. It was the most cock I had ever sucked in one "sitting," and once the nausea passed, I felt very proud of myself.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Regrets: an incomplete list

What do I regret? It's a tricky question because nearly all my sexual adventures had some good attached. I do regret saying the poll question allowed multiple choice, and then forgot to check that box -- and once the poll voting has begun I can't change anything. The Internet, arrgh.

I regretted it when they fell in love and I just wanted to play. There was the guy whose cherry I popped -- he was so sweet and I was momentarily smitted. Alas, he got a real thing for me. I had to end it. This has happened several times, and my hope is that they can look back fondly. I taught them how to fuck, and they could impress any woman after me. It happened to me, too, falling in love and getting dumped. I don't regret those. Nor do I regret the times I juggled multiple lovers -- oh, sweet!

I helped screw up my marriage, with plenty of help from my ex. The awful truth is, it's hard to maintain the hotness once that wedding ring slips on. Bills have to be paid. Toilet paper has to be changed. Domestic bliss doesn't equal sexual bliss -- there's no wonder I get so many emails from men frustrated that the sex ended after marriage, or kids, and now they can't even get a blowjob from wifey. I've probably sucked a few cocks I shouldn't have -- but it sure felt good at the time.

When I was training in Virginia, some of the women went out in the hinterlands to a real honky tonk, and I let myself, in a tequila haze, be picked up by this back-woodsy good-ole-boy. We went back to his trailer full of guns -- no shit -- and he fucked me with abandon, my legs up over his shoulder. He was very masterful, very full of man smell, and had a great cock. The next morning he was off to work at 5 and I was stuck there. Had to call a girlfriend to pick me up. Oh, but I loved the moment that big cock started working its way into my little pussy. Still...bad judgment.

I regret a couple of marriages I strained or helped break up. But I have this thing for the forbidden fruit, for the rush of the dangerous. What can I say?

Wednesday, May 21, 2008 was only the beginning

...I could feel every stage of his arousal. He was shuddering by the time I took his cock in my mouth for some serious head. I varied the rhythm and pressure, let my tongue add to the symphony of sensations with him inside me. I deep throated him as long as I could, then started ever-so-lightly stroking his shaft with my hand as I very lightly, rhythmically sucked the head of his cock -- my feather blowjob. He was completely gone by this time. I could just feel his warm breath against my pussy, his hands holding and stroking my ass. I drew it out until he gave a very loud moan and shot into my mouth. After I had milked him dry, I turned around and gave him a cummy kiss and our tongues mingled with his thick semen, both of us swallowing every drop...

Read about my latest romp on my sister site, The Fellatrices.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Open thread: That 'oh, fuck' moment

That's what I call it. The split second when I know I've committed a sexual transgression I may come to regret. This happened most recently with my brother-in-law: a really stupid act, yet oh-so-hot and made more so because of its forbidden nature. When I saw his cock hanging out, it might have been a "pre-oh,fuck moment," but I was too shaken and stirred by the size and beauty of it. At other "pre" moments, I could still -- and have -- stopped things before they went too far.

But the moment was when his cock went inside me. That's the way it usually is for me. Penetration means I have scuttled my ships in a new world and there's no going back. I've had both male and female friends say the same thing, but maybe it's a different moment for you. Oddly, I don't feel that way about fellatio. I can suck off a stranger, appreciate him, and be done. But when he's been inside me...

Regrets, I've had a few. I'll talk more about that this week. Tell me yours and what difference it made in your later dalliances

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Open thread: When are you most ravenously horny?

For me, it's when I am about to have my period. It's always been that way (and, yes, you sexist pigs, I can be bitchy irrational PMSing, too). I was that way a few days ago when I virtually raped Christopher when he walked in the door. He wasn't complaining. I grabbed his cock in his pants even before we embraced and kissed. I just had to have cock! Inside me, too...a good long, screaming, scratching humping. And then more, again, more. Just before my period is when I have made some of my most reckless sexual moves, too.

So what about you? When are you the horniest? What makes you ravenously horny. Tell Linda Sue everything...

Friday, May 9, 2008

Rules of the road

I love an affair on a business trip, where the usual rules are suspended and anything goes. My sexy friend Cheryl and I were talking about this, and here's what she told me about one of her adventures:

"I was teamed with a guy and girl who I have worked with before. After a sales blitz all of the teams got together for cocktails. It got late and there were four of us left at this hotel bar. The guy was fucking stunning. He was rather new and I had never worked with him. The other two woman I have known for years as customers. We party when I am in town but not too heavy. Drinks. Dinner. Bed. Alone.

"Both of these ladies are married and I have never known them to stay out this late. I'm in my 40s. Lisa and Deb are mid-30s and Brett is a pup: 26, I'd say; maybe 30, but I doubt it. I could sense (smell?) that my lady customers were hot for Brett. And he knew how to play. The girls are nice looking, with nice 30+-year-old bodies. In fact, about 2 years ago I made out with Lisa after a few cocktails...another story...

"Anyway, I could tell we were all horny and the three of us wanted Brett. He may or may not have wanted any of us but he knew how to play. I said to myself 'fuck this.' This boy is going to pay. So, I threw down the gauntlet. 'Girls, let's see how savvy this boy is. Brett, you wanna play a little game?' He was all for it; the girls, knowing me, were a little nervous. 'Here is my game. Brett, you get one minute to drink in each one of us. Look at us. Smell our perfume. Smell our hair. Get to know us. You cannot touch. One minute spent on each of us. At the end of three minutes we are going into the ladies and taking off our underwear. If you can match even one of our panties to the right owner you will get a reward.'

" 'A reward?' he says. 'A reward???' the girls say. 'Relax. If he wins, I promise I will give the reward if either of you don't want to cheat on hubby....' For some reason they all bought into it.

"We go into the restroom. It was way late, so it was just us. We are giggling like kids. 'Are we really going to do this?' Deb asks. 'Yes we are,' I say. Then I turned to Lisa and said, 'I really, really want to smell hot. Kiss me. Make me cream myself.' Deb's jaw dropped. Lisa cracked up, but came over and stuck out her tongue and brushed my lips. I opened my mouth just a bit and let her tongue dart in. Just that quickly I could feel myself cream. I just love that feeling. Deb was just watching with her mouth open and so Lisa turned and kissed her too. Oh, my god!

"We were all sort of giddy and we did take off our undies. Thank goodness we are all proper women and wear panties! We got Brett and we went to the hotel lobby and found a secluded set of couches. There we presented him with our undies. He was delirious. He sniffed and smelled and I think even took a taste of one pair. He got one right. Lisa. ' reward. What do I get?' I reached into my purse and gave him a Macy's gift card that I have had for a few months and never used.

"Oh my. The disappointment in his face. 'I'm teasing. You guessed Lisa so it's up to Lisa.' She was like, ummmm, well I am really not able to do much. So I said, 'well what can you do and be comfortable?'

" 'I'd love to make out a bit and I can rub your cock through your pants? Is that good?' Lisa said. Brett would have taken anything. I said, 'well that's pretty good. Maybe I can throw in a little more. How about going to my room?' Deb said she had to leave, so Lisa and I walked her to her car leaving Brett to steam. When Deb left, Lisa said, 'Oh my god, what am I going to do?' I told her to just make out with him and I'll give him a handjob. 'You're in the clear with hubby.' Sooo...

"Up to the room. Lisa starts kissing Brett. I undo his belt and take out his rather average but very, very hard cock and start stroking him. I swear, he came in like 45 seconds. Poor boy. I was going to suck him, too. Ah well. He was a little sheepish and said he had to go. He left.

"I told Lisa I would walk her to her car. She said that would be great. But first, she said, would I mind giving her a little help. 'With what?' I said. 'After that I really need to come and I know it ain't happening at home unless I masturbate and I don't want to do it alone. So...would you either make me come or at least undress and let me masturbate?'

" 'What would you prefer?' I asked. 'I'd love to have you make me come, but I don't think I could take you licking me. Can you do it with your hand?'

" 'Ummm....well, I tell you what. Why not masturbate for a bit and then let me help you finish?' We undressed, pulled back the bedspread and laid down kissing. Lisa started to play with herself frantically. I moved down and sucked her boob. Very nice nipples. She gased, 'Oh, god, I am going to come. Please, please do it for me.' My hand replaced hers. I dipped a finger into her cunt and slowly moved it up between her lips. Her clit was twicthing. She was soooo close. I licked a finger and put it under her ass and slid it up her ass crack. 'Oh my god, oh don't, oh god, oh my god'

"Too late. I slipped my finger into her butt and then stroked her clit with my index and middle finger. I felt her ass tighten and then the throb of the clit. I have made women come quite a few times in my life, but I don't recall the sense of pure joy and relief I saw in her face. Honestly, she shook for a good few minutes. And kept moaning little moans: 'ohhh, ohhh god...ohh my, oh that felt so fucking good...I have nver come like that...oh...Brett's tongue...oh...'

"Enough. Now it was my turn. I got up on my knees and sat on her stomach and then walked my tight bod up to her mouth. She would not do it. I will say this though, she knows how to kiss and play with pussy. Her tongue is incredible and her fingers know just what to do. I had a very satisfying orgasm and we fell asleep. About 5 am she got up and left. She called about 15 minutes later. 'Thanks. I really did need that. And, umm, I think I would like you to go down on me sometime..."

Are you as hot for Cheryl as I am?

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Open thread: You've come a long way, baby...maybe

Are we past the days when a powerful man can demand sex from a woman? It happened to me 15 years ago and I gave in, as I recount in delicious (leaving a bad taste in my mouth) detail on my sister site, The Fellatrices. What about you, ladies? Tell your stories. And you guys...I know you're out there. What were you thinking when you used your authority to get laid?

Give it up. Tell me everything.

Monday, May 5, 2008

The joy of a younger man

It's been awhile since I had a chance to talk with my friend Kathleen, so we caught up over wine this weekend. As you'll recall, Kathleen got involved with the young stud I had a steamy affair with last year. I introduced them in a wild evening that culminated with the three of us in bed.

Kathleen is a pretty brunette in her forties and had been in a loveless, sexless marriage for a long time. She also wasn't all that sexually experienced, but she was curious and had a spark in her eye. She and Mike the Stud took to each other and it gave me the chance to make an easy exit. I had been concerned that he would kick her to the curb and hurt her. So far that hasn't happened. So here's the debrief, in Kathleen words, paraphrased and direct-quoted by me.

"The biggest change for me is the frequency of sex. My ex-husband might get drunk and climb on top of me once or twice a year, hump me for two minutes and fall asleep. Mike is voracious. He spends a lot of time at my place, and it's not unusual to be fucked three times in a night, on a work night. And we're not talking about two minutes. He has great control and fucks me for a long time. We do every conceivable position -- stuff I had never tried before -- but, as you know Linda, he loves doggie...

"He's the first man I ever did anal with. It was out of the question with my ex, and before him I had only two boyfriends, one in college and one when I was starting out at work. Neither tried it. Mike likes to fuck me in the ass. He's got a big cock -- you remember -- but I really love the way he fills me up. I've had three children and don't know if that makes a difference. I could barely feel my ex. Mike, oh, I feel Mike. It took me some time to learn how to relax and go with it in my ass. He can't get it all the way in, but it doesn't hurt.

"He likes it rough, likes to play tie-up and stuff like that. I can slow him down. Sometimes I just push against his belly to slow him down, and sometimes I squeeze his balls to get his attention. I'm not going to let the balance swing too far. But he can also give me just a great regular fuck. I'd never had anything like it. I've learned to be a good cocksucker, and oh god does he come. It's taken me time to learn to swallow it. Thick, smelly, nasty! I had next to no experience in that. He loves my breasts, loves to have me sit on his belly and dangle them in front of his face while he sucks my nipples hard for what seems like an hour. It drives me absolutely nuts. To have this handsome young man find me attractive is a huge ego boost.

"He still talks about you sometimes. He loves the way you could come in multiple orgasms. I'm not that way. I heat up slow -- I've made him learn to be patient with cunnilingus and with me riding him -- and then I have a big orgasm. But I've also learned to do a lot of moaning and stuff for him as he fucks me after I've come. Don't get me wrong, it still feels great...I'm just not going to have another orgasm that night. But it feels great...

"He's taught me kink. There was the time in the bar where he made me go down on him while you watched. He likes public sex. He's fucked me in an alley once with people walking by on the street not twenty feet away. When we go out he likes it if I dress provocatively, showing off my breasts. He likes it when men notice me, and I do, too. Sometimes he ties me up and puts on a blindfold and we play games. He says he wants to bring in some friends and blindfold me and go from there. I'm not sure I'm ready for that...yet."

Thursday, May 1, 2008

It makes me sick

I know you want a sexy update on my life, dear readers, but I just can't do it today. I heard the news that the convicted DC Madam, Deborah Palfrey killed herself. By hanging. She faced up to 55 years in prison.

She ran a service that involved no coercion -- far from it. The prostitutes were apparently quite an accomplished lot -- one was a Navy officer -- doing this for money, fun, kink. The call-girl service had a clients some of the most powerful men in Washington, or so we're told.

But while Pelfrey faced prison, these men go about their lives. God, some days the hypocrisy of this country that I am sworn to protect makes me sick! We're saturated in sex every second, for profit, by major companies. But consensual escort services are to be exterminated -- although that has never succeeded in the history of humanity.

While this poor woman took her life, I think of all the white-collar criminals who get off, even after they have destroyed thousands of jobs, millions of dollars in retirees' nest eggs. They go off to their mistresses and call girls, but by Sunday they're in church decrying sex and giving big contributions to the despicable politicians who want to rule our bedrooms.

I'm too sick and angry to be horny, and that's saying something.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Open thread on this week's poll

What is it in your sexual past that you wouldn't tell your current partner or spouse? I never told my ex-husband about my trip to the lifestyle club in college. He was sensitive about his size -- he needn't have been -- so I never told him I had been fucked by bigger penises. These may be small potatoes to some of the answers I see. OTOH...I have had lovers who wanted to know everything, and we have reveled in that. Thank God I have never been raped, and had to carry the burden of whether to tell my partner or not. Care to share your experiences, and why you don't feel you can tell your lover?

Friday, April 25, 2008

The cock I had to have...the aftermath

My brother-in-law fucked me like a dog, like the little bitch I am. He fucked me the same morning he had fucked my sister. It was an animal rough elemental beautiful thing, and all my educated, feminist inclinations proved no defense. Afterwards, I fell into a deep sleep. When I awoke, Chris was standing by the bed. He was taking off his shirt.

I realized Justin had left and the front door was unlocked. Chris had let himself. The bedroom smelled unashamedly of sex, of semen and pussy juice and sweat. Chris pulled the sheet back and I was still completely naked. I tried to retrieve the sheet, but he tossed it onto the floor.

"What have you been doing, Linda? Still getting paybacks on me?" His voice had a strange lilt. He slipped off his pants and his dick was rock hard. He said, "You are such a little slut."

I didn't know what to expect next. He came to the foot of the bed and roughly pulled me toward him. He dropped to his knees and opened my legs. I tried half-heartedly to pull away, but he was having none of it. I was ashamed. I was newly aroused. He hiked my legs up.

"What have we here?" I could only see the top of his head, his sexy wave dark hair. But my pussy was still tingling and I could feel how wet it was. "So sticky," he said. "Your pussy lips are swollen. My god...what's this...?" I felt his tongue on the inside of my thighs, then on the sensitive area between my pussy and my anus.


"Tastes like you've been fucking another man."

He was licking me, tasting my juices...and Justin's sperm.

"Did he have a big cock, Linda? Your pussy is so swollen. What a workout it's had." He darted his tongue inside me and I shuddered. "Don't lie. I can tell."

"Yessssss. Ohhhhhhh..."

His face was buried deep in my pussy and he tongue-fucked me, then started sucking hard. It was an amazing feeling and I was bucking and wiggling as my lover sucked out another man's come.

"You've been so bad." He stopped talking and started licking in earnest, making soft circles on my clit and then licking me harder the length of my pussy...then tracing his tongue around my labia...every sensation was acute and different. I could feel a new orgasm building in me. The contractions were apparently forcing out more semen.

"You little whore. Look at all the come inside you." I felt and heard him lapping it up and swallowing it.

"Did he have a big cock?"

"Yes," I whimpered.

"Bigger than me?"

"No, babe," I lied.

"Mmmmmmmmmmm," That tongue wouldn't stop. It was totally connected to me, running through my body like an electrical charge. My inner thighs were involuntarily twitching and I was starting to moan loudly.

He pulled back. My hands reached out to keep him there but he was out of range. Then he was on top of me, his cock easily slipping into the pussy that Justin had stretched to its limits. His smell and the taut muscles on his chest... Now Chris fucked me like a madman, looking down on me with a smile, whispering what a slut I was. I grabbed his butt and held it as he pistoned into me. We both came with sudden, convulsive cries. My pussy was sore and tingly for the next two days.