Wednesday, November 19, 2008

More self-pleasure tales

It's a good thing I'll be going back to the states soon. Otherwise, I would be a very bad girl, very bad.

Another agent I've been working with is named Ben. He's broad-shouldered, immaculately dressed -- with his suit coat cut just right to conceal his service weapon. God, I'd like to get my hands on his other weapon for service... He looks about six-foot-three, just the right kissing height for my five-foot-eight horny body. He's a toucher, in the right ways, and he makes me laugh. He's got a wife named Jennifer. I've got it bad for him.

Today I couldn't stand it any longer. So I went into the ladies room, to the last stall. Waited until I was alone. Then, I sat and started playing with myself, a pleasure made easier by wearing garters and stockings. So I slid down my panties and my hand found that my pussy was already dripping wet, my lips sensitive and swollen.

I closed my eyes and imagined him kissing me and undressing me, laying me down on the bed and giving me the glory fuck of my young life. The head of his cock pushing into my tight pussy, then pushing in. His long frame on top, my legs over his shoulders as his cock sank in deep. I watch as his penis goes in and out, wet with our juices, then disappearing inside me again. My finger made circles around my clit while my other hand stroked the inside of my thighs, then probed my wet lovehole.

Fortunately these are comfy toilets, because I soon lost myself and leaned back, raising my long legs and jammed my shoes against the walls of the stall. In my mind, we could go all night, but I needed this quick, hard first fucking from him, I needed his semen inside him, the way I make a man mine. Oh, his cock was in so deep. He swiveled those slender hips as he pumped into me.

Suddenly I lost it, letting out this muffled moan-scream: "Ummmmmmmmmmfffffffffffoohhhhhhhhhhh!"

As I lay back, I heard a woman's voice: "Are you okay in there?"

"Uh-huh," I peeped, breathless, my hands drenched in pussy goo.

I waited until she had left before putting myself back together, and going back to work.


Anonymous said...

it could've been worse.. she could've been worried enough to peek over the top of the stall...!!!

just an observation, but your polls seem geared towards men to answer. at least one woman reads your blog!! (I cheat and answer your polls anyway. i do like them!)

Anonymous said...

That was a great post! Not only did it have me completely turned on I almost busted out loud laughing. Bot are a problem since I'm sitting at my desk at work and either response is really appropriate for this early in the morning.

Anonymous said...

Outstanding. Reminds me of when my wife (suburban hotwife) once masturbated in a fitting room in front of the mirror...and came home to tell me all about it.

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