Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Blowjob interruptus...with semen on my face

We ended up on my sofa and I pulled out his big hard cock. I could tell he was already close to coming...
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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

'No falling in love': In praise of the transitional relationship

He had an old apartment lined with books, with a bay window showing the thick snow falling outside, and a fireplace that provided the only light in the room. We were both naked. I sat astride him on the sofa, feeling his cock push against me as we kissed in every possible permutation of mouth on mouth, tongue on tongue. He licked and nibbled and sucked my nipples until I was moaning. I wanted him inside me.

He caressed my face with his warm, large hand. "No falling in love," he said.

To you that might seem like a hell of a cheeky remark. But it was just the right thing to say. I nodded slowly and lowered myself onto his penis. I let him fill me up as we rocked together. I put my head on his shoulder, reveled in the way he pumped into me while fondling my ass, and let my mind fly away as I lost myself in a good fucking.

I needed all that. He was my first transitional man.

One of my readers mentioned T-Men. They are under-appreciated forces in the love that makes the world go round, the lovers who come after Big Deal relationships, the ones that have no future but help you move on.

This is not a revenge fuck, or merely a revenge fuck. It's a safe harbor. It's the great sex, combined with chemistry and companionship, and most of all the freedom of no pressure to commit, that makes the whole thing work. Later, again in "committed relationships," many women will never even admit they had T-Men, even though they nurture those hot memories.

My two T-Men knew that's what they were doing. They knew I was a wreck of heartbreak/anger/guilt and not ready for anything heavy. And they knew that the woman I would emerge as, after the journey of rebuilding my heart, wouldn't be the one they met. We might not connect in any other situation. They knew this. They were also worldly, funny and sensual and further opened the world to me beyond my repressed suburban upbringing.

Some T-Men don't realize it. And some women with T-Men don't realize they are just in a transitional relationship. They face heartbreak, disappointment, or, if they're lucky, the realization of what a gift they received. The ideal T-Man knows who he is and what he wants, i.e., not to be married that very minute. He realizes the fragile state of his lover, but also knows she will grow stronger as he fucks her well and lets her work out her old issues. There will come a time when she is ready to move on. He has the grace to let her go.

It works the other way. I have been a transitional woman at least a couple of times. Once I even used the old line, as he hovered over me, desperate to be inside me with my legs wrapped around him. To let that coupling wash away the past. I said, "no falling in love." He blinked eyes with lust and tears and slowly nodded his head, as I guided his cock head into my wet tight pussy.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

A brief history of my orgasms

It makes me sad when I hear about a woman who can't or won't come. A few may have good reasons. Once a woman told me how she had been abused by her father starting at age 11, until she moved out at age 18. She had a lot of lovers, saying "I like to get the sex out of the way so a man will talk to me." But she had never had an orgasm.

I've told you about a friend who didn't want to let a man lick her pussy because she was afraid of losing control. And I've talked to a few women who seemed to hold varying degrees of this view. I guess most men are crappy at fucking, i.e. fucking so a woman really loves it. So these women don't have to worry about a good ride bringing them off. Pump, pump, snore, watch NASCAR. Finally, I know of a few who just can't come, although most of these just fake it.

I've never faked an orgasm. Maybe it helps that I have always been hopelessly horny. I started playing with myself when I was about 11, and had my first "orgasm" a year later. I put it in quotes, because although it was an orgasm, a revelation and a release, better was to, er, come.

My first lover slipped his cock inside me effortlessly. It felt nothing but good. He didn't last long, but it didn't matter because I was so overheated from him sucking my nipples and finger-fucking me, from weeks of build-up to the big night, and that we were doing it in my parents' bed (!) -- all made me come. I soon realized how I could really have an orgasm, when my college roomie Pam gave me a real pussy licking, and I ended up screaming, coming three times one right after another, and collapsing in a heap.

Oh, so that's what they've been talking about!

As I look back, I also realize I was always curious about sex, was easily aroused thinking about scenarios or appreciating them when they came true, and, to the distraction of my mother, was very uninhibited about my body. I always felt all the connections -- between my pussy and nipples, backs of my knees, toes, wrists, fingers, ears, the inside of my thighs...brain. I learned to make myself come even if a lover was not so skilled. I am a great cowgirl and can grind against him and get off.

I know I'm lucky. Some women, maybe most, can't come from fucking alone. But it helps to be fucked well. Over time I learned to tell the difference. My first older man, a professor, really knew how to take his time, heat me up, and then fuck me on top in a way that still rubbed against my clit. One good orgasm just taught me how to have another, and it became easier and easier.

I also know I am unusual in being both a "multiple" girl and a screamer. I can't help it.

When I turned 30, my lover at the time gave me a present. He fucked me into a couple of baby orgasms. Then he slipped down between my legs and tongue-worshipped me into 28 more huge and small orgasms and aftershocks. Thirty orgasms in all. I couldn't even move when it was done.

Maybe it won't be so bad turning 40, after all.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Don't just vote...tell me more

I'm fascinated by the responses to the poll. Early on, nobody was voting that their hottest sexual experience was after several years of marriage. I almost wonder if the pro-marriage lobby rushed in to add a few votes, whether it actually reflects what they're getting in the bedroom.

But I'm open to anything. I'd love to get your comments on this post, or emailed to me (of course your identity will be kept confidential). Tell me about the sexual experience that caused you to cast your vote one way or the other.

I'm waiting, baby...

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The fluent cunnilinguist

If you want to make love to me, be willing to take your time with my pussy. Can you kiss me, I mean really kiss me? Light brushes on my lips, deep, passionate tongue kisses. Then kiss and nibble my ears…I’m already getting wet...

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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

And when she was bad, she was delightful

Some women spend years married to the same man, maybe even their high-school sweetheart, happily or not. The Fates decided I would live many lives. So I've been happily married, for awhile, and that safe cocoon can contain much joy. And I have lived lives of passionate wildness.

Yes, I have been fucking several men at once. No, sorry, gentlemen, I don't mean an orgy. I mean balancing several intimate relationships at once. Call me a slut if you wish, but many women do it. You just don't know it. My sexy friend Mary Beth -- more about her someday -- is doing it right now, with a long-time boyfriend and a hot new love that has appeared. And I have known many men who do it, but they consider themselves studs, not sluts.

I went through a phase a few years ago when I had five lovers at once for several years. Only one of them knew about the others, a longtime FWB, and he was okay with it. One was out of town but would sometimes visit. Two dropped out, replaced by another. I decided five was manageable (tried six and was exhausted)

Life was always exciting. In at least three separate weeks, I fucked each one of them on a different night. Many times I would fuck two in a day, say, a nooner with one and spend the night with the other. I think my record was three in a day. Only once or twice was I in danger of being caught.

I loved every man I ever slept with, after my fashion. So don't think I am being cold or clinical about this. In most cases, we were all getting what we wanted, and more of a relationship would have been fruitless. In a couple, I wonder what might have been. But I try not to mix love and pleasure, and everything has a price.

Friday, January 18, 2008

LA Story: the night I learned to f-u-c-k

The average hetereosexual man doesn't know what it's like to be fucked. Just parse the words slowly: g-e-t f-u-c-k-e-d. Even the words convey some of the vulnerability, uncertainty and, honestly, powerlessness a woman can feel when she is on the receiving end of a penis attached to this larger, stronger creature who is suddenly inside her, a part of her, and yet not equally physically vulnerable.

And women don't know what it's like to fuck someone: to have that power, that tool that can give so much pleasure, that is the source of such independent power, iconography -- an amoral, unstoppable will of it own!! -- and yet insecurity (is it big enough? can I keep this erection?).

Once when I was visiting my lover Ron in Los Angeles, I made a detour to a wonderful shop called the Pleasure Chest, in one of the Russian sections near Hollywood. It was the kind of place a woman could shop unmolested by creeps. I bought some items. I had a plan.

At his place, we went through some hot preliminaries, but I soon took charge. I put him in a hot tub and lovingly bathed him, soaping his cock and rubbing it with a face cloth, washing his balls and anus. Once he was dry, I put him in bed and blindfolded him.

First, I kissed and tongued his entire front, from his ears and neck to his toes, then worked my way up each leg. His beautiful cock looked almost painfully erect, but I cruelly only gave it passing attention, a light kiss here, a brief slip into my warm, wet mouth. Then I made him turn over and get on his knees.

"Bend your head down and raise your ass, baby," I commanded, remembering all the times men had told me the same thing. I caressed the insides of his thighs, his balls and hips, ran my hands strongly up and down his back. Then the KY was on my finger and I eased it into his anus. It was very tight and warm inside. I finger fucked him with one hand as I used the other to tease his balls and cock. Then I slipped in two fingers and he winced, then moaned.

It took me a minute to navigate the contraption. No talking. Just lie there, baby. Soon I had a cock. I would be gentle; it was only a six-inch strap-on, as thick as my first boyfriend's real dick. I lay it at the edge of his anus and he instinctively lurched forward, but I grabbed his hips and made him stay.

(Let me add right now that Ron is one of the most macho guys I've been with: athlete, former Marine vet of Gulf War I, and as a sports writer was always around the heavy duty male culture. He's a big guy, too. But he was willing to play, so...)

Suddenly I was seized by a primal lust and I drove my "cock" straight in. I don't think I was too rough, just going steady and slow but without stopping. I wanted to fuck this man. I was going to fuck this man, and even an atomic bomb going off out the window wouldn't stop me. Then I was in to the hilt and he groaned loudly, "Linda, you're fucking me!"

Indeed I was. I played this way for some time, entranced by being on the other end of the cock, as it were. I imagined so many times I had been fucked and how the boys and men just seemed to lose themselves to the stronger, insatiable will of the penis. True, I didn't have that urge to come, but I had great imagination. I thrust in and out, holding tightly to his ass, aroused by the sight of his body below me. As I fucked him, I tightened and eased my legs and hips, did some kegels, and had my own baby orgasms.

When I was done, I left the dildo in his ass and came around underneath, sucking his cock while I held the toy in one hand and fucked his ass. He lasted about 30 seconds before giving me two huge spurts of semen, then more. I swallowed as fast as I could -- I was on my back -- so I didn't drown in all the tasty man-goo. We both collapsed in a heap of sweaty flesh, the sounds of LA seeping in the windows, my store-bought dick still hard and ready on the bed.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Size queens and fellatio

Is it true that women really prefer to have a big, thick dick in their mouths? I'll admit the appeal and tell you all the tasty details in my new post at The Fellatrix.

Monday, January 14, 2008

These boots are made for fucking

What are you wearing?

This morning I have on a knit blouse, wool skirt to the knees, and boots. Men seem to like this look. I write this as I sit in a boring meeting. I notice one of co-workers angled his chair so he can see my legs and boots.

My ex-husband had a major fetish for my feet, legs and anything I wore on them. Boots were a special favorite. He liked winter because it was more likely he would get fucked with me wearing my boots and nothing else. Or he would slowly strip off my suit, loving every part of me with his tongue...until we were fucking. I was always afraid of hurting him if I fucked him with shoes or boots on, but he liked it. "Dig those heels into my back, baby," he'd say, and his fucking rose in intensity as I pulled him into me with my legs and feet.

He was a masterful toe-sucker. I've been blessed with a few of those. Once I discovered this wonderful sexual side-dish, I knew there was a direct line between my feet and my clit, just like the ones between clit and nipples, clit and ears, clit and navel...

We would arrange dates around me dressing up to show off my legs and I would let him pick shoes for me. Later, he would lay me down on the bed and go to work on me. He'd kiss and lick the shoes, my ankles, the tops of my feet...then peel off each shoe and do my toes, as he worked north to ankles, calves, knees, thighs, insides of thighs. By this time I would be shaking.

Well, gotta take part in my meeting. I would hate to get the boot, so to speak.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

I kissed a girl, for the first time

While I'm going down memory lane...

My poor first college boyfriend had to put up with a lot, not that he knew about most of it. He was a nice, smart young man who went on to great things. He took my virginity with great sweetness and gentleness (no bleeding). My family loved him, and everyone assumed we would stay together, get married and have kids.

But I was 19 and just beginning to taste the sweet fruit of sex, including illicit sex. Within two months of losing my virginity, I went to the infamous frat party. Suddenly I had racked up three lovers. I was only beginning.

The next month, I was alone in the dorm with my suite-mate Pam. She was attractive, blond and athletic, and she had just been dumped by her boyfriend. We were sitting on a sofa drinking wine, me consoling her with my vast experience in matters of the heart, when she leaned over and kissed me. It was a tentative kiss, barely a brush on the lips.

It was enough. We just exploded against each other, frantically kissing, tongues and hands exploring. I had no idea what I was doing. All I knew what that I was suddenly very sexually aroused and attracted to this girl. Now I know that it's almost a cliche for college-educated Gen Xers to have had a girl-girl experience at some point. But this was nothing I had planned. It was only a matter of minutes before we were in a bedroom, naked, all over each other.

Pam had done this before, and, after a long sweet buildup of kissing, sucking my nipples, kissing my navel, licking my toes and legs, finger-fucking me...after all this, she went down on me. Talk about a revelation! All the boys had been in a hurry. And although my main BF had eaten my pussy, he didn't seem all that into it.

Pam, by contrast, loved my pussy. This was a big deal for me. because I had certain "pussy image" issues from my teens. My pussy has big lips. I got very wet (still do). And when aroused it emitted a very strong odor (still does). All this seemed odd and abnormal; should I be ashamed?

"You're beautiful," she cooed as she made a show of taking in my scent. I believed her. (Certain worldly men later did much the same thing). She ever-so-gently worked me over, taking her time, using her tongue to explore every part of my pussy. I got more aroused than I ever had thought possible. Then it happened, the first of several powerful orgasms tore through me. It was the night I realized I could do multiples. It was the night I realized I was a screamer.

I returned the favor, savoring the ways we were the same, and the ways we were different (her pussy was an "inny," with a lovely small vulva; her breasts were large and naturally firm). We continued to play over the next year, even though we also dated men. She was a wonderful safe harbor and a very skilled lover. (Now she's married with children...).

My poor BF never knew any of this. We stayed together for another year, during which time I was also fucking two other men. Once I went to his apartment with another man's sperm inside me, feeling wonderfully naughty. It finally blew up when he caught me in a lie and I tearfully confessed. I felt bad for him, and I hurt, too. But I wasn't ready to have my life wrapped up like a drab package.

I was only beginning.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Some suck, some don't -- and that sucks

I was talking to Kathleen and Jennifer about my latest blowjob conquest. Kathleen was aroused and Jennifer was horrified. It made me realize there are two kinds of women in the world. Read more on my latest Fellatrix post.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Confessions of a teenage cocktease

I was a teenage cocktease. Don't hate me.

Early on, I discovered that men liked to look at me. Fortunately, when I was in high school miniskirts made a comeback, so I didn't have to wear those dreary calf-length skirts from the early 1980s. I like my breasts but they would never satisfy the monomaniac tit-man. But my love my legs. So I started dressing provocatively, although not, as my Mom said, like a slut. I also learned to flirt early and well.

I loved the attention. It didn't hurt that I was a cheerleader. So on game days, I would wear my outfit to class. The boys would literally twitch. I had a lot of dates, although they never went past heavy petting. Lots of my friends were hooking up and on the pill. But I was afraid and still pretty hung up from my upbringing. I also didn't want to end up pregnant and never get to college.

Older men noticed me. My father's friends paid me inordinate attention, listening to my callow opinions about politics and art and whatever. I realized the sexual flux, even if I didn't quite understand it. I wasn't above using it to get a favor. As I say, don't hate me. I left a lot of balls blue. One night my father took me out to dinner to celebrate my acceptance at a good college. I dressed to the nines in a little black dress, and he looked quite good in a suit. I realized the other diners thought I was his young mistress. What a trip.

I had an incomplete understanding of the connection of my actions and getting fucked, especially when I was in my teens. I got the link between male attention and the wet, warm achey feeling between my legs, the way my nipples would stand at attention. It was fun at a dance to feel the hard cocks pressing against me through the boys' trousers. Oh, making out, when a boy would stroke my inner thigh, I had a hard time putting his hand back to my knee. Later, alone in my bed, I would masturbate like crazy, feeling guilty all the time. I was also incredibly naive.

Once I caused a wreck. True story. I was walking downtown in a miniskirt, and saw this guy driving by oogling me. Then...bam! He smashed into the back of the car ahead of him. "Caution, professional cocktease, closed course!"

I grew up, lost my virginity and then some. I became a clothes horse and moved in sophisticated circles. But I still like to dress classy-sexy. I can still draw eyes at parties and make insecure wives flush with anger. And sometimes I remember times like the summer nights in college when I went without panties in a short skirt and shimmied up on a bar stool to let the men buy me drinks.

Sometimes it evens out. I don't look like I did even 10 years ago. Meanwhile, I know men who couldn't get a date when they were 20 but are now overflowing with desperate and desirable women.

Friday, January 4, 2008

The night I was initiated on Frat Row

I recently read a piece in the New York Times about a woman who lost her virginity at a fraternity "ledge party." This party school tradition involves having sex with a woman where others, such as frat brothers, can watch from the window ledge. She was traumatized, especially by the shunning reaction of her sorority sisters.

I shunned the frat scene in college. I was a stuck-up precious-little-thing National Merit Scholar, who would never deign to slum along fraternity row, much less hang out with women in sororities. But one night I found myself at a party, at a frat house, and it produced one of my most memorable adventures.

There was dancing and pot and booze and ecstasy, and I probably did all of them, before ending up dancing without music with this very handsome boy from LA. He was the classic tall, dark and handsome (TDH). I was only a few months from losing my virginity and had a steady boyfriend. I was also imbued with all my family's hangups about sex, so the assumption was that I would marry boyfriend. My body was buying none of this.

Just being close to TDH made me drenching wet and I was sure the whole room could smell my pussy. As we danced and rubbed against each other, he kept running his hands up my thighs, going under the micro-mini I had worn to the party. My head was spinning.

Next thing I knew he was fucking me. I was vaguely aware he had taken me downstairs in the frat house, to a basement where there was a mattress. There were no preliminaries; not that I was complaining. I remember being on my back, watching my panties come off as if in an out-of-body experience, a bulbous red cock head. As he pushed into me, I gasped...I was now definitely back in my own body. He fucked me hard as I moaned and whimpered and called his name. It felt very naughty and rebellious to be calling a name other than my steady's. TDH's cock felt different, thicker, and he fucked with a disinterested abandon that was very unlike my steady's gentleness. He raised my legs up over his shoulders and fucked me more. It felt amazing, this new wonderful position.

He grunted and pulled out, and I could feel his semen tricking out of my pussy and down my ass. Without even a kiss goodbye, TDH disappeared. I lay there panting, high out of my mind, my legs still wide open. Then I felt the mattress sag and looked up to see a new face. He was black, with a broad, muscular chest and dreadlocks. Somehow I knew him.

The next thing I knew I screamed in pain. I really felt like I was being split open. He didn't notice but started fucking me with long, deep strokes. My pussy adapted, the first time I was surprised by the amazing shape-changing ability of this wonderful body part, and this huge cock started to feel good. Then it started to feel really good! I raised my knees and rested my ankles on his back as he fucked me. I came and lost time and he was gone.

About this time, I realized I'd better get the hell out of there. So I pulled down my come-soiled miniskirt, put on my shoes and stood up, just in time for a huge glob of two men's mingled semen to flow out of my pussy down my legs. The basement smelled like semen. Even on the wobbly walk back to my dorm, come kept running down my legs.

I later learned a few fun facts. Boys had been watching me get fucked from the stairway; more were ready to gang-bang Linda Sue had I not beat a hasty exit, and the black guy was a star football player. Oh, and they filmed it with a cam corder. It's probably out there on the Web (I'm the innocent teen redhead with her legs wrapped around the frat boys).

I should have slunk away in shame. (And, yes, let me add the obvious that real date rape is horrible; but I was there of my own choice and knew, kind of, what I was getting into). Instead, I felt very horny and very liberated. There was no way I was going to marry steady and move to some boring-ass suburb. I knew I had begun my life in the sisterhood of sluts.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Getting screwed by politicians

On the day of the Iowa caucuses, it's good to remember just how much politics is filled with sex. Henry Kissinger said power is the ultimate aphrodisiac.

I've never fucked a politician. But I'm happy to guide you to the recovered diaries of a girl who did, Washingtonienne, on Wonkette.

Washingtonienne, you may recall, was a young woman, Jessica Cutler, canoodling her way through the halls of power and describing it on a blog. She was fired when her identity was revealed. "Everything is true," Cutler told the Washington Post. "It's so cliched. It's like, 'There's a slutty girl on the Hill?' There's millions of 'em," she said, laughing. "A lot of my friends are way worse than me."

The result was a bone-hardening/panty dampening scandal in 2004 -- if you can set aside the yuckiness of hypocritical "family values" politicians. The original diaries were taken down. Jessica seems to be doing well with her own blog now. But the original still makes juicy reading. Enjoy!

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

The joys of 69...don't get me going!

Learn all about the ups and downs of that wonderful position known as sixty-nine, at my latest Fellatrix post. Warning: I can be a selfish bitch!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Eve tastes the apple, or at least two men

I passed on a New Year's Eve party that I knew would be dull, and went down to the bar district near my apartment. The first place was packed but I could feel the eyes on me when I walked in, wearing a black leather miniskirt and leather jacket. I ordered a martini and gave the polite brushoff to several men.

Then a guy came up and introduced himself as Max. He was older and distinguished-looking, not at all like the young crowd. I let him buy my second drink. We talked above the din and the people kept crowding in, drawing us closer. He was big and masculine and I was attracted to him.

I let his hand linger on my arm...I'm a toucher myself. His ring finger bore the imprint of a removed wedding band. And pretty soon he dropped down to my leg. Just the lightest touch on my knee. I kept talking. He was a good listener. And that hand eased up inside my thigh. I could feel myself getting wet and even in the bar I could smell my scent. He could, too, and smiled knowingly. I opened my legs.

I turned more to face him and he found my pussy, then my clit, and just kept rubbing me through the pantyhose. It's a good thing the drink was down on the bar when I shuddered and came. I gave a whimper and the others around us looked at me. I could tell I was flushed.

"Let's go to your place," he whispered in my ear. "Not tonight," I said. He smiled and shook his head and handed me his card. An OB-GYN, no less. We parted soon after.

It's been years since I me a full-service lover in a bar. For a variety of reasons, I don't do that. But I do like being out, being noticed favorably by men (and women), and sometimes letting things go a ways. Facing the end of 2007, I was fighting against a clingy, horny, bitersweet fuck-me-tonight mood.

An hour later I was in another place, very trendy, being hit on by this gorgeous young black man. His name was Jared and we danced. I could feel his cock hard against me as we shimmied against each other. He was athletic with a fine, sculpted angular face. We kissed deeply and he lightly bit my tongue. His hands caressed my hard nipples through my blouse.

He wanted me to go home, too, but I didn't do it. I can't say why not. We did end up in his BMW where I give him a blowjob. No stereotypes: his cock was average, but very nice, and he came with a strong stream and lots of semen -- just the way I like it. And like a lot of men, he was surprised and a little resistant when I rose up and French kissed him, sharing his come with him. But he went with it and swallowed some.

After all that, he was angry that I wouldn't go home and fuck him. But I didn't. He got out of the car and screamed after me, calling me names. I walked up the street and watched the fireworks off the Space Needle. Men are such a mystery.