Saturday, November 10, 2007

My bad-girl adventure continues

I was home on Tuesday night, feeling kind of mopey and horny. Mike (my young man from the previous Friday night adventure) calls at ten. Now, he’s got the most beautiful, sexy voice. He tells me to come to his place. It’s a work night and I’m still pretty wiped out from the weekend. But, after everything or in spite of it, I had already made up my mind. I said yes. Oh, he wants to know what kind of lingerie I have. So he announces how I will dress: black sheer stockings, black garter belt, black panties, same black pumps I had on Monday – and I can wear my trench coat over it. This, too, is nuts, but I realized as we talked that I had already decided. I was going to go where he wanted to take me. I just had to. So I got “dressed” and walked several blocks to his apartment, imagining what would happen if the police stopped me. And I felt incredibly free and sexy.

There were no preliminaries at the door. He just took my face in his hands and started kissing me, gently at first. Then he steered me into the bedroom again, the scene of the crime from Friday night. In my head were all my resolutions: I wouldn’t see him again, or if I did I would demand he be a gentleman, or we would meet somewhere for coffee and talk. I gave them all up, had done so probably over the weekend, whatever my head said.

We only got to the foot of the bed. He pushed me down on my knees and dropped his pants. I was still in the trench coat. He had seemed uninterested in what was beneath when I arrived. Anyway, I didn’t need an invitation. His wonderful cock was already hard. It has this amazing big head that really stands out, and I started licking and sucking. I am really good at this. He was still standing and his pants were at his ankles. So I just went to town, sucking, licking, stroking balls. Then, with no warning, he grabbed my hair and poked his cock deep into my throat. I gagged and started to fight back. But, no. I had resolved on the way over to be a rag doll, to let him take me and have me. It had been too intensely wonderful before not to do it again. Fighting back just made him hold my head tighter, while he fucked my mouth and throat. I was gagging and making noises, trying to suck. Tears came out of my eyes. Then his cock gives a big pulse and this huge string of semen goes over the back of my tongue and right into my throat. I’m gagging, trying to swallow, and it just keeps coming. I can feel it spraying out of the sides of my mouth, too. When he finally pulls out I am about to pass out.

When I could finally stand up, I slapped him, hard. That wasn’t in my “rag doll” script, and I expected him to cold cock me. But he just grinned and pulled off the trench coat. He pushed me down on the bed, literally ripped off the panties, and gave me some amazing tongue-loving. But he stopped when I started to have little orgasms. He orders me to lie back and he climbs on top, and almost immediately he drives his cock into me. He’s BIG and it hurt at first, but I was more prepared this time. He fucked me a long time, especially with my legs up over his shoulders and up against the insides of his elbows. That position especially makes me feel vulnerable. He fucked me hard, with real rage, before showing me he had some other moves. Some men when they fuck you have an angelic smile. Mike just looks angry, but he’s damned handsome, like a dark-haired Matt Damon. And he knows how to fuck a woman. He kept me so close to orgasm, but would back off his rhythm to keep me from going over the edge. Amazing technique for a young man, in my experience.

I knew where it would progress. He ordered me on my knees and I did it, head down, ass up. “Rag doll,” I kept telling myself. I had brought a tube of KY, and he actually used it. But he was still rough, maybe rougher this time, first fucking me in my pussy, going so deep it hurt, and then in my ass. God, he gave me a fucking. I just gave into it all. It really was this transporting surrender…even though a voice was saying, “This is not you.” All the while, he still called me Sue, and calling me every dirty name while he fucked me. Me, I am moaning, whimpering, finally screaming. Then I came harder than I ever had in my life, and I did that crying thing again…what is that about?? He shouted and I felt his cock spurt in my ass, felt the pressure and the pulse. I just fell forward and he fell on me. But just like before, he can’t get away fast enough. Sits on the side of the bed. Smokes a cigarette, staring out the window, ignoring me while I bawl. I could feel his cum tricking out on my perineum, down into my pussy. I felt great.

Then I hear this man’s voice, and I turn to see this young guy standing in the door. He’s only wearing underwear and he’s got a very obvious hard-on. And I recognize him! He’s this intern named Josh. Turns out he’s rooming with Mike. Fuck! He said I sure made a lot of noise. He said, “You look great, Sue.” Sue! He saw me buck naked, cum coming out me, Mike’s big dick slick from me. I couldn’t get under the damned sheet, so finally just stood up and put on the trench coat. I walked home alone, feeling so slutty and used and satisfied. But the last thing I need is for this intern to start talking around work.

When I got home, bf was there. He went bananas. I couldn’t keep the trench coat on forever, and I know I had this “just fucked look.” It was bad. So all day Wednesday I was trying to put out fires. But, God, I felt good.

He spent the night Thursday, and he fucked me and came in my four times. I brought him off in my mouth once. It has been years since anyone has fucked me this way. On the way out, he said he wants me to fuck Josh. There’s no way I can fuck an intern…


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