Thursday, June 14, 2012

Cunnilingus Avoidance Syndrome

Girl walks into a bar. She has a drink with another girl. The talk turns, as it often does to sex. I'll call her Megan and she was having trouble with her boyfriend. It was about licking her pussy. He wanted to — she didn't want that.

Now, Megan is twenty years younger than me and looking at her is pretty depressing. I still look good. Men still look at me. But this night all eyes were on her tight little body, long legs in short-shorts, perfect ass and small, pert breasts. She could have been me at that age. But the difference is that I've always loved cunnilingus (I hate the term "eat her out").

Yet I have run into this before, including in emails from both male and female readers. Some women just don't like receiving oral sex. Megan says she likes sucking her boyfriend off and swallowing his load. But she doesn't want him to be "down there," and it's become a source of tension.

I have two theories:

1) Some women were very fucked up about sex by their parents. "Down there" is a dirty, sinful place. It's where you pee! I heard all this from my mother, but it didn't stop me from loving cunnilingus, especially when I discovered lovers who were really good at it ("cunninglinguists).

2) Other women don't want to lose control. The more I talked to Megan, I think this was her issue. When a guy (or woman) really licks me well, I have violent orgasms, ones that put me out on the dark side of the moon. It can be so intense I've even ended up crying afterward. Yes, guys, this is one reason you should hold a woman after making love to her.

I'd be interested in your theories and experiences with this in the comments section.