Saturday, March 29, 2008

Doors open to dark slutty passages

The return of Heather into Chris' life and our unsuccessful bid to lure her into our bed naturally destabilized things. On Wednesday night, Chris called me to say he was working late and might be over later. My radar went up, of course. And when he got to my place around eleven, I smelled pussy on his face when he kissed me. And it wasn't my pussy. Maybe he had suddenly turned dumb and stupid, thinking I wouldn't notice. Maybe, as we find in my business, he had a secret wish to get caught.

Get caught he did. He tearfully confessed that he had gone over to Heather's condo. She had called him hysterically, threatening suicide if he didn't talk to her in person. That's what he said. And one thing led to another, pretty soon they were in bed. He had her pussy scent on him, nicely pungent, the pussy of this 24-year-old blonde with her perfect hair. Fourteen years younger than me, the worthless little bitch. Whatever. Later the whole thing might arouse me and I would want all the gory details, but at that moment I turned jealous psycho bitch and kicked him out. The wheels of sexual fate were turning, whether I realized it not. I kept smelling Heather...

Things didn't get better Friday when my sister Amber came into the city to have lunch with me. Amber is, let's say, the anti-Linda. Even though she is younger than me, she is as sexually conservative as a woman from the 1950s, a total suburban soccer mom. She used the lunch to lecture me on the need to "get married and settle down and quit being 'that' kind of woman.' " I was pissed, to say the least. She doesn't know a goddamned thing about me. But she judges me every time she looks at me because I don't have three kids, a boring husband and a look-alike house on a cul-de-sac.

I decided to stay home alone Friday night. I was watching Netflix and drinking my second martini when the doorbell rang. I thought it might be a contrite Chris, but it was my brother-in-law. Justin has made no secret of his lust for me and I have repeatedly rebuffed him. He's the kind of lout that absolutely doesn't attract me. But there he stood, this big, tall lug, obviously tipsy, walking past me into my loft.

He noticed the martini glass in my hand. "We never had that drink you promised me," he said. I told him I never made that promise and it was time for him to leave.

"That's not going to happen," he said angrily. "I'm tired of the way you **** girls have treated me for years," he said, using my last name and the maiden name of his wife, my sister Amber. "You know how fucking long it's been since I've had sex? Amber won't even suck my cock. And you...," he faced me menacingly, "you're a little fuck slut. I know how good it will be with you." He stepped into my private space and put his hands heavily on my shoulders.

Now let me interrupt here to say I could easily have taken Justin down, gently or hard, and he never would have known what hit him. But this spooky sense of (perhaps self-destructive) revenge came over me and I didn't do it. I put down my drink and just said, "fuck you, you white trash loser," and I slapped his face hard enough to leave a red spot on his cheek.

It had the desired effect.

"You little bitch!" he screamed, grabbing my arms and pushing me against the wall. "You've always thought you were too good for me. Well, guess again Susie fuckslut!" He kissed me with all that can be described as brutal lust. It was primal and, I have to say, for that moment at least, arousing. His breath smelled of cigarettes and his strong tongue pushed past my teeth and into my mouth. I could already feel his hard cock against my belly -- he's that tall.

I felt my blouse being torn off. He didn't wait for anything as time-consuming as a button. I slapped and fought ineffectually against him, and then I felt his real strength as he dragged me by the arm into the living room and knocked my feet out from under me. I went down with a slam onto the hardwood floor and just as quickly my jeans and panties were being pulled down. I never stopped "struggling," which added to my dark arousal. He undid his pants in one quick movement and his cock was bobbing before me.

I'd seen it before, and it's probably the biggest in my experience. About nine inches and thick. Unlike some big cocks, it's very hard all the there it was bobbing in front of my eyes as he pulled my knees apart and leaned into me. I felt the head of his cock on my pussy lips. "Susie wants it," he panted. He could feel that I was trenching wet. I said no.

He shoved in with one motion and I cried out, for real this time. He reached down and grabbed my wrists, pinning them above my head. Hs breath was hot and foul against me. The floor was cold and hard. I really felt like I was being pulled apart down there. Even with the lubrication, my poor little pussy walls were being stretched way beyond what they were used to. Then he was in to the hilt. I couldn't believe it. He started fucking me hard. I raised my legs so he wouldn't hurt so much banging against my cervix and pretty soon my magic pussy had expanded to accommodate him.

"You're a tight little cunt," he huffed as he plunged in and out. I turned my head away, but my body kept responding. I could feel a massive orgasm building in me as I used my legs and heels to pull him deep into me with each downstroke. There was no artistry here, no lovemaking here. Just animal fucking. He re-adjusted, raising himself on his arms and letting my hands go free. I grabbed his ass and fucked him back as our rhythm quickened into madness.

Intellectually, I hated to give him the satisfaction, but intellectualism had long since gone out the door. I surrendered to a long orgasm, screaming, clawing at his back. "Ohhhhh,shit,"he yelled, and I could feel his huge dick pulsing inside me. Just like the bastard I knew he was, he pulled out immediately -- seeing his penis again, I was amazed I had gotten that monster inside me; it was now covered with semen and pussy juice, wet, snowy liquid, the thick veins on the shaft standing out. He stood, pulled up his pants and walked away, sitting down and drinking the remains of my martini. He lit up a Marlboro.

So there I lay, wide open and dripping semen on my floor, my clothes ripped off, some dark river crossed. He just stared. In a while I went in the bathroom, cleaned up and tried not to look at myself in the mirror. Cum was running out of my pussy and down my legs, come that had been in my sister, too. He was still there when I came out and gathered my clothes.

"Don't get dressed, Susie, we're just beginning. You're gonna suck me off and swallow every drop. Goddamned, girl, you fuck like a snake. Are you really related to that frigid bitch I married?" He said it and turned from me to open the beer he had pulled from the refrigerator. At that moment, I rabbit punched him in the kidney and used my foot behind his kneecap to drop him to the floor. He fell hard and yelped. Then I brought both hands against his ears, just hard enough to addle him -- I know just the right amount to avoid serious damage.

I said, "Get the fuck out." He looked at me, frightened, and left. He didn't have the guts to call me a bitch until he was safely through the door. I made myself another drink, lit one of the cigarettes he left behind, and felt fine.


Anonymous said...

I knew you would eventually fuck him.

hans said...

Girls will always be girls.

Sis is just too scared of her own pussy. At least you are able to reign it in and let it out once in while.

Though the female tendency to go for the cocksure assholes has always been the bane of my lonely life.

Have fun,

Laurie said...

I can't say I blame you, Linda, although I worry about your pent-up anger (and maybe sadness?).

I fucked my brother in law about a year after my sister had their first baby, and she lost interest in sex, We still fuck several times a year and hes a good lover. I have the best of both worlds, because my husband is both a bad lover and very small. Brother in law is HUNG.

Anonymous said...

You got raped, and I'm sorry. I admire your sex positive position, but I refuse to think anything other than you did what was dictated by someone in control for the moment. My thoughts are with you.

Miz Lynn said...

You weren't raped, but you know that. You played him like a fiddle to get what you wanted.

Sounds like you have a rape fantasy, tho. Me, too. I always liked to tease the hoods in school so the would end up taking me. It was a big turn on. I could surrender control, and not really be responsible. It added to the whole appeal. I'd still do it but I'm too damned old. :-(

Cherokee said...

Since rape is all about domination and violence and is typically perpetrated by not so mentally healthy “men”, there is no way I could enjoy the act even if I was playing the “victim in control” game.

There are too many dead women that lay testimony to the evil of the rapist.

Zak said...

u got my full support... let me know if I can help

Anonymous said...

As a man, I consider that you got raped. Whether you wanted it or not, you got raped. And you should protest is any way possible.

Greg said...

You wanted pay-backs against Chris and Amber, and you got them. Mabe you got more than you barganed for with Justin, but looks like you got him back in the end. Let him explain the scratches on his back and butt to your sister.

Just Jennifer said...

I'm another woman guilty of using sex as a weapon, including grudge fucks when I've been done wrong. Sometimes I do like to love control and have a man really overpower me and take me. There's really nothing else like it. I just try to pick the right guy, who will know how to 'play the game' is you will. As for relatives, I have fucked my uncle-in-law, if that's a word.

Anonymous said...

I'm a guy who would never play that game; it's just not in me. And I have had some potential girlfriends who seemed to want that. OTOH, I would love to fuck my sister-in-law. "Susan" is one hot little babe, and she likes me. Oh, wish I could get away with it.

Ted said...

You have a major submissive streak, Sue -- if I may call you that. The thought of you getting pounded by that huge member caused me to close the office door and seek relief. OMG

Anonymous said...

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