Monday, January 26, 2009

Turn clockwise to release semen

He entered me the old-fashioned way, me on the bed, legs spread; him on top, his penis dangling in the ambient light. I reached down and grasped his shaft, ran my hand around the nicely prominent head, then guided him inside me. That first sweet moment where cock head met vagina...hard to describe -- a little brief discomfort, a lot of pleasure, a filled-up, nerves-everywhere primal feeling. Then he slid in and started fucking me at a slow, steady rhythm.

I'll call him the Lieutenant. He's very toned and buff -- and for those of you average-endowment guys, he's average, which is still very nice. He was raised up on his forearms, so I could look down his washboard abs and see his cock disappearing in me and coming back out again. It's the most arousing sight, especially as I am feeling filled up and fucked while I get this visual feast. (Sorry, girls, no pic).

Did I mention that he's 23? Tall, dark-haired, muscular shoulders and chest, witty, came on to me several times and I decided to let it happen. My place was warm, no small deal in D.C. last week. He's very sure of himself. Very sure he's a stud. But he's still young and has been fucking sweet young things. Ah, my friend, there's much to learn, especially from a woman who just turned 39 and is neurotic about it, not wanting to turn into my mother...

It felt divine. The skin on skin and the warmth were almost as good as the pulses emanating from my pussy. Foreplay had been a mad make-out session, first on the elevator -- where I was so wet and aroused I could smell myself -- then on my sofa. He slid me out of my slacks and gave my pussy a few lollipop licks, then carried me into the warm bedroom.

So I let the Lt. fuck me for a few minutes like I was a college girl. There was much to enjoy...running my hands along the muscles of his back, grabbing his tight ass, resting my legs against him, my feet against the backs of his thighs, running my legs along the taut skin of his flanks. I was already making noise and having mini contractions, I was so ready for this. He buried himself in me and his pubic hair was fine and soft against my skin.

But there's something about Mister Studs that brings out the bad girl in me.

So I opened my legs, bent my knees and planted my feet on the mattress. I started to fuck him back, oscillating my pelvis as I met his strokes. It's hard to keep focus when you're about to come and all you want to do is lie there and get fucked. But...I fucked him back. He started moaning and gasping. My pelvis went clockwise, my kegel-trained pussy kissing and grabbing his sweet shaft. Most men aren't used to this -- even the ones who think they can fuck all night and control the action. Based on past experience, I gave him about 10 strokes...he made it to nine. Then he gave a loud groan and, "Oh, shiiit!"

We'll have to work on the romantic pillow/orgasm language, but he's only 23. He collapsed on top of me and I felt his semen slowly leak out as I gently rocked against him, bringing myself off for the first of several orgasms that night. "You're amazing," he panted. "I've never...never imagined..." The boy has some potential. At least he was grateful.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

I only felt like an ice queen

The inauguration was magical, even if I had to work and spent part of the day freezing my butt off. It was c-o-l-d. Don't worry -- when Renegade decided to get out and walk, Pennsylvania Avenue was much more secure than you might think. I got to go to a couple of the balls, dressed to the nines...alas, working. But then I was off duty, finally. The news is that I'm walking with that special sweet soreness today. More to come...

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Crazy time

This town is shut down for the inauguration and my team and I are working pretty much 24/7. I have to rely on my imagination and fingers during my downtime. Working in a macho, testosterone hothouse only makes me hornier. But I am thinking of you, dear readers. More soon. XXXXXO

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Be careful what you wish for

I ran into an old friend from my twenties. I'll call her Kerry to protect the innocent. As with many people, Kerry just sees me as Linda with the dull government job. We were pretty well-lubricated (with booze, ye dirty minds) when she opened up about the breakup of her marriage a few years back.

I first knew her when she was married to...let's call him Dave. They owned a nice gallery in Georgetown (Kerry is from money) and were a fun couple to hang out with. Kerry has perfectly straight blond hair, a killer figure and knows just how to dress to be sexy without being slutty. Dave was chiseled handsome, the perfect product of an Ivy. I was never particularly attracted to him. But Kerry tells me now that he really wanted to fuck me. He asked if she would invite me to join them in a threesome.

Kerry had never done anything like that before, and automatically said no. She also seems like a woman who would have absolutely no interest in another female -- her loss. Anyway, I feigned shock and sympathy -- all the while thinking about what an fun tryst it would have been. I knew them through a combination dry spell and flings with Bad Men. I could have used a little loving.

Still, Dave kept pestering her. But she countered with a threesome involving two men. Dave backed away from that, but confessed that he had a fantasy to see another man fuck his pretty blond wife. At this point, I am thinking this sounds like one of those delicious stories on the Kristen Archives, but I just sipped my martini and listened. Kerry let it drop, but obviously it was like dropping crumbs in front of birds for Dave. He kept bringing it up. Finally, she decided to call his bluff. And she warned him, he might not like it. "I would just have died to watch him make love to another woman."

I think by this time their marriage was starting to get shaky anyway -- why do people get married in their twenties when they don't even know who the hell they are yet? An older man had been putting the moves on Kerry for some time. So one night she took him to a bar and popped the question. And not being a damned fool, he said, oh, yes! I wish I could have gotten lots of gory details, but alas, she was mostly ladylike. She did aver that it was the best fucking of her young life, and they did "everything" -- including things that she had never done for Dave. After the man left, they had a huge fight, him accusing her of being a slut, etc. Guys can be so stupid when they underestimate how unbalanced sexual power is.

Sadly, she didn't sound hot reliving the story, so I kept it low-key. I did tell her I had been a couple of threesomes and would highly recommend it. She smiled and said she's think about it.

Monday, January 5, 2009

It's 2009!

New Year's resolutions. Hmmmmm...
1. Seek out a committed relationship and make sure sex is always connected to love. Wow. That's not wholly up to me, so I don't really think I can sign on. And the love = sex stuff is bullshit, pardon my unladylike langauge. I guess I have "loved" every man I ever slept with, after my fashion. But in many cases, my pure sex lovers have gotten the best of me, and me of them. How could I settle for a loving relationship that didn't include lots of great, adventurous, passionate sex. And how could I keep from being bored?

2. Seek out a younger stud to help me deal with turning 39 and getting older. Young and strong and willing to learn. I can do this.

3. Seek out a sophisticated, cultured, brainy older man who is a skilled and giving lover. Ooooo...I can do this one, too.

4. Have another affair with a girl. I have really been wanting to scratch this itch.

5. Get into more sex talks with my women friends and share their adventures with you. Most of the time, they're turned on by the long as I don't use their last names.

6. Play high-class call girl some night. God, I'd love to. But it would break about a million regs and I really want to keep my job.

7. No fishing off the Company pier. No way, no how.

8. Try to blog more for you, dear readers.