Saturday, September 27, 2008

My going-away party, Part IV

By this time I am starting to lose my bearings, all I have is a riot of sensations -- my clit aches for need of an orgasm, my pussy has that high-voltage quiver of being repeatedly fucked, my face is covered with another woman's pussy juice -- mingled with a man's semen -- my legs are noodly and shaky, come running out of me is tickling my anus, and the room reeks of sex. Nobody speaks. After the woman's orgasm, the only voice is mine, moaning, begging to come.

Hands untie me, while other hands gently caress my belly and thighs. Mouths suck on my nipples, getting me worked up all over again -- one of the mouths is topped by a scratchy mustache. The other mouth must be the woman -- her hair falls on me -- and she sucks hard. I groan loudly, whisper, "that feels so good." They turn me over and rearrange me. It's all very gentle and silent, and now I am on my knees, my ass high in the air, my arms resting on a pillow.

I expect another dick in me from behind. Instead, the bed leans in a little and a body is in front of me. Now I have hands free to explore. It's a man's body, with hairy legs and a flat belly and a fat, short cock. I let my hands roam and feel it encased in soft foreskin. I just barely brush my hands across it. Time for somebody else to get played. I kiss, lick and bite the tops of his thighs, run my tongue in circles around his belly button. With one hand, I reach up and pinch his nipples. I hear him start to breathe heavily.

I approach his cock slowly. First, I cup his balls in my hands and lick them. Some men want it rough with their balls sucked. But you never know. It can be painful for most guys, so I take it easy. They are tight and close to his dick, with soft skin and little hair. He's clearly enjoying this way too much. So I start lightly licking his cock. It's almost like an artillery round in shape -- of it feels that way: I am still blindfolded. But the skin is so soft. I flick my tongue up and down and in circles. He lets out a baritone moan.

Now I pull down the foreskin and inhale the man smell. I jerk him off gently while kissing his belly. My ass is still invitingly in the air, and this is brought home to me when suddenly the other side of the mattress is depressed and I feel a man positioning himself behind me. I try to lick and please my uncut man, running my tongue around his exposed head, but my pussy is having pre-quake jitters in anticipation of what's to come.

Any woman who tells you every cock feels the same (except for the really big boys) isn't paying attention. Each is delightfully different. And now I feel that distinct, sweet pain of the big head of Chris's cock pushing into my vagina. Even though I've already been opened up by a monster and am gushing pussy juice and come, his head still gets my attention. Selfish bitch that I am, I ram myself against him, letting it fill me up, and let out a pre-orgasm scream.

But he's having none of it. His strong hands firmly grip my hips and he won't really fuck me. God! He stays inside, then slowly withdraws, then oh-so-slowly slides back in. All the while, he keeps control. I am breathless. But I keep working on the fat little cock before me. It slides into my mouth and I gently suck while cupping and caressing his balls. Next I move my head up and down a few times, just to get things started. This is going to be fun...

Then a big rope of semen explodes into the back of my throat and the man screams a profanity and grabs my head. I am swallowing as fast as I can as two, three, four big ejaculations fly into my mouth. It tastes like very salty, pungent pea soup. Haven't swallowed so much in awhile -- he must be young. I ease up the pressure and manage his orgasm, so it feels good, not to painfully intense, and he's soon just moaning and stroking my hair. His cock collapses and I lick up the rest of his come from his pubic hair. The taste of come stays in my mouth, keeps my throat sticky, and I can feel the thick semen on its way into my stomach.

Now Chris really starts to fuck me. Piston, whatever fucking analogy you want this is it. He does the move where he angles his hips as he fucks, letting his cock touch different areas inside me. Incredible feeling. It doesn't take long before I am seeing colors at the edges of my eyes and my feet are burning. My pussy gives some powerful contractions and then the first orgasm just annihilates me. He just keeps fucking. I have buried my head in the belly of my uncut friend and I am screaming and moaning, whimpering unintelligible fuck talk. Yes, I claw the sheets... A finger slips into my anus, finger-fucking me with KY while Chris's dick is fucking my pussy. He's done this before, in preparation to taking my ass. This time, though, he's so aroused that all he can do is suddenly pull out of my pussy and slide into my anus before he comes. I am filled up with cock and semen and he collapses on me. We're all in a heap, gasping and moaning.

Everybody had another turn, at least. I can't tell you how many times I was fucked or in how many positions. I rode the heavy-set man and came again. Chris gave me a sweet missionary fuck, my legs wrapped around his waist and hips. The woman and I sixty-nined, and I just got to the plateau and couldn't get off, but she came again. Then, above my face, I felt a cock slide into her and I licked it and her as she was fucked. Later, I sucked the semen out of her. The first guy, the skinny one with the impossibly large cock, gave me a hell of a shafting from behind -- really rough this time, hard to adjust my pelvis to take all of him -- but I had another shattering orgasm. The only rule was that I couldn't take off the blindfold.

It seemed as if we had taken a pause. I was lying there, as well-fucked as a woman could be. After awhile, my nose itched and I thought, what the hell. I took off the blindfold. The room was empty. Nobody but me and the semen-stained sheets.

A single red rose was on the pillow next to me. I could barely walk the next day.


Merlin said...

A beautiful vision. The position where the women are in a 69, one licking a man's cock as he fucks the other, is one of the best.

Kate said...

Wow...that ending was really sweet.

It's all 'crazy all night sextravanganza' and then...a red rose? That's kind of adorable. Extremely adorable.

Chris is a good one. :D

I love your blog, m'lady. I just turned 18, so I'm just starting my exploration of sexual worlds.


CyberStrike said...

You've done it again Sue. Wonderful story and a delightful ending.

I want more..

Linda Sue said...

I envy you, Kate. You have a lifetime of fucking ahead of you! Maybe you'll share some of your adventures with me.

Kate said...

Haha, I will if they're any fun- I've had vaginal intercourse once. Yep, once.

Really, I'm anything but an angel. Kind of.

I did just get my first pair of 6 1/2 inch stilettos! I'm a fledgling BDSM-er.


Andy said...

WOW...I just found your blog, but it sounds like I've been missing some good stuff. I look forward to all the great stories to come!

GV said...


Ryan said...

Your pussy and ass look so inviting in that picture. Your blog is awesome. Keep fuckin and suckin!

afsuperman said...

OH how I would love to meet you, to partake in a future event as amazing as this one. Please let me know if you would like a new local friend!

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