Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Postcard from the road XXXXO (fuck me now)

I'm not breaking any rules to tell you that I've been in Europe for several weeks. I've done a lot of train riding -- and I love trains. So civilized, so much less stressful than airplanes and airports, and so open to sexual adventures. More on that later. I must also tell you about my two ... goodbye parties as I left Seattle. And note that we have been given the quality seal by Jane's Guide.

For now, I am fascinated by the poll this week. For the record: I am satisfied and highly sexed. It's not surprising that lots of men want more sex, especially more frequency. Sad to say, men stay horny forever, while many women fade in their desire, especially as they reach menopause. That won't be me, babes.

Meanwhile, I know we have a significant cohort of female readers, so I am surprised that there are fewer votes for better quality sex. Back in the day, when I was in college with horny guys why just wanted to hop on and get off, quality was something I knew I wanted, but didn't know what it would be. Now I demand it. Then someone who reads this blog votes that sex isn't all that important to him or her. Hey, I'm grateful you're reading.

As for you poor babies in dry spells. Get out there. Personals are a great start. Just be honest about your bottom line.

Must run for now...gad, my French is rusty, if not my French kissing.


Jim said...

Great to hear from our intrepid traveler, and I agree about trains. The chance meetings . . . the slower pace of travel . . . something inherently romantic about it.

Have fun, and hurry back.


Pete from Cal said...

Thanks for the update. The only French you need to know is "Voulez_vous couchez avec moi". That is a sure bet line. :) Learned it in high school from my French teacher. But with your expertise in the skill of seduction, you probably don't need to say a word. :D Take care and be careful!