Tuesday, July 31, 2018

My first time, part three

My first orgy: This was my senior year in college, when I was having an affair with a rich, married man. He took me to a party at the Hamptons, where four other couples were waiting.

He was twenty years older than me and everyone else there was in their forties, too. But they were in good shape, in the way that only wealth allows. The men, and some of the women, looked me over hungrily. We made small talk, drank wine, and smoked some pot. One of the women said, "Why are we still dressed?" Then the clothes came off. I was the last to disrobe.

Frank started making out with me on a sofa and pretty soon I felt fingers gently prying my legs open. I looked down and saw an attractive, busty blonde on her knees below me. Frank, normally very possessive, let go and watched as Laura expertly licked my pussy. "You're a natural red," she purred, seeing my pubic hair. I heated up in a hurry and had an explosive orgasm, holding her hands, our fingers entwined. When I opened my eyes, a man was fucking Laura from behind.

Things got wilder from there. I was on the floor, my butt in the air, a man pumping frantically into me as I sucked another man lying in front of me. He held my head down — I didn't like that — and a jet of semen flew into the back of my throat. I struggled not to gag and swallowed it all.

More cocks appeared before my face — long and thick, short, average — and I worked them all, taking a load from each one. Further fucking and sucking and cunnilingus followed, couples, threesomes, me as part of three women making a circle. I was vaguely aware of Frank fucking another redhead, Sue, so I wanted to make him jealous with my performance. The big room smelled of sex.

Afterwards, driving home in his Jag, I felt very ill. He pulled to the side of the road and I barfed what looked like a gallon of semen — although I'm sure it was less. His precious car interior was safe. I was sore for days afterwards after all the fucking. But I was aroused thinking about it, and willing to try again.