Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I try to resist that last leaving-town temptation

I've loved your kinky stories -- they've given me some hot masturbation material as I have endured celibacy with work taking me from Paris to Berlin, Brussels and, well, I'd better not say.

So you want to know about Justin? Oh, yes, sleeping with my "hood" brother-in-law, after his years of hitting on me. It was one of the most irresponsible things I've ever done, so of course I couldn't eventually resist it. I can be completely straight and narrow on everything but sex.

I spent the days after my going-away party letting my little pussy readjust, and my mind wander back to fond memories. (Read about them here, here here and here). I am packing and thinking, it's good to be getting out of town. Good to be getting away from the inevitable tryst that will blow up my life -- and the playtime with Justin is a very good candidate. C-4 explosive.

So I am slowly saying goodbye to my Seattle condo (where so much good sex has happened), hoping Justin doesn't "drop by" and partly hoping he does. That is Bad Linda talking. As usual, Bad Linda prevails.

I'm already asleep when there's a banging as the door. Justin looms through the fisheye. All I have on is a T-shirt, but I open the door. He comes in with an angry stride -- he and Amber have had a fight. He's at his most macho, masculine, strangely attractive this way -- at least in small doses. So I let him grab me up and start kissing me, while rubbing my bush and pussy that are exposed by the raised T-Shirt. I feel his big cock expanding down the left leg of his jeans.

Back in the bedroom, he just wants to fuck me, but I lay him down and undress him as he complains about my sister. He's not complaining by the time I have him naked and start stroking his cock. It stands up straight and grandly in the ambient light, like some monument to the gods of fucking. But as I start to kiss and lick, I can smell pussy. Not mine.

"Did you fuck her tonight?"


So here it is -- my sister's pussy scent and dried pussy juice on my lover's penis. In the abstract, it's strange and compelling. In the flesh before me, it's primal. I am a bad, sick girl, my good-girl voice says. But I am fascinated and turned on. I imagine Amber: the brunette to my red hair, the sister with big boobs, but not my fine legs. Her scent is strong like mine, but somehow different, too. I inhale and run my nose and tongue around his crotch. I make him tell me how he fucks her and I slowly suck his cock. He is blue-collar and inarticulate, but I stop sucking if he stops talking. Amber is a pure missionary girl -- won't even ride him. If she comes, he can't tell. He always has to initiate sex. I stop and make him give me the primal stuff. How it feels. Does she wrap her legs or keep them wide? "She says I'm too big for her..." I go back to worshipping this cock. Soon I let him just enjoy it and am madly sucking and jerking the shaft when he comes. He shoots strongly into the back of my mouth. No wonder they have four kids -- after fucking her, he still has enough semen left to nearly choke me.

We spent the next hour fucking -- he has a wonderful recovery time. And it is surprisingly tender. I let him fuck me in all sorts of positions -- my pussy is very ready to be fucked again. I let him fuck me in the ass, finally. He can get about half the way in. I have a strong orgasm myself. And then I steer him toward the door. He can't stay here tonight. He needs to get back to being a husband. And I am leaving myself. And this big, tall, macho guy cries as I hold him. Then he's gone and the locking of the door sounds unusually loud in the cool night.


Andy said...

Wow, that's a big mess of weird and hot and sexy and crazy. Touching for it's tenderness and yet still incredibly erotic. Great post!

Kate said...

I sometimes totally envy your situation and other times I don't at all.

This is one of those in-between times, really.

Good luck, m'lady.


Anonymous said...

your posts are mesmerizing. just for a week, I'd like to be in your sex-life, part of the mix.

you'd drain me I'm sure, but I'd be back for more

hans said...

Jeez, what a mess. Oh so hot, but such a mess.

Bad Boy gone soft?
One in a Million chance.

DON´T count on it gals.

Heh, as if your´re thinking with the right part of the body, when it comes to those types.

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