Thursday, December 7, 2017

My first time, part one

We never forget our first time. So I'll try to remember some of mine.

My first blowjob: I incompetently sucked the cocks of several boys in high school. But the prize went to Christopher, in his new BMW, parked in a car overlooking Puget Sound. It was senior year in high school and I was still a virgin. We were making out like mad, I was very wet, and he started taking off my clothes — but I wouldn't let him. I was still screwed up by my fundamentalist mother's sex admonitions. But I unzipped him and his nice, circumcised dick popped up. I started working on it with a frenzy, and really sucking. It couldn't have been more than three minutes until he moaned and his come hit the back of my throat. I was surprised, but didn't want to appear as inexperienced as I was — so I made myself keep sucking and swallowing. It was thick and salty. I felt wonderfully dirty and came home with semen in my stomach.

My first intercourse: It's almost a cliche, but this was with my steady boyfriend from high-school, when I was on summer break from freshman year in college. Unlike my friends, I didn't hook up in high school. His parents were away, so we used their kingsized bed, he undressed me, climbed on top and gently pushed. I felt him inside me, no pain at all (I had done years of dressage, so maybe that got my hymen). It felt better and better as he fucked me. We made pledges of eternal love, but in reality we were going in different directions. But it was a fun summer of discovery.

My first girl: This was my suite-mate Pam, who had a baby-boomer name like me. She was blond and compact; I was red-haired and long legged. One night we were alone and killing off a bottle of wine when, as the song went, I felt her hand above my knee. Pam was much more experienced. And unlike the muscled boys I'd had, she was patient and loving. She gave me my first real orgasm(s), made me realize I was a screamer and capable of multiples. Although we both had plenty of boyfriends, we kept up our intimacy for two years and have remained friends. She went on to be a soccer mom.