Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The secret life of men

The poll to your right tells me that more men than will admit it have gotten it on with other men. As for women, it's hard to tell -- I suspect most readers here are male, so the poll may be weighted against girl-on-girl confessions. I've loved my few female experiences, but in the end...and everywhere else...I gotta have cock.

Apparently the same has been true for some of my male readers. Interesting, too, is how many of these liaisons were unplanned. There's a little guilt or regret shown, but mostly they liked it. Mikey liked it. (Mikey will eat anything).

My sense is there's a much deeper, primal taboo inside most men about homosexuality than there is with women. We're natural touchers, and more than once in my life a friendly hug with a female has evolved into caresses that were first comforting, then sexual, then kisses, perhaps tentative...let me try this out...and then...Linda likes it.

Men are different. Now, some are gay of course, and a few are bi, but I'm especially interested in the guys who are straight but either by happenstance or walking on the wild side ended up with a cock in their mouth. I know how wonderful every blowjob is for me. I remember my first vividly. How is it the first time for the average suburban straight guy who never thought he'd have a dick sliding between his lips? (For being so "hard," they're so wonderfully soft, aren't they?). And when that first rush of sperm comes out...I swallowed as fast as I could, surprised at the taste and smell and force of his ejaculation (he was 17, after all). Did you? And did you drive back home to wifey with a mouth full of sperm, or semen running out your anus, feeling flush with accomplishment and guilt?

I'm getting aroused just writing this.

I was dating a man who said he'd be open to a threesome with another guy. We got very hot talking about it, and he was obviously aroused when I said I wanted to see the two of them play together. Alas, he chickened out. Which is a shame, because I wanted to see his first time.


Lou said...

As is evidenced on my blog unfettered cravings, I've dabbled in this through a threesome. It's something that I wanted to try and would definitely do again.

One of my fantasies I have been UNABLE to accomplish so far is assisting a female in a double blow job - her and I both sharing, licking, sucking a guy off....THAT seems VERY hot to me.

And should the opportunity arise again, I'll definitely write about it! :-)

Anonymous said...

Straight here...until six months ago. I was picked up in, of all places, a Starbucks. He was very masculine. Asked if I wanted to talk more alone and I got the drift. We went out to his jacked-up truck in a dark spot of the parking lot and he started kissing me passionately. Any resistence I had went away pretty quick -- I was hard as a rock. He unzips and pulls out a fat cock and pulls me toward his crotch. Never did anything like this before, but I sucked him the way I love to be sucked by a woman, and he grunts and comes in my mouth within about three minutes. I almost gagged but made myself swallow -- very thick, bitter stuff. After that, he was done. It was that man's instinct of "it's over, get lost..." So I did. And yes, went home with come in my stomach as my wife found another excuse not to have sex. I'd do it again.

Anonymous said...

One time there was this famous guy who was a world renowned bridge builder. He build the biggest and most glamorous bridges in the world. He won numerous awards and was well recognized all over the world as the master of his universe. He was known as the Master Bridge Builder--the Greatest Ever.

One day he was drunk and decided to suck a cock. After that day he was no longer know as a great bridge builder, but as a cocksucker and for the rest of his days he was so known.

If it makes me a homophobe because I would never in a zillion years suck a cock or let another man suck my cock... then it so is.

Taps said...

To The Anonymous Bridge Buidler:

Dont feel bad.... Homophobe or not, you already sound like a world-class cock-sucker to me.

SXJ said...

I can never forget the first time either. I was 26 but it wasn't unplanned at all. I had eyes on the guy and when I got my opportunity I took it.

Doc Endshank said...

Since adolescence I've fetishized mutually masturbating with another guy (or more than one...). That's partially evolved into mfm fantasies involving my wife.

For the former, I actually had opportunities that I chickened out on (and regret). For the latter, no such opportunities (with my wife; I've recently realized I possibly could have with a former girlfriend), although recently she's taken to sucking my fingers while I fuck her and has admitted she imagines they're another man's cock.

There is a much larger stigma, culturally, with man/man contact, but I believe that humans are, in varying degrees, bisexual by nature. Those that deny loudest (cough*anonymous #2*cough), I suspect, are trying very hard convince themselves otherwise....

RIV said...

I've never had the craving or curiosity to try sucking cock. Believe me, I've held enough parties to have had the opportunity without any sort of stigma being attached to it. That is not to say I haven't tried, but only then it was they were sucking me. What spoiled it for me was the 5 O'clock shadow I felt on his face.

TellNoOne said...

When I was in college, I went to a nearby city with a professor to attend a seminar. The professor, middle-aged and a "bachelor," had been very complimentary of me. I was very naive and poor -- only had one brief fling with an older woman.

After the seminar, we went to a party of his friends in this condo with a spectacular view of the city. They were all middle-aged men. I guess I had an inkling. I was also drinking. Pretty soon one of them asks if he can hug me, and I let him. Then he started kissing me, and I was ashamed that my cock got hard. I'm well-endowed, so he noticed in a hurry and started stroking me, and, again, I liked the feeling and hated myself.

He put me down on a big wrap-around sofa, got down on his knees and took me in his mouth, giving me my first blowjob. It still ranks as one of the best. In no time I was cumming, moaning, feeling all this jizzm going into his mouth, and he swallowed and moaned. Everybody was watching intently. I was only vaguely aware, but aroused by the spectacle, being the center of attention. I thought: this must be how it is to be a pretty girl.

Next thing I know we're naked in a bedroom and he's sucking me again -- I'm hard again -- and telling me how beautiful my cock is. I hear this popping sound and feel him sticking a KY'd finger into my asshole. I try to draw back, but a little booze, maybe a date-rape drug and a blowjob were great persuaders. He lifts my legs over his shoulders and his dick works its way into my asshole. He was only average but I sure felt it. It was the taboo and nastiness that made it most arousing as he fucked me while my hard dick rocked back and forth. Pretty soon the professor joins us sucking my off, and I give him a big load of splooge -- the joys of being 20 years old. Then the man fucking me comes in my and I feel his wet dick withdraw. I gave the professor a clumsy cocksucking but he seemed to like it and came a little, holding my head tightly.

I don't remember much after that. I never told anyone and never did it again. Pretty soon I met the girl I ended up marrying. She won't let me fuck her ass, not that I haven't tried (and tried and tried).

I was ashamed of this for years, but looking back it was kind of cool and sexy. Wish I could get her to go to a lifestyle club and relive old times.

Bad Girl Jennifer said...

I've watched a couple of my boyfriends get it on with other men. Very sexy. I recommend it.

Dan said...

When I was in Boy Scouts our Senior Patrol Leader, a year or two older than I, took me for a ride in his pickup truck. I don't remember how the subject came up, I just remember that it was my first experience of giving and getting a blowjob. It felt nice, but it didn't excite me to my core the way playing with my girlfriend's big tits did. Still, we did it a few more times before I left for college.

In college (this was 40 years ago) I was involved in the charismatic Christian movement and one of the preachers made it very clear what he wanted from me. He had me move my erection parallel to his and he jacked both of us off together with one hand. This didn't feel as good as the Boy Scout blowjobs, so I didn't cum, and after those experiences, I knew for sure that I was really straight. Since then I've been in threesomes with other men, but we both focused on the woman.

fran said...

I identify as a straight male...and had a MFM relationship with a dominant lady and her sub hubby...We indeed had multiple pairings of any and all varieties and I must say that I enjoyed all the permutations including oral! To answer bridge builder, I consider myself sensual and open minded, liberal and adventurous - and not just a c... sucker!

Bug said...

My girlfriend and I love to suck cock together. I love and adore women but I started sucking dick in adult bookstores at 18 and never looked back. I'm openly and proudly bi. If people want to call me a cocksucker instead of a master bridge builder, that's fine with me. Fuck 'em.

Anonymous said...

Why should a woman be the only one to enjoy cock? A little hint ... most men are turned on by the idea of sucking cock.

For me it started when I watched porn. I was always fascinated by blowjob scenes. I enjoyed close up visuals of cocksucking action. Soon I started to fantasize playing the role of the woman.

Eventually, I realized my fantasy. It was the most exhilarating sexual experience of my life. I felt some guilt afterwards but that was gone after a week of masturbation over the memory of it. Then I did it again and have never looked back.

Yes, I am bi but that title doesn't bother me. Nor does "cocksucker."

Anonymous said...

Back when I lived in NY and Chicago, I did lots of business travel that included not just London, Miami, San Fran, but many second- and third-tier cities. St. Louis. Santa Barbara. El Paso.

Often, in the evening, I'd pop into the hotel bar for a drink. I learned that if I took a quiet table in the back, it was just a matter of time before someone approached and asked to join me. We'd get to talking, and if the person was a man, there was a good chance that he'd sooner or later offer to come up to my room to blow me. And if it was a couple, then one of them wanted to watch the other blow me. (And more.)

With Craigslist, I can go online to arrange for a man to come to my hotel room to suck me off in less time than it takes to order a room service cheeseburger. No muss no fuss service. I spurt, he swallows and leaves.

It beats buying some girl drinks all night in hopes she'll put out.

For all the MM sex that takes place, I'm always surprised there's not more. Gay men love servicing married guys. We're clean. We're pathetically grateful. We don't have to reciprocate.

That said, I think many more men have had at least one MM encounter than are willing to admit it.

-- Cash

rocketman said...

I admit to fantasies about sucking cock. In fact, about 95% of my fantasies involve mwm sex, always with me being the submissive "bottom". This may sound odd, but when I watch porn, it's like I want to BE the woman. I want to feel what she's feeling (frankly, it looks like they have most of the fun).

When I got into webcam sex a few years back, most of the online offers came from men, and I found it more exciting than my online encounters with women, though a few of those were nice too.

The real thing still eludes me though. When I'm in public, I'm too busy checking out women. It's as though I'm interested in men only on some more distant level. I tell myself that I'm straight when clothed and gay when I'm naked.

Anonymous said...

I don't find men's bodies to be attractive (or their minds, frankly) but I do like the look of a nice cut cock. My progression from straight guy to cocksucker started with a visit to a local adult novelty establishment that has a "theater" in the basement. The theater is really a sex club of sorts. After I summoned the courage to openly masturbate, I found out to my joy and surprise that my dick size was way above average (who knew?) and the clientele treated me like a rock star. I declined a few BJs but on subsequent visits I relented. Finally I realized these guys were mostly married suburbanites and not flamers and hard core queens. (another surprise) After getting my share of BJs I stroked a dick or too, not to completion. Finally, I was fondling a guy and he just stood up and leaned in with his hand on the back of my head. His gentle insistence and my curiosity were a potent combination. I opened my mouth and his dick fit perfectly. I almost cried I was so happy to be liberated from the taboo of sucking a cock. Since then I have selectively sucked a few more and I have let some guys fuck me. When this is good, by the way, it is REALLY GOOD. I still am turned on visually by women and not men, but gay sex is unpretentious as far as I have seen it. By that I mean that the players are honest about their arousal and desire to have sex.

Anonymous said...

I find that I can relate to a lot of this, especially where the man says he is not turned on by men whe he is clothed, only naked. I enjoy the thought of sucking one with a woman, it is about the penis, not the man, the act of sucking and best being sucked at the same time, like you are sucking yourself, I think if I were to get the opportunity, I would try it.

afsuperman said...

So my story begins about 13 years ago... my friend and I had just started doing the experimenting thing. We rode bikes to secluded parts of our small rural town and showed each other our cocks. We didn't know at the time, but we were both well endowed and stayed that way! I am uncut and longer, he is cut and bigger around.

We got hard talking about it and showed off to each other the first time. The second time, we stroked a bit. School started soon after and we had opportunities to be inside, comfortably seated, watching each other stroke our respective cocks.

Then something odd happened to me. While I was staying with my grandpa for a week, he caught me watching cinemax late night softcore. He sat down and told me to keep going. He asked if it squirted yet (I had no idea what he was talking about). Then, he said if I let him watch me do it anytime I was over, he would buy me all the porn I wanted.

Apparently he was secretly very gay, because he convinced me to watch some gay porn (although I was really only attracted to women, the taboo of gay sex turned me on. I should note I still consider myself bi curious at most. I only find the kink arousing, but do not find men attractive).

So I brought the lessons I learned in porn back to his place and my house and we started sucking each other one at a time, jerking each other off, tasting cum, and 69'ing. We tried anal once and it didn't work for either of us (too big).

We did this from 13 through the age of 20 off and on. I got married and never really got another chance.

The only other experience I have was a girl I hooked up with over craigslist. It turned out that we were into some of the same very kinky things (stories of young sex, bisexual sex, some incest, etc), and we really hit it off over the weekend I was visiting her college town. She had another bi friend and she wanted nothing more than to see us do things to each other and jump in. As that exact scenario has always been a huge fantasy for me, I jumped at the chance. He and I jerked each other, sucked each other, and then went to town on her in all her holes. She came several times.

What I liked about both the guys is how big and spongy their cockheads were. A feeling I will NEVER forget. Thanks for letting me share!

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Fantasy Phone Sex said...

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