Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Losing it -- tell me everything

Now it's your turn again to turn me on, dear readers. I'm more than interested by our two polls on losing virginity. You know my stories (here and here). Tell me your stories: sexy, stumbling, awful, lurking now. Give it up. The comments section is totally confidential -- not even I can see your email.

I am particularly intrigued by you men who said your cock was too big but you fucked her anyway. Why would you do that?


Anonymous said...

I did it. I was just a young greedy bastard who was horny and wanted to get off. She was small-framed...very wet, but I couldn't easily get in. I just shoved and shoved until something gave way. She was crying by the time it was over, but I was just fucking her anyway. Years later, I felt bad. Since then, I've tried to really be good about foreplay and know how much of my cock I can ease in, and how quickly. But I was a bad boy. She said she could barely walk or sit down the next day, but we stayed together for several months and fucked like rabbits. Years later, she told me she had married her next lover, who had a much smaller cock, and it just wasn't the same. So I didn't feel quite as guilty.

Robin said...

I was very fortunate in that my first was very gentle, considerate and patient. Having heard the stories of others’ firsts, I am fully aware of just how lucky I was.

I was 21, attending University, late 1980s (OMG was it really that long ago?), dating a guy a couple of years younger, but, oh so much more experienced. Let's call him Ethan. I knew Ethan was going to be the 'one', not because I was so madly in love with him that I thought we were going to spend the rest of our lives together. No, it was just the logical progression of things -- with each boyfriend I went a little bit further, and finally it was time to ‘go all the way’.

So many years later, I don't recall the conversations that led up to the big event, but I know I was taking the Human Sexuality course offered by the University (Pepper Schwartz was the professor); Ethan had taken it previously, so we did have plenty of talks about sex before we ever actually got to the point of deciding to do it. We had also done a lot of exploring of and with each other, so moving on to intercourse seemed natural. I remember my bed – a single, high, length-wise against the wall, white bedspread. I remember the light as being dim. And even though I was ready, I was incredibly nervous. So nervous that I was too tight at first. Ethan was incredibly patient, helping me to relax – touching me, caressing me, talking to me, walking me through relaxation techniques, anything he could think of. Finally, finally, I was relaxed enough and aroused enough that Ethan was able to enter me.

To be honest, I really don’t remember much about that first time – it’s all a blur. I remember it being missionary style, I remember enjoying it, but as to how long, any special moves Ethan made… nope, don’t recall. Obviously, I enjoyed it enough to do it again, and again, and again… And, other than the initial tightness, no pain during or after.

We were together for 2 years, and there were many firsts – first porn (video and written), first oral (giving and receiving), first anal sex, first sex in a car, first sex in public (Ethan loved to bring to orgasm by hand on the bus, in the movie theatre, in the park…). And while I didn’t appreciate it all then, looking back, I’m amazed at how good things were.

Anonymous said...

My initiation was done by a woman ten years older than me. What I most remember was that she climbed on top and slid by cock into her, and OMG, the most amazing feeling. Hard to describe now -- tight and slick and kind of warm/burning, but in this really nice way. I dout I lasted more than a minute before I came in her. Then I was too nervous to get it up again!! She was very cool about it though. But after that moment, I was hooked. Always wished I could have made it up to her once I became a beter lover

N.G.K. said...

I surrendered my virginity my junior year in high school. My age was sixteen, nearly seventeen. My boyfriend and I were ridiculously in love. We had dated about nine months I guess. We flirted all through my second year of high school. He began the year dating a close friend of mine, but they broke up somewhere in that year.

I was the cliché church-going good girl, a straight A student who had never seen an R-rated movie, tasted alcohol, or ditched for even one period. Keven was the high school version of Lord Byron—mad, bad, and dangerous to know.

We started dating during the summer. But then I went to church camp for a month! Devastating, but he literally wrote me every day, sometimes more than one letter a day. Some letters he typed out on the computer, but most of them were these long, rambling hand-written affairs with little hand-drawn pictures.

I didn't have email at church camp, but I could hike down to a nearby town and get my letters. At that point, I hadn't even kissed a boy. But something about Kevin sent shudders through my soul. For the first time, I felt curious about what a boy would taste like.

I knew he used to go up to this place called Top of the World with my friend Julie. She was a bit plump, but blessed with these amazing breasts. Me? I am—and was—closer to a nerdy Tina Fey than a bombshell Marilyn Monroe. And I knew Kevin had had other girlfriends. So I guess I was a little intimidated.

About two-thirds through church camp, his letters stopped coming. I was crushed. It's amazing how you can come to rely on something so quickly. I actually still have everyone of those letters. I read through them recently. Not quite poetry, but they made my heart sing once upon a time.

When I got home, I learned that his parents had sent him to a friend's house to learn about computers. And the mailbox at this house was down the road some distance. To make matters worse, when I came over to his house and met him mom. I learned that he had gotten some sort of weird mouth disease.

I would make these vanilla custard pies and bring them over for him to eat almost every day. His mom was pretty cool. He was seventeen, but didn't have a job at this point.

He sold his two motorcycles and I had actually had my driver's license. I drove this old marine blue Chevy Malibu. Once he was better, we started officially dating. Our first date was to a Renaissance Fair where I got my first kiss! On the kissing bridge no less.

There was a pond where we could go swimming. I wore this one-piece green bathing suit all summer. We quickly progressed to heavy necking. We'd go down to the beach almost every day, getting darker and darker under the sun. We'd make out under a blanket.

I remember one time, we fell asleep under the blanket and the waves washed over us. Talk about a quick cool down. When summer ended, Kevin got a job at a fast food restaurant. I was working for an accountant filing and things like that.

Midway through the first semester of my junior year, I'd been to my first R-rated movie, ditched school once to go to the beach with him, and fallen completely, madly over my head in love.

We pretty much did all our hard core make out sessions at Kevin's house. His parent's were very cool and they had a big downstairs play room with a pool table and television and comfortable couches. We progressed from him sliding his hand down the back of my jeans to hard-core humping through our clothes within a few months.

His dad gave Kevin the talk and bought him condoms and KY Jelly. Then I bought this sweet, silky teddy. I wanted to surprise Kevin with it.

But I have a long waist and the teddy broke. His parents were out for the night. And the snap broke letting Kevin see me naked. I cried and cried. I wasn't quite ready for that I guess.

And I really had this idea of waiting until I was married back then. But Kevin basically got me around to thinking that we were basically married in God's eyes. I was still religious at this point in my life. And since we were married in God's eyes, it would be alright to have sex.

And I wanted to have sex. The truth is though, my first time wasn't exactly the stuff that dreams are made of. Neither Kevin or I quite knew how to accomplish the act. And I turned out to be very, very intact hymen-wise.

It took Kevin several days to finally break through my hymen. He hated to cause me pain. There was blood. And honestly, I was a bit skeptical as to whether he was doing it right. My younger sister did wait until she was married. I learned that she had a terrible time also. So I guess girl's in my family are blessed with tough, thick hymens.

Lucky us!

I'm sorry. This turned out way too long.

Anonymous said...

Lurker here...
I lost it with my first college gf Mary Beth, who was also a virgin. We started out with heavy making out, which progressed over the days and weeks to using our hands and finally oral sex. Mary Beth absolutely loves to be eaten out. Finally we were on the sofa and got progressively more naked. She laid back and I was on top, and then I was just inside her. It wasn't fabulous, but we both had a good time. No pain. We went on to have a lot of fun.

Bad Girl Jennifer said...

The truth? I was thirteen and an older boy followed me into the woods and pretty much raped me. I say "pretty much" because I had been flirting with him, making sure I always wore short skirts around him. I had this kind of naive sense of my sexual power.

This day, I took a trail through this wooded park. It was spring and I remember feeling the breeze caress my legs. He came up behind and startled me. but I recovered and we talked, I flirted. Then he wanted to sit down, so we did on the grass off the path. Nobody was around. I kissed him becase I wanted to. He was 17, an athlete, very hunky. And he just took it from there. He had me down and was kissing me hard, with his hand under my blouse, then under my skirt. I was totally sopping wet and moaning...masturbating had never been like this. But it was moving too fast, and it scared me, how he was so strong and controlling me.

Then he slipped off my panties and dropped his own jeans down to his knees and I felt his cock against my cherry pussy. I was saying no, and he just pushed hard. I felt like I was going to be ripped apart. A sharp, awful pain, then I was filled up and everything was very wet and gooey and still hurt. I kind of instinctively raised my knees into the position women had been fucked in for centuries, and he slammed his pelvis into me, over and over. I distinctively remember that first feeling of cock going in and out, filling up and then tightening. He demanded to know when my last period was, and when I told him, he fucked me until he came inside me. He grunted and lay there as I kept grinding against him and came myself. I felt his come slipping out of me. Then he pulled out suddenly -- that felt like shit. He left me lying there with "See, ya!" I did my best to clean up the come and blood and walked home. My life of slutty fun was not derailed by this bastard. Looking back, it's a little thrilling. But I didn't tease again for awhile.

Anonymous said...

i officially lost it to a female cousin. she was 10 and i was 12. she liked to show her pussy to me, and would often strip down and spread her legs wide and open her lips with her hands. i had a tiny little dick and would enter her with her sitting on my lap. we didn't thrust, but would hold each other with me inside her, and would feel comforted and secure.

years later i realized that someone else had been doing sexual things to her at an even younger age. she knew these things that no child that age should know. i suppose it was her brother who did the deeds with her.

her mother, an aging english actress, would get drunk and kiss me when i was about 14. i would get hard from it all, but never had sex with her.

hans said...

37. Still not dipped the wick.
Probably never will.

Always shy, and introverted. Very low self-esteem during the younger years. Never developed the alpha game of getting her layed.

And quite frankly not much incentive to do now, as I´m not slave to my hormones that much anymore.
So putting up with all the female drama and status mind games, just to get my rocks off, isn´t that high on my list.

Anonymous said...

I was good looking enough, I had large breast, which were always a come on. I wore tight sweaters to entice the boys and it never left me without a date for the weekend. I let them play with my tits but that was all the further I would go. As a result I learned what the male penis was all about. After the first boy I jacked off, just to cool him down, I carried a wet wash cloth in my purse to clean off their spunk. I had a lot of fun but, I hadn't found a guy I really liked.

The local church held what they called date night on friday nights to try and keep teens off the streets.
On my first trip there I met a boy who turned me on right away, he was gorgeous. He was just short of 6 feet tall and was really built. It was like love at first sight. We soon started dating and one night we went out to sit in his car. We started kissing, he caressed my tits, I had that feeling between my legs. I had experienced it before with other boys and had acted on it at home after my dates, now it seemed different.

He put his hand on my leg, I had a tight skirt on making it near impossible for him to go any higher. I am still not sure why to this day however I stopped him. Lifted my butt off the seat and raised my skirt up to my waist. We started kissing again and seconds later I felt his hand rubbing my pussy. I just melted.

We were intrupted by the kids exiting the building. He started the motor and drove me home. On the way we parked and started in again. My skirt was still hiked up so his hand was there again as soon as we started kissing. As he rubbed it tingles surged through me, more than I had ever felt masturbating.

I was swooning, I felt him pull my panties to the side, I felt his finger slide up my slit, then it was inside me. I had put my own finger in there, but this was wonderful. He plunged it in and out, I felt my orgasm building. When it came, my head swirled, I felt dizzy and my pussy gushed. I could feel his finger pushing in deeper and hear it squishing as his finger kept fucking me. I came three times. His front seat was soaked with my juices.

We dated for about 6 months, every date ended with his finger in my pussy and me exahusted from our pseudo love making.
After going to a drive-in one night and following our usually routine, he asked me if I wanted to go for a drive along the beach. We drove over the canyon to the beach. We parked it was late and not to many people. There were some campfires but were moved away from them.

He pulled out a blanket from under his arm I had even noticed.
We laid down and started kissing, he went very slow building my desire. I never would have thought I would be doing this as I pulled my sweater over my headand undid my bra. He made love to my tits like never before. He kissed his way to my stomach. His hand went up my leg. A few minutes my panties were off and he was rubbing me again.

He was kissing me and rolled over between my legs. He got up to his knees and I felt for the first time a penis pushed up against my sopping wet hole. He pushed, it was in me, I opened my legs wider, his cock pushed in more, I felt a little burning as he took my viginity.
After that night almost every time we dated he would fuck me. We did it so much I never could not understand why I didn't get pregnant.

Eventully I did he was and still is a good man, we married and have been married for 42 years, we have 4 children and 16 grandchildren. It doesn't matter now but when I met him I was 15. I consider myself to be one of the lucky ones....

TC said...

We were 13 when we lost our virginity; we had been dating since we were 12. We met at school at 11 and a year later we started dating. then followed a year of messing around, kissing, fondling and exploring each other, in what we thought at the time was quite an adult thing. Looking back now, sex at the age of 12 is much like most other things you were doing back then, adolescent and immature.

Anyway, we had tried to fuck one weekend and it proved too difficult to do so we stopped trying; I just couldn't my cock in, it just wouldn't enter. So we gave up for a week and tried again. This time I propped a pillow under her and managed quite forcefully to penetrate her. Suffice to say it was a very painful experience for both us and we didn't have sex for a month after that. We both thought if this is what sex is like then we ain't doing it!

However, a month later and the second time was like heaven, a complete opposite to the first time.

We've been fucking each other for over 20 years now, are married and have two lovely kids. But we've still got a lot of untraveled road to take on our sexual journey.

Anonymous said...

I was 23 which may be a lot latter than most of your readers. I had opportunities prior to this grand event, but I was always afraid of the consequences. I was now an officer in the military and assigned in a unit that had its fair share of female officers to boot. Overtime I became friends with one who live in the same bachelor officer quarters complex as my own. These rooms were basically studio apartments on the base. After 4 years in dorm rooms this was a step up.
She arrived to the unit about the same time I did, so we experiencing many of the same events new officers go through together. She was collegiate runner and but had stopped running as much now that she was in the service. She began to blossom in front of very eyes from a stick figure to a woman with a very defined figure that wasn’t easily hid under those fatigue uniforms. We would often make dinner together and she would confide in me her latest conquests and dates. As I became closer she began to figure out that I had been around many women but hadn’t “gone all the way.” She was about to change that as I think she liked a challenge and also wanted to teach a guy how to please a woman.
One evening dinner ended in her apartment and we were cleaning up. She excused herself to the bathroom and I finished putting everything away. Than sat down on her couch. She comes out of the bathroom in a black negligee which I can remember to this day. Her full breasts outlined gracefully and a smile to match the delight in her eyes. She knelt down before me and said it is time for you to enjoy life. Soon my pants were off and she was working my cock as I fumbled with her breasts. She lay back on the floor and with a smile motioned me toward her. I attempted to kiss every inch of her. She mentioned to me that she “had taken care of the kids.” So I slowly inched my way into her and felt the warm and wet sensation I had been missing all this time. My excitement levels were at an all time high and she match my rhythm. It was probably quicker than I remember but delicious none the less. As I said thank you, she said that is what friends are for. I always been indebted to her for jump starting my sexual
We would keep our friendship for the next year, but eventually I was transferred to another location and she left the military. I always have been indebted to her for jump starting my sexual life in such a wonderful, mutually satisfying way

Kspace said...

Anon of December 19, 2008 1:08 PM:

That was fucking hot.

Scorpio said...

I was 14.

I had been flirting and teasing a friend of my cousin's for the summer, despite the fact he had a girlfriend. He was 15, had already had sex with that girlfriend, and was sexy as all get out.

We had sex in my bed, in my house, after school. It was hard and painful, I bled like I was going to die. I wasn't sure then that I'd ever enjoy sex. *heh*

Many years later, we've had sex on and off for 21 years -- and he still tells me I have the tightest pussy he's ever felt.

Kate said...

Earlier this year.

I guess I technically lost my virginity to my exboyfriend on prom night in his brother's Mustang, but he didn't come inside me [I was crying from the pain], so I didn't count it. I've always had a minuscule vagina, unable to use tampons for some time.

We had sex after we broke up [and he had a girlfriend], in his friend's parents abandoned-ish house over the summer. It was kind of awful, hurt like a bitch, felt good a little sometimes, mostly didn't. He stopped talking to me. I haven't been able to have sex with anyone else. He is honestly the only person to actually turn me on enough to have sex. I find sex with anyone else repulsive, really.

We talk on and off, still, currently we are on, in a way. We've fooled around a bit, I have a feeling things are going to progress. We might get back together, who knows. I don't want to think about it right now.

Miss your regular entries, Linda. Have a Merry XXXMas!


Anonymous said...

At age 12, I developed. I was a goofy klutz and brothers were in charge of me during summer break. They hated it but "mom said." Their friends would stop by to hang out and play sports.
One of them, Alan, was my favorite. He was done with his sophomore year in HS and he would actually TALK TO ME. He then progressed to watching out for me when my own brothers would play some dumbass pranks on me. My worshipping made my brothers turn on him with merciless teasing which he would dismiss with a Fuck you!
As that summer progress, my breasts had a growth spurt and I was bulging out of my training bra. With my cups running over I was now getting that appreciative eye. The pangs of sexual desire began but I didn't know what I was feeling. I started to lag behind at home because I didn't know what was going on with me. Alan sought me out at home "looking for my brothers". I was in the backyard when he came and sat next to me at the picnic table where I was doodling. We sat at the table chatting and every once in awhile our legs touched and I would feel that tingling. I would blush and move over, he followed until I got to the end of the bench. He then leaned over and kissed me. My first kiss!!
I just sat there not participating with my eyes wide open. He pulled me into his lap and somehow I was straddling him. I could feel his cock through his Levis. I was scared and told him so. He then took my unwilling hand and laid it on his bulge. He moaned when I touched it and I thought I hurt him so I asked. He was gasping for breath and I thought I was killing him. Turns out he came in his pants. I was sopping wet with my legs straining. Instinct kicked in and I was aching for something. Alan came around and he resumed my teachings.
That afternoon I learned how to French Kiss "properly". He played with my tits and got a kick out of my inverted nipple. No matter how much he tried to get it to point, it would shrivel back into its cocoon.
I lost my virginity Fourth of July weekend. I tagged along with my brothers when they went camping. Alan and I went for a walk. We got started with the kissing and touching. I was feeling the start of an orgasm when he was finger fucking me, suddenly his fingers were gone... I felt something bigger and my eyes shot downward. There it was... Red capped with veins bulging... I looked up to questioning eyes... I nodded. I watched in amazement when the top started to go in. It started to sting from the stretching. I moved away moaning no. He grabbed my hips. I'm sorry he said as he held me tight and pushed in further. Tears came to my eyes as I tore. He stopped to let me get used to the feeling. "Look at us. We are together." while he wiped my tears away. Kissing and fucking resumed but the stinging didn't subside. It burned with each thrust and I was miserable. He finally came and rolled off me. I got dressed and started walking back to camp. It took awhile before I allowed him anywhere near my pussy but I relented and what do you know. It was great! We fucked every chance we were alone thereafter but our "relationship" fizzled when school started.
It was 25 years ago and whenever my nipple plays hide & seek my thoughts always go to Alan.

Anonymous said...

I was 17, when I lost my virginity.
I met him at some parties and he tried to give me and my friends ride home. I didn´t go, but my friend and two other girls went. Later I heard that he had fucked one of them before taking them home. He asked my phone number and my friend gave it to him.
A week later I was drinking, when he came to our place and after a little chat, we started kissing.
One thing led to another and we ended up to having sex.
It was supposed to be just a one night stand, but it has lasted now for eight years.

Dan said...

April 15, 1969, 4:15 pm, room 281, Will Rice College, Rice University, Houston, TX. I was 20. Hellen and I were both physics majors and both on the fencing team. We had been dating for awhile. That day we were in my room making out, with the mattress pulled onto the floor. I was accustomed to her stopping the progress of the making out at some point, but today, for whatever reason, she didn't. I was so overwhelmed with excitement that I couldn't get an erection! I know that sounds strange, but it was very real and very frustrating.

In order to try to deal with the problem, I started masturbating, but I ended up having an orgasm without ever getting an erection. It feels *very* strange to ejaculate though a completely limp dick.

A few minutes later I tried masturbating again, and this time got an erection and was able to enter her. Thank goodness there was no resistance from a hymen. But because of the problem I was having, I was completely self-absorbed, and I'm sure it was far from her fantasy of a perfect first time.

That afternoon, in celebration of our mutual termination of virginity, I went to the grocery store and bought one of every item that had Cherry in the name and delivered it to her at her dorm. She made me a cherry chocolate cake.

Anonymous said...

I lost my virginity to a girl 3 years older than me that had been dating my best friend’s brother. They split up about a month before and she had made it clear that she was interested in me. One day, she and her cousin were over at my place. We were just hanging out, listening to music. She lay back on the bed and says “Anyone could just take me right now.” Her cousin laughingly crawls over her body, but she pushed him off and said “Not you.” So I knew where I stood, but I was hesitant because of the best friend and his brother issue.

About two weeks after her sprawling on my bed, I decide it’s time to lose my virginity with her. I have a small window of opportunity…my parents were out of town. However I have trouble working up the courage to call her. I end up masturbating several times (three times, I think) before finally calling her and asking if she’d like to hang out that evening. She said yes and we met at a local spot. We talked for a while, both complaining about the music. That’s when I let it drop that my folks were away and we could listen to things we liked at my place.

While we are in my room, I feel like my stomach is almost in my throat and I’m scared I’m going to throw up from my nerves. We ended up sitting on the edge of the bed together and I’m wondering how I’m going to initiate something. It turns out I didn’t have to…she turned and started nuzzling and lightly kissing against my neck. I know all systems are go at this point. We kissed for quite a while, and when I started unbuttoning her shirt she began to giggle. I worry that she may want to stop, but she was laughing because she hadn’t bothered to wear a bra (she said “Oh, I’m just meeting xxxxx, no need to get dressed up”, figuring nothing was going to happen). We kiss some more and I finally fondle, kiss and lick boobs for the first time. I get her jeans off and move my hands to the sides of her legs to take off her panties when she said “Your turn.” She lifts my shirt over my head and begins to fumble with my jeans button. She has trouble because I’m fully hard, stress-testing the limits of the button. I stand up and we unbutton them together and I hear her go “hummm.” Turns out I was so hard my cock head was poling out through the waistband on my underwear. We laugh at that for a second, but I stop laughing when she takes my cock in her mouth. Even though she only sucked me for about 20 seconds, it felt like heaven to me and I didn’t want it to end. Unfortunately it did as she lay back on the bed, inviting me to join her.

I kick off my jeans and underwear and reach over to pull her panties down and off of her before crawling on all fours over her. I can feel my cock brushing against her leg, then her belly as we kiss. The contact with someone else was such a heady feeling, and I guessed it would only get more intense. I kiss my way down her body, exploring her breasts and nipples before kissing down between her legs. I have no idea what I’m doing, but I’m drawn to her pussy. I want to see what it tastes like, what it looks like, what it feels like. I kiss and lick all around, clueless on oral lovemaking but at least getting the “lay of the land”, if you will. Having gotten some acquaintance with it and feeling a little more confident, I kiss my way back up to her. I feel her wrap her hand around my cock and bring it to her opening, moving it around some to coat the head with her juices. I begin to push, feeling a surprising amount of resistance as I barely get inside her. “Just keep pushing” she instructed and gradually I slipped all the way in. I remember taking my time stroking in and out, wanting it to last, thinking “I’ve done it! I’ve finally done it!” *lol* I lasted a decent amount of time for a first-timer because of having jerked off several times earlier, but I still cum after a few minutes.

We kiss and she says she will be right back. While she was in the bathroom, I contemplate telling her that she took my virginity and almost blurt it out when she crawled back into bed. For some reason I decided against it. I know she has been sexually active for several years, not with just my friend’s brother but with others…I felt a little intimidated. And while she had been active, she had not tried a lot beyond the missionary position. We talked for a couple of minutes, kissed some, and I quickly got hard again. I asked her to get on top of me and she deferred several times before saying she had never done that before. I laughed and (truthfully) said I never had either, but I wanted to see what it felt like. So she climbed on top of me, allowing me to play with her breasts and clit while riding me. She came fairly quickly and laid down on me to catch her breath. I was still hard (probably thanks to this being my 5th time that evening) and said I had never done doggy-style either. She promptly rolled off of me into the position, and I figure we are going to have a fun time exploring all of my firsts. I had trouble entering her without her guiding me in, but once we finally got into a rhythm I was in heaven. I finally exploded inside her again and we collapsed onto the bed, me still inside her.

And it turns out she was my first for just about everything. She loved to give blowjobs, but it took me a couple of months to “learn” how to cum in her mouth that way. She kept saying she wanted to see what I tasted like and I wanted to oblige her, but just couldn’t do it. One time she propped herself up on my “study buddy” while I straddled her, basically fucking her face, did I eventually cum in her mouth. I didn’t realize I needed to flex my leg muscles in order to push me over the edge. Once I figured that out, she had my cock in her mouth almost every time we got together. She also introduced me to anal sex and several other things…as you can tell I definitely have fond memories of her…. Thanks for allowing me to take up space here!

Anonymous said...

I was 12 and just entering puberty. I completely naive about boys or sex and had never really been curious. A friend of my brother was sleeping over and we were in the basement watching tv when my brother went to bed. Sitting on the couch he started kissing me. He laid me back while kissing and began removing my shorts. I was embarrassed and didn't understand why he was wanting to do this but I did not try to stop him. After he had my panties off, he got between my legs and the next thing I knew something big was being put inside my pussy. It hurt like hell but I said nothing as he told me how good it made him feel. He stroked in me about 10 times and then I felt a warmth inside me and when he withdrew I felt liquid coming out of me and I assumed he had peed in me. I had no idea anything but pee came out of boys penis's and had never even heard of cum or sperm at this point in my life. He asked me if we could do it again soon and having not been really bad and I enjoyed the attention I told him anytime he wanted. He certainly took advantage of that and would come by everyday after school and put his cock in me till he "peed". It wasn't until I turned up pregnant that someone then explained to me for the first time what sex was and what is was for. Hard way to learn that lesson!