Wednesday, May 21, 2008 was only the beginning

...I could feel every stage of his arousal. He was shuddering by the time I took his cock in my mouth for some serious head. I varied the rhythm and pressure, let my tongue add to the symphony of sensations with him inside me. I deep throated him as long as I could, then started ever-so-lightly stroking his shaft with my hand as I very lightly, rhythmically sucked the head of his cock -- my feather blowjob. He was completely gone by this time. I could just feel his warm breath against my pussy, his hands holding and stroking my ass. I drew it out until he gave a very loud moan and shot into my mouth. After I had milked him dry, I turned around and gave him a cummy kiss and our tongues mingled with his thick semen, both of us swallowing every drop...

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