Saturday, November 10, 2007

My surprise at age 38

I went out for a drink last Friday with a co-worker. He is 26 and I am 38, and we both have people we are seeing. He seemed like a nice guy, and I'd be lying if I didn't say we had been flirting and I was attracted to him. I had a couple of martinis and we went back to his place.

We ended up making out and things were getting very hot. I wasn't sure if I really wanted this to go very far yet, but he was very insistent and he was getting me very hot. He had his hand up my skirt and I was very wet. I didn't say no, but I told him to slow down, go slow. Didn't help. I was messaging his cock, and it went down his pants leg, so I knew he was very blessed.

I thought I could get better control if I agreed to suck his cock, and he really loved it. Thought I could make him come in my mouth and we could take a pause. I could make a graceful exit, and we'd see where things stood the next day. And he had a magnificent cock, at least eight inches and thick, with a huge circumcised head. Wow.

He calls me "Sue" as this is happening. Only a few family members call me that. I said, "Call me Linda or Linda Sue." He ignores me and keeps calling me Sue, which is somehow, crazily arousing.

My plan didn't work. He nearly picked me up and carried me into his bedroom. Next thing I know, he's got me on my knees, ass in the air and head on a pillow. He doesn't even take off my skirt, just plows right into my pussy. God, I almost passed out. And he fucks me hard. And it goes on. Well, to tell the truth, I got into it...just lost time. I knew this wasn't going too smart, but, oh he was fucking me. I came really hard, and I am a screamer. He still didn't come. He's just slowly fucking me still, then I feel his head against my anus.

I said, "No!" And I tried to pull away, but I was so wiped out from my orgasm and he had me by the hips, strong as hell. He rammed into me. God, it hurt. I yelled at him but he totally ignores me, starts fucking me like an animal. And I am sure I was screaming like an animal. Then I had this second orgasm, from down deep, a very new feeling. He came really heavy, I could feel it spewing into me.

(n.b. later Mike said that even lubricated with my pussy juice, he could only get about half of his cock in my ass. But it felt like it was in up to the hilt!)

I fell forward into the bed and he's gone. He cleans off in the bathroom and goes to watch TV. Bastard. I got my clothes and left. He says, "Little stuck-up tease Sue gave it ALL up..." and he's not really even talking to me but to himself.

There were parts of it that were some of the most intense turn-ons of my life. He really pulled something deep from inside me. But he was also a jerk. I was crying after my second orgasm...very weird. Just totally stripped bare emotionally. And I like to be held. So I think, he'll never get this again.

On Saturday, he called and apologized. Hmmm.

Monday I wore one of my favorite power suits to work, with a skirt above the knees and black pumps. I see Mike (the guy) as I walk in, and he gives this knowing little smile. I just walked past. Let him stew while I make up my mind. When I got into my office, I could feel myself flush. Hope he didn't see. My anus still hurt, and I walked funny for a day or so. But it was also very exciting.


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