Friday, December 21, 2018

Hookup culture and pulling trains

Brett Kavanaugh is quite a bit older than me, but we're both Gen Xers, both went to elite high schools, and were both exposed to the hookup culture that was prevalent then (no, my agency didn't investigate Kavanaugh).

I can't speak to the veracity of the Justice. But his age and social situation put him squarely in this sexual revolution (I wonder if young people even have much sex today, with their faces stuck in their digital devices)

My experience was unusual, however. My mother was constantly lecturing me that I would go to hell if I had sex outside of marriage (once she barged into my bedroom when I was masterbating, and totally freaked out). So in high school, aside from giving some blowjobs, I was...sigh...a good girl. I had to live the hookup scene from afar — and through the stories of friends.

Megan had a regular boyfriend. But he coaxed her into fucking him and the his best friend one night in a cemetery — she lost her panties amid the romp.

Fueled with "mind erasers" (Rohypnol), Katie regularly went to hookup parties at friends' houses while parents were out of town or at the country club. She told me of the many boys whose cocks she sucked and with whom she had intercourse. As hookups, these were encounters with no strings attached, often with partners she would never see again. She made love with other girls while the boys watched or participated

I first heard the phrase "pulled a train" from my friend Lindsey. She told me about being put on the carpet, her ass in the air, as several boys fucked her from behind. My mom liked Lindsey, who went to our church — little did she know that with some booze and drugs Lindsey became a going-to-hell teenage sex machine.

My brother confided his hookups to me, too. He had a special affinity for cheerleaders. He loved the relative anonymity of the parties, where nothing was expected besides the momentary pleasure. I was terribly envious. Were there victims such as Christine Blasey Ford — if one believes her very believable story? Undoubtedly. But my friends went in with eyes wide open.

It was only in college and later that I experienced sex with multiple partners and no-strings encounters.

My first "train pulling" was at a lifestyle club. Five men took me from behind while I sucked off a sixth, then performed cunnilingus on an older woman.

On an intellectual level, it was interesting how the different cocks felt, their lengths and girths, the one with the painfully-large head, another with an upward bend to it, how long each lasted before blowing his load in me, their assorted techniques ranging from get-off-as-soon-as-possible to the guys who fucked slow then fast, deep then shallow, swiveling their entry as they moved.

In the moment, it was sheer naughty pleasure, with me coming repeatedly and walking funny for a day or two after. Being told what a great ass I had, how I came "like a volcano," that, wow, I was a natural redhead.

What would mom have said?

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

My first time, part three

My first orgy: This was my senior year in college, when I was having an affair with a rich, married man. He took me to a party at the Hamptons, where four other couples were waiting.

He was twenty years older than me and everyone else there was in their forties, too. But they were in good shape, in the way that only wealth allows. The men, and some of the women, looked me over hungrily. We made small talk, drank wine, and smoked some pot. One of the women said, "Why are we still dressed?" Then the clothes came off. I was the last to disrobe.

Frank started making out with me on a sofa and pretty soon I felt fingers gently prying my legs open. I looked down and saw an attractive, busty blonde on her knees below me. Frank, normally very possessive, let go and watched as Laura expertly licked my pussy. "You're a natural red," she purred, seeing my pubic hair. I heated up in a hurry and had an explosive orgasm, holding her hands, our fingers entwined. When I opened my eyes, a man was fucking Laura from behind.

Things got wilder from there. I was on the floor, my butt in the air, a man pumping frantically into me as I sucked another man lying in front of me. He held my head down — I didn't like that — and a jet of semen flew into the back of my throat. I struggled not to gag and swallowed it all.

More cocks appeared before my face — long and thick, short, average — and I worked them all, taking a load from each one. Further fucking and sucking and cunnilingus followed, couples, threesomes, me as part of three women making a circle. I was vaguely aware of Frank fucking another redhead, Sue, so I wanted to make him jealous with my performance. The big room smelled of sex.

Afterwards, driving home in his Jag, I felt very ill. He pulled to the side of the road and I barfed what looked like a gallon of semen — although I'm sure it was less. His precious car interior was safe. I was sore for days afterwards after all the fucking. But I was aroused thinking about it, and willing to try again.

Friday, March 16, 2018

My first time, part two

My first big cock: The average erect penis is from 4.7 to 6.3 inches and that's been my experience. It all matters in how you use it, guys. A man with a big cock can be fabulous if he is a skilled lover. On the other hand, I've had some average men who were among my best because of the same abilities.

My first experience with size was mixed at best. A fraternity brother had led me to the basement during a party and we fucked. I was still lying, miniskirt hiked up, there trying to catch my breath when another shape appeared, unzipped his pants and displayed the biggest cock I'd yet seen.

He climbed on and pushed in. Between pussy juice and the cum in me I was thankfully well lubed. It still hurt for several minutes, then felt better, then really good. After he was done, I saw a line of guys waiting their turn, grabbed my clothes and ran out.

My first anal sex: I know you guys have been waiting for this. Lots of men had wanted to take me in the ass but I held off until I was married. I didn't have many "firsts" I could offer my husband, but this was a big one.

"I want you to fuck me in the ass," I said during a lovemaking session. He got out KY and put me on my knees.

First he entered by pussy and fucked me slow and sweet. I felt his finger slide into my anus, syncopating with his cock moving in and out of my pussy. Then two fingers. Finally, he pulled out and rested the head of his penis against my perineum, then slowly entered me. "Am I hurting you?" he asked. "No," I said, although it was uncomfortable as he fucked me.

I didn't come from this but it was still thrilling, especially thinking of what my uptight family would think of their little cheerleader honor student getting it up the ass. "You're a very naughty girl, Linda," my husband panted, instinctively understanding. He had a violent orgasm and I felt him shooting in me. He stayed there until he went flaccid and we showered together.

My first public sex: This is a tough one. The summer I lost my virginity, I cheated on my sweet boyfriend with a bad boy from high school on whom I'd had a crush. One night we drove into the country and he fucked me on the hood of his muscle car.

It was wildly erotic to be outside, the breeze running across my legs, my moans and screams out there wafting into the woods. But nobody was there. He said he would never get the dents removed from his hood.

The first "official" time was when I was having an affair with one of my professors — common then, but a fireable offense in our neo-Puritan age.

Believe me, I was not being taken advantage of. Anyway, it was winter and the sun had set early. I went down on him and sucked his cock a long time. Then I sat on his desk and he fucked me. After, I saw that a crowd had gathered at a window of a nearby building and had seen the whole thing. They applauded. I smiled and curtsied. My lover was mortified and always closed the blinds after that.