Monday, January 23, 2012

Licking pussy

Things worked out well for my colleague. She followed my advice on fellatio, given verbally and with the Stakeout Banana, as we call it, and her boyfriend came after two minutes and said it was the best blowjob he ever had. She enjoyed it, too, and I can see her confidence growing. My bet is she'll want to try out her new-found talent elsewhere, not that I am encouraging such slutty Linda Sue behavior.

Ah, but there's a rub. Her boyfriend doesn't like cunnilingus. He does it, a few licks "like he's licking an ice-cream cone," and then he wants to climb on top and fuck her. This won't do. How many times do I have to say that oral sex goes both ways, must go both ways. Being a master cunnilinguist is a requirement to be my lover (beyond a quick romp where we never get that far, say where you bend me over and fuck me and we never see each other again...oh, sorry, I lost my train of thought).

So, pay attention men:

DO learn to love her vagina: The shape of her lips, their prominence, her scent, her juices, your juices mingled together, her pubic hair, perineum and anus. Women can tell if you're really into it, or if you're just doing it out of duty. If you're really into her private parts, it will make her more sensual and open to all sorts of fun.

DO tell her she's beautiful once you're "down there." She is.

DO take your time. I love it when a man works on my breasts a long time, then licks and kisses my abdomen and belly button, barely caressing his face across my pussy...then sucking my toes and kissing up each leg, up to my pussy and, again, barely touching my pussy before getting down to business.

DON'T go immediately for the clitoris. This may be too intense for many women. And you're cheating yourself out of much more...

DO spent time licking and gently sucking on her pussy lips Run your tongue around them. Revel in every detail (the right lip is bigger than the left, etc.).

DO tongue-fuck her. A man burying his face in my pussy and running his tongue in and our is sometimes enough in itself to drive me over the edge. Of course, his nose is also pushing against my clit as he does this.

DO use your hands. Caress her belly and legs, hold her hips, and as things really heat up (pay attention now) hold her hands. Most of us want that hand-holding connection.

DO learn the right approach for her clit. Start with a very light circling of it with your tongue and see how she responds. Some women want only that. Others will respond in a way that tells you it's okay to apply more pressure. Some like it when you suck their clits once they're aroused (me, among them). Vary things: Circle-lick her clit and go back to her lips or tongue-fucking her. Try licking her perineum and see if that pleases her. Keep coming back to the clitoris. Use different edges of your tongue: The tip, flat edge, side.

DO follow her responses and act accordingly. She'll relax more and let you in, set a rhythm, respond, get more and more aroused. When she starts to come, DON'T STOP! Keep going. You may want to let up the pressure a little. I'd probably be grinding my pelvis into your face.

Understand cunnilingus is different for most women than a blowjob is for men. Any guy wants his cock sucked. Many women have been conditioned to think "it's dirty down there," or they are afraid of losing control. So there's a major trust issue involved with many. You have to show you're trustworthy. Among other things that means being patient, slowly seducing her by kissing and licking her legs and belly, etc. Once you're good, you can move on to all sorts of fun: Face sitting, using toys, sixty-nine, licking her while another man fucks her. But it all begins with knowing expert tongue worship.

Have more to add? Please comment.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Sucking cock

New Years was quite nice. I'll leave it at that. For some reason, I don't want to blog about the Professor, at least not yet. Few of my men know that I do a sex blog and tell all. A couple of them knew and even helped me remember some details. For them, it was kinky and a turn-on. Most men wouldn't find that true, and even fewer women. I can't imagine Wendy and Pam, among others, would want all you guys masturbating to our romps together.

It's been so busy at work, Dear Diary. I did have fun with a young female colleague while we were spending some very boring hours in a car watching something I can't tell you about. We started talking about sex (yes, women do), and she was curious about how to give a great blowjob. Her boyfriend is ten years older and more experienced. Although she says he's very kind and taken with her, she knows she's "just not doing it right." We had a banana, and I showed her a few tricks until the thing started coming apart in my mouth. It reminded me, however, that oral sex is really important to men — do it well, and he'll never forget you.

It reminded me that the Fellatrices posts I did are lost forever. So I won't be repeating myself if I give a few tips:

1. DO drop your hang-ups. It's not "nasty" down there. If it really is, have him take a shower and give him a little talk about personal hygiene (or get a new bf).

2. DO play with his cock before you ever put it in your mouth. Stroke it, masturbate him, caress his balls, all while you're kissing him. Work down his body, kissing and licking his chest, nipples, belly button, thighs. One thing I like to do is to go down his body rubbing my (still!) tight, pert breasts across his chest and belly. I also let my hair fall on his skin and caress him. Make him want it.

3. DO praise his cock (honestly).

4. DO vary your technique. Maybe start out by taking it lightly in your mouth once...make him want it!...before licking the shaft and head in different ways. Take your time. Break it up by (gently!) licking his balls and taking them in your mouth while you stroke his penis. As he responds more and more...

5. DO take him fully in your mouth, in and out. Start lightly and increase the sucking pressure. The sweet spot is the area near where the shaft meets the head. Vary the amount you take in your mouth and the speed with which you suck him. If you're not ready for him to come and he's about there, slow down.

6. DO use your hands. I finally focus on sucking (harder and harder) the head and top of the shaft while I am moving my hand up and down on the rest of his shaft. Maybe with my other hand, I am stroking his balls. Note: When my hair is long, I pull it to one side over my shoulder so it doesn't get in the way. And, get comfortable yourself.

7. DO back off the pressure as he starts to come, so his orgasm doesn't become intensely painful. Make some noise.

8. DO swallow. If you're one of those rare women who really get nauseous from semen, then spit it out afterwards (a towel nearby).

9. DON'T let him hold your head down or force you, unless you're into that. Know how to let him know what you want, too. Gently remove that hand.

10. DON'T make loud, cow-like sucking sounds. Learn to breathe through your nose. Anyway, you want the maximum pressure applied.

11. DON'T be impatient. Some guys come fast, some need time. It's all good.

12. DON'T be afraid to be kinky and spontaneous. I love to greet a lover at the airport by sucking his cock in the parking garage. I've sucked cocks outdoors, beside a bar... Even a taste makes him want more.

And, keep learning. It took me years to perfect my "feather" blowjob technique. Don't be afraid to ask him how he likes it, either. Ladies and gay/bi gents: Add your advice in the comments section.