Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Eve tastes the apple, or at least two men

I passed on a New Year's Eve party that I knew would be dull, and went down to the bar district near my apartment. The first place was packed but I could feel the eyes on me when I walked in, wearing a black leather miniskirt and leather jacket. I ordered a martini and gave the polite brushoff to several men.

Then a guy came up and introduced himself as Max. He was older and distinguished-looking, not at all like the young crowd. I let him buy my second drink. We talked above the din and the people kept crowding in, drawing us closer. He was big and masculine and I was attracted to him.

I let his hand linger on my arm...I'm a toucher myself. His ring finger bore the imprint of a removed wedding band. And pretty soon he dropped down to my leg. Just the lightest touch on my knee. I kept talking. He was a good listener. And that hand eased up inside my thigh. I could feel myself getting wet and even in the bar I could smell my scent. He could, too, and smiled knowingly. I opened my legs.

I turned more to face him and he found my pussy, then my clit, and just kept rubbing me through the pantyhose. It's a good thing the drink was down on the bar when I shuddered and came. I gave a whimper and the others around us looked at me. I could tell I was flushed.

"Let's go to your place," he whispered in my ear. "Not tonight," I said. He smiled and shook his head and handed me his card. An OB-GYN, no less. We parted soon after.

It's been years since I me a full-service lover in a bar. For a variety of reasons, I don't do that. But I do like being out, being noticed favorably by men (and women), and sometimes letting things go a ways. Facing the end of 2007, I was fighting against a clingy, horny, bitersweet fuck-me-tonight mood.

An hour later I was in another place, very trendy, being hit on by this gorgeous young black man. His name was Jared and we danced. I could feel his cock hard against me as we shimmied against each other. He was athletic with a fine, sculpted angular face. We kissed deeply and he lightly bit my tongue. His hands caressed my hard nipples through my blouse.

He wanted me to go home, too, but I didn't do it. I can't say why not. We did end up in his BMW where I give him a blowjob. No stereotypes: his cock was average, but very nice, and he came with a strong stream and lots of semen -- just the way I like it. And like a lot of men, he was surprised and a little resistant when I rose up and French kissed him, sharing his come with him. But he went with it and swallowed some.

After all that, he was angry that I wouldn't go home and fuck him. But I didn't. He got out of the car and screamed after me, calling me names. I walked up the street and watched the fireworks off the Space Needle. Men are such a mystery.


Melissa said...

I worry about you Linda, even though I find your writing very arousing. It's not that I haven't fantasized about this stuff, but I don't have the guts to do it. You just seem to live on the edge, and sometime might get burned.

Linda Sue said...

Thank you, Melissa. I know what I'm doing. I'll be 40 in two years, and I don't intend to go quietly into middle age. Life's too short not to have fun. That said, every person has to do what seems right to them. I only feel sorry for the ones who are martyrs to their fucked-up upbringing, a stifling relationship or the "values" someone else gave them.

Anonymous said...

I'd be happy with a blowjob from you any night, Linda Sue!!

aussie gaz said...

Why did you choose not to go home with either of these guys Linda Sue? They sounded ok and sounds like they were ready as were you.
Also i agree with anonymous above id be happy to get a blow job from you anytime.

Anonymous said...

I don't know what that dudes problem was. My best memories are of the girls who blew me and just went away. No questions, No small talk, No nothing. Anyway, we need more girls out there like you execpt, I certainly am not drinking my own cum. That's my special gift to some lucky girl. Swallow it, spit it out, or smear it all over your face, but I am NO Indian Giver!! Peace Out!!

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