Monday, December 31, 2007

Sex with a relative? Tell me everything!

I thought I knew a lot about sex, as these blog entries attest. But apparently not.

Check out the poll at right: One of the leading categories of "illicit fucks" is sex with a relative (!). My brother-in-law's advance notwithstanding, I've never known anyone who has admitted to sleeping with a relation.

So now it's your turn to turn me on. Leave a comment or send me an email (no names will be used, of course -- I hear from readers from all over the world, and all are safe with Susie). Tell me about your sex with a relative. Brother, sister, mom, dad, uncle, aunt, cousin? What was it like? did you like it? Did it affect your future sexual behavior.

Tell me...


Anonymous said...

My mother decided she would teach me about sex, and she did when I was 15 and she found me naked, with a hard on and jerking off to a Penthouse. She stripped off her clothes and climbed on without a word, sliding my dick inside her. I came very quickly, but we fucked several times after that. She was an old hippie, free-spirit and all. Not sure it fucked me up for life. I do tend to go for older women. Anyway, that's that happened.

Jill said...

Mine is nothing so salacious. I slept with my second cousin. It didn't go anywhere, but it was fun.

daddychef said...

My First COusin and I are separed by three years. When I was 16 and she was 19 we were on a family camping trip her family was in a tent mine was in an RV well it was storming rather hard and the whole family moved into the RV. She and I shared a bed that night. She was in a night shirt and I was in sweatpant. We ended up spooning and I was playing with her breast. She then grabbed my cock and pulled her panties aside and let me slide in. All the while my parents and hers are 4 feet away. I came in her. The rest of the weekend we took long hikes and would attack each other when we were away from the rest of the family. I see her on major holidays but we never talk about it.

Anonymous said...

My wife's younger sister got divorced after a few years of marriage to a jerk. She was 24 years old and would tell me how horny she was. Nothing happened until we invited her to go on vacation with us to a beach house. She commented to me how often my wife and I had sex and wished she had someone. The next time we came back from the beach I followed he into the shower. She went down and gave me a blow job. After I she got a mouth full of cum I went down on her.

Learned young said...

When I was 8 I was home from school and walked into my parents bathroom to find my mother. She was on the toliet peeing and naked. She was a voluptuous woman with large boobs and long nipples. I said, "sorry mom" and turned to walk away but she called me over to her. She waa sitting but in a leaned over fashion and her big boobs hung down with her nipples just touching her knees, She was talking to me but I was staring at her boobs. She slowly began to rock side to side as she talked letting her nipples rub across her knee caps. I watched them swing back and forth like someone being hypnotized...actually I guess I was. My little hairless two inch dick was straight out pressing against my pjs.

She was till talking but I never heard a word. finally she said, :do you like them?", then she leaned back some and said, "these are my boobs, or breasts" and reached under both to hold them up for my viewing. With her pointing fingers she flicked her nipples and said, "these are my nipples", you used to suck on these when you were a baby and I fed you, that's why they are so long now", "you can touch them if you'd like". My eyes had never left her chest since I walked into the bathroom. I reached out with both hands and took a nipple in each hand using my thumb and pointer finger. they were hard and rubbery. I moved them like a kid would, to all points of the compass, North, East, South and West. She told me to pull on them, but to do it gently. I did that and stretched them from her body and then let them go...watching them spring back to her big boobs. This was fun!

I did it several times, with her nipples getting longer each time. I was fascinated that I could move them anywhere and they would always spring back to their original position.

She reached out and fondled my little hard on through my pjs, then reached into the waistband to feel me skin to skin. Her soft hand ran over my rigid but little cock. Boy did that feel good! I instinctively pushed forward into her hand while continuing to play with her nipples.

She asked me if I played with myself down there yet. I honestly told her no, she told me that I would learn how to soon.

I began to notice a , strange to me, scent in the air, and noticed her other hand between her legs.

I'm pulling, moving, twisting her nipples while humping my 8 year old hard on into her hand, while she is rubbing her pusssy.

Finally she lets go of me and tells me that, that is enough sex ed for today and to let her to finish going to the bathroom. I reluctantly release her nipples.

She tells me to go get dressed and to close the door behind me as I left. As I walked away from her bathroom I could hear her moaning and thought that she must have to had to go really bad.

The next day one of the older neighborhood boys approached me and asked me if I knew how to jerk off yet. I told him I didn't know what that was. We ened up in the woods and I watched him jerk off while he instructed me to imitate his actions.

He fisted his cock until her started moaning and then his eyes closed and I saw his cum shoot out of the end of his cock.

My cock was too little to fist it like he did so he told me to use my thumb and two fingers.

I did and evenutually came, but it was a dry cum, and yes it was a great, great feeling.

My Mother and I would have a lot more "fun" as time went on.

I always thought that she approached that boy to teach me how to get off.

Zak said...

Hello Linda Sue...

I am a lurker on your blog and throughly enjoy your exploits and
random thoughts on life sex and everything..

so on sex with a relative.. I have two stories...

the first is my cousin... I am two year older... and when I was 16 and
she was 14 we ended up spending a summer together with both our
parents away under the supervision of her older sister.... now we
were close most of our lives being close in age, and used to always
play together as kids... but somewhere I missed her turning into a
women... and she reminded me ....

I do not remember any more how it actually happened.. all the details
of how it unfolded got lost in the haze of time.. but I have a vivid
image and I can almost feel her now if I close my eyes.. the feeling
of being deep inside her is burned into my brain as one of my
strongest memories... so there I was ..... I remember kissing her
face ... and her moaning and saying my name over and over... I
remember another time we fucked over the hood of my father's car..
making a dent that kept me smiling for years after that when ever I noticed it.
we ended up spending much of the summer in each other's arms to the chagrin of her sister's fiancee who felt in charge of both of us that
summer. He could tell something was going on but could not quite tell
what... so he would make it his business to try an interrupt us and accounted for some close calls....

We remained very close over the years.. and had sex a few times after that summer... but drifted away.. we still use with one another with the nicknames we invented for ourselves that summer and it never fails to make us smile.. but we do not really talk about having sex. I do not believe it scarred either her or me..

My second story happened with my aunt in law (can you say that?) she was the wife of my aunt's by marriage, younger brother. I guess it
still counts as family.. definitely in the sense that we were not suppose to have sex... her being married and in the family...

She was also about 10 years older then me.. anyway... being older and
very pretty, she was my sexual fantasy during my early teen years..and one of the first ever masturbations in my life, was in her bed
when I was alone in their house... smelling her sheets and imagining her naked body... humping the faint dent her body left in the
mattress.. but I digress.. years later was the first time we had sex (there were many times after that) she was driving me home after some family function... and we were alway joking around and had a sexual flirt edge going on... she stopped the car a little farther then she should have and we were talking, she was telling me about her sexual frustration with me uncle.. and then we were kissing and then
frantically trying to get our clothes off in the front seat of a very small car... I again do not remember the transitions... I guess it is
not important after all this time.. but the picture I have in my head are still so strong.. and the memories carry the physical sensations of her wetness and smell.. and the urgency of her need...
I remember entering her for the first time... she was soaking wet....and kept moaning that she needed my cock... I remember how awkward it was to fuck her sprawled over the front two seats with the center isle
in the middle with the shift stick knob in her back...
Her marriage was very unhappy and she took every opportunity to have sex with me over the next few years... last time has been over 20 years ago..she is in her 50s now, and she always pinches my ass in secret when we are in family gatherings and whispers dirty suggestions in my ear with the most sweet and innocent face so no one in the family has any idea. It makes family gatherings rather interesting for both of us...

I hope you enjoyed those little stories.. feel free to use them any way you want (including mentioning them in part or whole on your blog if you wish) I definitely enjoy your blog and look for new entries as
part of my morning routine...



Kathy said...

I don't know if this counts, but I had an affair with my step father, after I was an adult. My mom had died, and he seemed very sad and lonely, and I thought he was a very attractive man. One afternoon, I just seduced him. We carried this on for about a year until each of us met other people, but I still feel fondly towards him.

Anonymous said...

drop me a line
I have something of an ongoing story I don't feel like typing in here ;)

Linda Sue said...

You need to send me your email.

RZ said...

Well when I was in my late teens I had sex with both of my wifes sisters. one was my age and the other around 14. Ironically We divorced but not before getting her younger sister pregnant. She kept the baby and I have had regualr contact with her all of her life. It was also like full circle basicall because when she was 15 she started asking me many questions about her mom and me and her moms sisters. So I just pretty much told her the truth about how she was conceived well apparently she must have the same sexual gene or appitite her mom does because It was about a week or so after that we started fucking around kissing hugging which led to a more fuck it attitude and let just do it, so yes I have been fucking my own daughter for about 8 years now. Got her pregnant when she was 16 but had an abortion.

Anonymous said...

dear linda sue
I am 71 but i remember this clear as day
i was 14 & had a medical appointment downtown near where my mother worked.
i met her after work & we went home by tramway.
The car was almost enpty & we stood at the back of the car. suddenly i felt her hand on my fly & realized she was jerking me off- I came in my pants & had a huge
stain in the front of my trousers.
Nothing else happened however my mother alwaysa gave me very seductive looks.
later on I heard that she was having a lesbian affair with someone who was a dressmaker.
This woman had a direct technique-
I heard that when she had the women undress for a fitting she attacked their pussy with much success.
I regret to this day not having more guts.

Anonymous said...

My first sexual experience was with with my step sister. She was exactly 1 year older than me (same birthday) and we had adjoining bedrooms. She initiated the sex as I was totally inexperienced. She was 12 and I 11. At first she would just come into my room at night and sleep in my bed. Soon she started fondling my small hairless penis, just rubbing and playing around, making me hard. Soon after she would place my hand on her smooth hairless cunt and move it around with her hand. She started having orgasms and I finally caught on. Soon we were fucking on a nightly basis, always starting with her sneaking into my room. I can remember fucking her for what seemed like hours and she just loved it, always coming to orgasm several times. I guess I was too young to come but it sure felt good. One night she had a slumber party with her girlfriends and I was flirting with one of them early on and later went to my room alone. Around midnight my sister woke me up and was pissed off about me flirting with Patty. We kind of wrestled around and she started to bite my leg which I could not stand and I slapped her head. A strange look came over her face and she left my room. Soon after she came back with Patty, who looked half asleep and they both climbed into my bed. I was already naked and my sister pulled Patty's nightshirt over her head and asked me if this was what I wanted. Looking at Patty's flat chest and hairless cunt convinced me. They were on each side of me rubbing my cock and each other with my sister running the show. She stuck her finger into Patty who looked like this was her first time doing this kind of thing but clearly liked it. I was hard as a rock and my sister basically pushed me on top of Patty and got behind us as I fucked her. After a few minutes my sister pulled me onto her and we fucked while Patty watched, rubbing her hairless cunt. My sister reached over and finger fucked Patty until she came. She told us that was the first time she had an orgasm. I was still fucking my sister hard and she started biting my shoulder and that's when I had my first wet orgasm, seeming to come forever. I climbed off my sister and we were all fascinated by the come running out of her cunt and still leaking out of my cock. We all rubbed it around and Patty even tasted it. My sister and I continued our sex together but Patty never even talked about it and kind of denied it happened though we still remained friends. To this day (after 40 years) I still am turned on by younger girls and hairless pussy, thankfully I have an understanding wife.

handsomepeter said...

This hasn't happened yet, but it is about to happen. Three weeks ago my wife and I were in bed one night fucking when the phone rang. She said no no don't answer it, but I picked up. Her sister who usually talks to my wife forever was on the line. I my cock slid in and out of her sister's pussy that she was "asleep". Chatty Kathy kept talking to me and I kept up my end of the conversation as I kept fucking her sister. After a while she got quiet and asked if I was all right. Told her I had a little cold. Then in a voice that indicated sudden knowledge she said "no you don' and sis are having sex aren't you". I said in as casual way as I could one word "yes". She laughed quietly and said...does it turn you on to be fucking my sister while you are talking to me? Again I said "Yes".After a short pause she asked if I was thinking about what it would be like if I was fucking her instead of her sister. Again "yes".She told me that this was so hot...that she was very wet thinking about it and that she would love to feel my cock inside of her. Next moment the talking stopped and the phone had obviously been placed close to her pussy. At least one finger was vigorously moving around inside her juicy puss the sounds driving me crazy. When she spoke again, she asked slightly breathlessly "did you like the sound of what you have done to me?" and I told "Yes, I sure do". She told me that she had taken off her panties and that " my cunt was so wet thinking about my cock in her"...she asked if my wife shaved her pussy and I said no. She asked if I would like to fuck her shaved pussy and I said "very much". She said that the next time we came to stay in May, she would find a way to get alone with me. Then she said "I want you to fuck my sister harder now and shoot your cum into her." I said that I would do that. ..and started to move into my wife's pussy with more speed...coming not too long after that. She said goodnight stud. I laughed and said goodnight...sleep well.

Anonymous said...

I was 4 years younger than my sister and 1 year younger than my brother. My sister was in 7th or 8th grade. She had to pass through my room to enter into hers. My brother and I shared the same room. One night she came into our room, sat on the floor, and asked my brother and I to come join her and talk. We sat on the floor and I don't remember how it started, probably, I'll show you mine and you show me yours as she initiated what was to come. I remember my brother and I got to see and feel her tits and then we went to sleep. The next night she came to us again but my brother wasn't interested. He layed in bed and watched. My siser opened her robe and told me to feel her breasts. They looked like sunnyside-up eggs. Then she told me to take off my underpants. I did and she played with my 2 1/2 inch circumcized hard-on. I remember she had some hair on her pussy. She held my boner and jacked it up and down like she was holding a pencil. I felt that young innocent horny lust that is warm and tingly. To this day only my wife and myself can jack me off like my sister was doing. My sister layed down flat and told me to continue to rub her breasts and then she put my hand on her pussy to rub it. I had done this when we were sitting cross legged in front of each other while I rubbed her fried egg tits as she jacked my dick. This time I moved down and looked at her pussy with a little bit of hair growing on it. On one of the sides of her outer lip was a mole. I remember my mon saying that a mole is where an angel had kissed someone. Of course I belived it. Then my sister asked me as we were both naked for me to lay on top of her. I did and she told me to put my weinner in. I was a little scared at all of this and I asked, "Why?" She said that the kids at school were always talking about it and that she wanted to know what it felt like. She helped me slid down on her and she put my dickhead at the opening of her pussy and said, "Push it in." I did and layed still. The new feelings of youth lust continued to wash over me and my dick stayed hard as I felt her warm wet hole against it. Then she said, "Push it in and out." I couldn't do it right and we gave up. She went to her room and I went to be too and I told my brother how much fun it was and that her boobs were like eggs. He replied that he knew and that I shouldn't do that with her any more and if I did, he would tell Mom. I was scared. The next knight my sister came to us again. I went to her and told her that our brother would tell. She got mad and went to her room and never approached my brother and I again. I think back and wish I had not listened to him and had gone to her room instead. Who knows, I might have been still fucking her to this day.

handsomepeter said...

The follow up to chatty kathy...we did visit in early May. When we came into the house, she hugged us both, but stuck her tongue into my ear while hugging me. When my wife was putting her things away Kathy, seated in the kitchen pulled up her skirt.I wasn't surprised she had no panties on...her cunt was very smooth. She told me she had just finished shaving and asked if I liked it. Told her that I would have to feel it to know how good a job she had done. I moved my fingers gently all over her mound while she squirmed on the chair. Told her I had to quit...didn't want to get so hard I couldn't tame it before her sister came back downstairs. Kathy said "tonight when she's asleep, come downstairs to my room." It was probably around two am when I did finally get up. I opened her door and saw her lying in bed...when I stepped into the room found out that she was awake. She got off the bed completely naked and said she had been going crazy waiting for me. I pulled off the tee shirt and underwear I had worn to bed...her hand went to my cock, then she went to her knees and started sucking it. Looking up at me she told me that it had been so long since she had gotten fucked. I told her to stand up and put her hands against the wall. I stood behind her my hands on her hips...and pushed my cock up against her swollen slit. My cock was like a heat-seeking missile and needed no guidance to slide into her. As I pushed up into her she let her breath out slowly. She said aaah yes that is so good...fuck me nice and slow...
I moved my hands up to her small tits and pulled on her nipples while I slid languidly in and out of her.
Then pulled out, picked her up in my arms...and dropped her on her bed..."I want to see your face while I fuck you" I said as I knelt between her open legs. "Spread your lips wide open for me Kathy"...she peeled the bare flesh back and I grinned as I pushed the head of my cock into that tender slippery flesh. I started fucking her...looking into her eyes...seeing my sister-in-law underneath me made me almost crazy...though maybe I was crazy to be doing it in the first place. The fucking was incredible...when she came...she was totally unlike my wife...she was fairly noisy...and her hips moved up to meet mine... her cunt muscles clutched my hard shaft. When she started to come down from that I said I was going to fill her up. She pulled my face closer to hers and said...kiss me while you are cumming. The gentle kiss opened up and accelerated into passionate tongue fucking as my cock probed inside her slippery hole. When I started to shoot inside of her she bit gently on my tongue...not letting go until I had finished.
I kissed her good night...cleaned up in her bathroom...and went back upstairs.
The next morning I came down first...Kathy was making blueberry waffles and wearing a robe. When I came in she asked if sis was coming downstairs soon...told her we had a minute or two...she whispered...I still have your cum inside of me...I fingered myself for about an hour after you left. She gave me a quick kiss moments before her sister came into the room.
We live across the country from her, and since that time Kathy and I have had phone sex several times.

Angela said...

My ex-husband had a son from his first marriage who was in college while my ex and I were married. His name is Jack, and he was this laid-back swimmer in college. I'm sure he was popular with the girls.

He and I got along great, and I always felt this close connection with him that I always (really always) tried to attribute to his just being nice to his father's second wife.

My marriage to his dad turned out to be short-lived. Jack kept in touch with me, and he started wanting my take on some of his dating. At least that was what he said.

One Friday I met him after work for drinks. He looked great and was so charming to me that I felt completely enthralled by him. It may've been the wine or the way he seemed so totally focused on me with his blue eyes, but I wound up very attracted to him and aroused by him.

He walked me to my car, and as I was telling him that I'd enjoyed our time together, he brought his face to mine and gave me a slow sensual kiss that I just melted into. I felt guilt intellectually, but it intensified my arousal.

After we kissed some more, he said just to follow him over to his house, and he walked over to his car. I paused, and when I realized how I felt between my legs, I didn't say anything more. I just got into my car and nervously drove, following him.

The rest of the night went that way. He brought me inside, and he led me to his room where he took his time kissing me and undressing me. He laid me back on his bed, and he proceeded to undress for me.

When he was completely nude, he just stood there a moment in front of me. He was very hard and it pointed straight out and up. It was one of the most erotic things I'd ever seen. And yes, the fact that it was Jack, and he was doing this for me and in front of me was mind-blowing.

Without thinking about it or taking my eyes off him, I parted my legs. That was some of the best and most erotic fucking I have ever had. He took me in just about every position that night.

I still get wet thinking about it.

Molly said...

It was a surprise birthday party for my husband and I was in the kitchen with his brother. His mother was asleep on the living room sofa. Ben had been ogling me ever since the wedding but I did not reciprocate. He came at me from behind reaching around to caress my breasts. When I turned, he kissed me hard. A hand was at my crotch. I pushed him back. He stepped up. Another kiss. I turned to walk away. He followed and in seconds was under my cutoff jeans and onto my pussy. And it was not that many seconds later that I was on the kitchen table and my clit was contacted. I was his. I gave him my tongue and reached for his cock. Jim is taller but Ben is bigger I thought. My jeans came off, my tee lifted, and I was wonderfully fucked. I came very quickly and was about to come again when he beat me to it. I wanted more. Ben checked on his mother. Still sleeping. He carried me to a back bedroom and tongued me to my second and fucked me to a long and very wet third. Whenever I hear anyone mention Big Ben, I laugh. He's all cock and no clock.

Anonymous said...

When I was 15 my mother's first cousin, who I have found out would be my first cousin once removed, came to stay with us for I think three weeks. She lived in New York and we lived in Va. She was the same age as my mother give or take a year or two. She was attractive but not stunning. She had dark red hair and blue eyes. All our family had blue eyes. She was about 5'6" but as I was big for my age I was taller than she was.
One night when my mother and father were going out Leads, that was her name, said that she was a little tired from all the running around they had been doing since she arrived and that she would stay home with me for a quiet evening.
After my folks had left she suggested we play gin rummy. I set up the card table and we started to play. After about 45 minutes Leads said she was going to change her clothes. When she came back to the table the had on silk robe like dressing gown. We played for a while longer and she said her shoulders felt sore and asked if I would rub them. Not thinking anything of it I said sure. She got up and went over to the sofa and lay down and pulled the dressing gown from her shoulders and lay face down. She had on nothing under the dressing gown. I sat next to her and started rubbing her shoulders. She made some moaning noises and told me to push the dressing gown down to her waist and to rub her back and sides. Well it was about this time I was getting an exteem erection. As I would rub down the sides of her body she would raise up so my hands would contact her boobs. I was too shy to make any move and I was also afraid she would tell my folks if I did anything. I needn't have worried. Apparently she got tired of waiting for me and she rolled over and pulled me to her and kissed me. Then she reached down unziped my fly and took my cock into her hand. She played a little and then she bent over and sucked my cock. It was the first time I had ever experienced this and I couldn't get enough. She told me to get undressed and then pulled onto her and we fucked. And we fucked again.(Oh the staying power of youth)
When my parents got home Leads had gone to her room and I was cleaning up from our game.
As you might expect being a 15 year old boy I followed her around like a puppy dag for the rest of her stay. We fucked in various positions several more times. She taught me how to eat pussy. It was hard for me to put my mouth and tongue in the places she told me at first but doing it gave me a super hard on and I got so that she told me I was a very good pupil and was doing fine. I only know that she made lots of moaning noises when I did it. After she left to go back to New York I never saw her again.

I had one other experience with a relative years later. One of my aunts who was two years younger than I was lived about three miles from me. We used to see each other often at parties, at my folks house and at our house. After I got divorced we continued to see each other from time to time. Then she and her husband separated and she began to come over in the evenings and we would drink together and talk about any and everything. We had been kind of close since we were both small children and she had lived at my parents house when she was going to college.
One night as I was getting ready for bed Barb came over. I had on only my robe as I sleep in the nude. She wanted a drink. She had had a set to with her husband. We drank and talked for a while. I told her I had to get to bed and that she could let herself out. I hadn't ben in bed 5 minutes when she came back and sat down next to me on the bed. She had brought her drink with her. She wanted to talk. Knowing what the situation is like that she was in with her husband I sat up and we talked. I told her I would need a drink if we were going to be talking. She fixed me one and her a fresh one and brought them back into the be room. This time she got onto the bed be next to me. It was long before she started rubbing my chest as she talked. Little by little she reached lower and lower until she took hold of my by now very hard cock. I told her she was asking for trouble. She told me she needed some trouble. Never one to turn down pussy of any kind I rolled over and kissed her and she hung onto my cock like it was a life line. It wasn't long befre she had her clothes off and we were fucking. I didn't know that she was a acreamer until that night.
She came over 3 or 4 times a week after that for about a year until she was divorced and started dating. We still fucked every chance we got only not so often. When her son went to college we were able to fuck at her house as well. One thing I remember about trying to get her to give me a blow job. She wouldn't suck my cock but wanted me instead to fuck her mouth. She would sit up in bed with me on my knees and my hands braced against the wall at the head of the bed and I would pump her mouth. It was like fucking a pussy with teeth. It really got me hot.
Oh. I was about 45 and she 42 when we started. and it last 'till this day 20 years later. She remarried and moved out of state but we see each other when she come to visit and we make time for a little family fucking.
Neither of my family experiences has had any detrimental effect on me nor to my knowledge on either of my two partners. None of us had romantic love for the other but were only in it for the fucking and the fact that we liked each other.

Captivated said...

My experience happened to be with my favorite cousin who is about 2 years older than I. We had grown close, as we were within a 20 minute drive during our childhood days. Then my family moved 800 miles away and we saw each other less frequently.
We always picked right up where we’d left off.
As time moved along we entered the stage of hormones and lusty desire. He was a good-looker and I wasn’t bad either- German born , blond, blue eyes, and fair complexion that glowed from a good life living on a farm. When they came to visit, we had long conversations and teased our younger siblings and played their games with them.
Clearly a favorite game was tag, or shadow-tag if it was at night.
Another was hide and seek. The immense opportunities abounded with rows of granaries, barns, machine shops and other buildings. The roadside ditches and nearby fields were not out of limits, although it was required that we never injure the plants to reduce harvest was a rule that was carefully followed by all.
This late afternoon we got roped in to play hide and seek. We walked together to the far back part of the yard down a dusty trail that led along the side of the cows summer pasture. He said he had an idea. He skipped up and over the heads of waist high wheat onto a tire track a few feet over a path made by a tractor to perhaps spray against grasshoppers earlier that season. I followed his lead and we went another 500 yards or so, and then he suddenly veered left and sat down and motioned for me to sit with him.
Perfect! It was perfect- it got us away from those pesky little kids and we were out of sight. He shifted his body and with a twinkle in his eye he stretched out flat on his belly and drew me with him. It was so quiet. So peaceful. All there was to hear was the rustling of the wheat and occasionally the buzzing of a lone fly, A song from the meadowlark singing her song “don’t drink your tea too hot!”
We laid there quietly, side by side. He had kept his wonderful tanned and strong arm around my shoulders as we laid there. I became aware that his fingers were curled just touching me. He began to stroke very gently and gradually moved his hand to where he could cradle my breast. It was delicious, and send warmth to my vagina. I laid still hoping to make the feeling last. I think he was probably thinking the same or wondering how this happened but we laid that way for quite some time until the sell was broken by being discovered by a sibling seeker.
It was a simple, almost innocent moment but the memory of the intensity of feeling and emotions fueled by pure passion and lust have been fondly tucked away and likely inspired masturbation later.

Anonymous said...

I only recently found your blog, so I home this isn't too late.

I lost my virginity to my first cousin who spent the summer with us when I was 17 and she was 16. Four years later, I spent two months with her family while I worked for my uncle. We were able to be alone a few times then. Ten years after that, I spent a month with she and her husband. One night alone on the beach we did it again. Then, last fall we were together again several times.
Very hot sex each time we were together.


Scott said...

My story is different from your others in that it involves two brothers. My family was on our annual camping trip at the lake when it happened. We were both swimming, I was 14 Bob was 17 and he started talking about actors and actresses that he and I thought were attractive. The conversation turned toward sex and he asked if I had ever had a blowjob. I said no (I hadn't had any sex) and he asked if I would ever take one from another guy. I said I supposed it would depend on the situation and if it was someone I could trust. The conversation kind of ended there. That night where we were all asleep in the motorhome Bob whispered to me and asked if I was awake (he and I shared one of the pull down full sleepers. I said I was and he asked if I wanted that blowjob. I said I did but I was scared. He told me not to be and to be quiet. He then quietly gave me head for about 5 minutes. I didn't come and still to this day can last very long when receiving head. That was the only experience that trip.
Later when we go home we were in our room one night and he asked if I wanted to try it again. I agreed and this time he gave me head for what seemed like hours. Finally he said his jaw ache and asked if I would fuck him. I entered him and it was unbelievably tight, I didn't last long doing that but who does at 14? After I fucked him he asked if I would blow him. I said I would and that for me was a threshold. Bob is very well hung and I had problems taking much of him in my mouth, finally he finished by jacking off onto my chest. This night was the beginning of a long on again off again relationship between us. we had sex many times until he moved for college. I went in the military and was discharged for being gay (before DADT) and when I came home things were different, I met a man who has been my partner now for a long time and Bob was also in a relationship. One evening though i happened to be at the parents and he was there also, mom and dad left for an evening out with their friends and left us alone at the house. We ended up having wonderful sex that night, by that age (30) i was much better at taking his size and he fucked me very long and hard that night. It's odd that we never talk about it, but we both seem to know when we need it. our last time was when we rented a hotel room when visiting our parents in Key west about 3 years ago. I love my partner very much, but sex with Bob is still something I look forward to, I think the fact that it is rare helps. It feels odd to have this in writing finally and I know he probably won't read this but I wanted to put out there how good the experience was and is and that not all relations between relations are bad.

Anonymous said...

I have always enjoyed a active sex life. One night Daughter caught me jacking off. She began to play with her pussy and her moaning let me know she was watching. I got even hornier. My wife came in the other door and joined me at the computer. We sucked and fucked for about an hour. The next night I set up a video cam to film my daughter.
Sure enough I saw her sneaking up on the door wearing a robe. I brought up a movie of a woman fucking a dog. It wasn't long and my daughter was naked and fingering herself madly.
More later

Anonymous said...

I'm new to you blog this section captivated my interest, here is a list of some of my incestious experiences.

I'm not going to go into great detail about each sexual event but have had several with family members. Even live in a state where it is legal to marry a 1st cousin which I did.

Here is this list with a brief run down of how.

First was my sister several occassions first we were teenagres she had come in from sunbathing I was exiting the shower with a towel wrapped around my waist she yanked it off we started wrestling with me trying to regain the towel, somewhere her bikini came off and privates made contact on of them freaky things where prefect alignment next thing you know we both are no longer virgins. Second time wasn't even discuss we were both at a frat party early 80's it broke out into an orgy, I spotted her blowing a guy as I was dateless that night I decided to mount my sister who was nude on her knees between some guys legs blowing him. He didn't know we were siblings as we don't favor, double teamed her most of the night. We've sort of made a secret pact after that and go off for a weekend every son often, just for the pure naughtness of it.

Once with my mom and not sure she even knows it was me, she (I believe ) just knows it wasn't my father. He paid me to take his place at a costume party. One where everyone was in a masked costume. Mom was and still is a beauty. I like so many sons had fantasies about her never thought the opportunity would araise. I remembered overhearing my dad talking to his brother about mom once when they thpught they were alone and he was telling him how horny mom gets when she drinks gin based drinks. Well as I was with mom when she picked out her costume no problem finding her, pop wentg t the party with her I chwnged into his costume in the men's room. We are of a similar build he is and inch taller and I'm just a bit stocker. I made sure mom's glass stayed somewhat full enough to get her going byt no enough to get her drunk. We danced and soon were making out went to the front desk got a room spent several hours having annonymous sex then I dressed and left after she fell asleep. Yes I know it was her as she has a tat of a heart with my sister and my names in it just about where her left breast starts to slope out and downward close to where her chest would be over her heart.

Lastly, my 1st cousin, she is a beauty looks a lot like my mom did at her age hard to tell them apart from photos, that were taken with the family camera mom parent's had that mom kept for whatever reason, when placed side by side. She married right out of highschool and her husband died in a car wreck, had a kid and little means of support, so I invited her to live with me, it was a slow mutal seduction that snapped one night when she started crying when an old picture of her late husband fell from a book that she hadn't seen since they were dating. You know the deal a guy comforts girl next thing you know their kissing the having sex. Well as she was sturdying familylaw she remembered that in reviewing states and what was legal to marry where kin was involved she knew it was legal for us to do so. About a month later we married and have never looked back. She knows this complete history and has no problem even covers for sis and I when we go off on our retreats. Had one full threeway with her and sis, but as that satified their bi curious itch the rest have been more like them tag teaming me.

It isn't like I sought after it but due to circumstances and events, that were going around at the time of each, I guess I'm guilty of going with it instead of backing off. But hey you know what they say when we guys are concerned if our little head gets hard we stop using our big head and think of nothing else but satising our little one.

Anonymous said...

when i was 8 i walked in on my parents in the front room on the rug. Mum was on top of dad and had her back to the door. I was fascinated and sat watchng as she slid up and down on his thing which I could clearly see. i heard he saying dirty things and giggled and then they looked and saw me.

Mummy said are you ok Mandy do u like seeing us do this?
I nodded and moved closer i couls smell her and looked down to see him in her.
She put ehr hand up my nighty and said "phil sh is wet" he didnt believe her and he felt too.
I moaned and he rubbed me as mummy moved up and don on him then he grunted and his body shook.
mummy got off him and i saw stuff run from her kitty.
She tole me ti kneel the other dise of daddy and to do as she did. She then leant doen and licked hie peepee. I copied her and licke doff he wet sstuff on it. It tasred nice and i kelt licking. hen i felt daddy push a finger in my kitty and i loved it.
sooh his thng was sticking up again and mummy put me on top of him and said to rub mysefl on it.
I did that and moaned more and daddy moaned too askin mummy if she was sure we should and she nodded. then he grunted and shot stuff out.
Mummy said enough for tonight pumpkin and warned me not to tell anyone. That was the start of my incestual life. Over the next few months i learnt how to please daddy and muumy in all sorts of ways and how to be pleased. On my 9th birthday daddy had my virginity, but as they say thats another story.
I'm now 31 i still have sex with them and i have a 12 yr old dauhter that fllowed in her mothers footsteps.

Lonely Nobody said...
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Lonely Nobody said...
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Lonely Nobody said...

Utterly amazing & brave comments around this Post.

I've only just decided to get involved into Blogging, yesterday.
I was fed-up of the limited connection I was having with people on Facebook & Twitter.
Also, how can I declare stuff about my deepest feelings to people without freaking them out as I go by my real name.
I live in the UK (we're not the best around self-expression) which feels at times like living 'in a strange social cage'. Us Brits as fine with talking rather openly about Narcotics / Illegal Drug Usage but when it comes to Romantic / Sexual Feelings; people 'close the door' & are actually judgemental?

So, I've found the medium that really works for me & content that's really starting to make me think.
For the record, I've had no Sexual Feelings to anybody that am related to or engaged in congress with them... Christmas & other Social Occasions are bad enough to spend with them..!!

Yet, a really close Male friend once called my Mobile Phone quite late / early Morning to declare whilst drunk & crying how is ultimate desire was to have Sex with an older Sister *..!! The manner in which he was talking was as if these feelings where or maybe still are destroying his psychology?

The strange thing is that the mentioned Sister DOES radiate a very strong Sexual Attraction; as the saying say's 'It's all in thee Eyes'. I wouldn't put it past her as she has a free spirit.

The strange thing is that my friend has never brought the subject up & I have to say neither do I.
Yet, I feel that somewhere in his mind in 'the locked safe section' he has this passion.

He's my friend & I get on reasonably well with his Sister; so normally I would classify that behaviour as Perverted but he's my friend.

It's twisted my head & it's not even my Sister.

Yet, by putting it out in these thread I feel that I've let it out of my thinking. Also, getting a call with that information whilst just waking up from Night Sleep, ain't clever.

* Note: Ohhh... I relaxed my friend & told him he was Drunk & he could talk to me about it in the morning when his thinking was more on the logical rather than the emotional.
He's still to call me back on this subject.

Tim said...

My sister was almost 11 and I was 12. It was just a normal curiosity thing, you know the you show me your's and I'll show you mine stuff. We would just find somewhere to hide and we'd get naked and touch each other. It was quite by accident that we gave each other our first orgasms, granted I wasn't ejaculating and she wasn't getting wet. Just a lot of muscle tightening and tremors.

One day when our parents were at work, we decided to get naked and play a little bit. By that time our playing consisted of mutual masturbation and making out. We had discovered french kissing and we were also starting to use tongue on genitals. Her titties had just started to bud so I was also licking them. Well Mom showed up and caught us naked on the living room floor. She didn't say a thing. We just knew that we were in big trouble.

However, nothing really ever came of it. Mom didn't yell, Dad never said anything about that time. A few days later they did bring us in front of them and gave us a general birds and bees talk. They made it clear how babies get made and that there is no way to play it safe. Since neither of us were physically mature enough to make babies, there really wasn't too much of concern, however, nobody knows when that day is going to come.

From that point on my sister and I were just very careful. If and when an urge hit us to try to fuck, we resisted it and stuck with masturbation and oral sex. We also started being less secretive. Mom and Dad knew that we were playing with each other so we would cuddle together while watching TV and kiss each other (no tongues) in front of them.

Mom took her to the doctor after she started having periods and got her on the pill. After that we both lost our virginity to each other.

We still do get together a couple of times a year. We are married to very understanding spouses which makes us very lucky. I don't think that it has had any bad effects on us. She was straight As and I was a solid B average in school, she has a PhD and I have a Masters and we are both happy in our careers and family lives.

Anonymous said...

Well one day when I was8 me and my friend slept over her mums home and I woke to a loud nose in her mums room and her mum was naked and sha ad the most biggest boobs anyway her dad some how push me in and they started fucking me farst so I screamed and my friend came and she sow and called the police and now I'm 19 and wow did it fuck me up good

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