Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Real life intrudes...but I keep my sexy boots on

Real-life rarely turns out like erotic fiction. Recall my threesome with Mike and Josh. Male readers expected a "DP" scene. Didn't happen. Then my next threesome (oh, Mom would have a heart attack), involving my friend Kathleen and Mike...that would lead to endless fun and possibilities, right? And when Josh joined, we could also rope in his girlfriend. I've never been in an honest-to-god orgy.

And I won't be anytime soon.

My puritanical Mom visited the evil city for Thanksgiving, so my adventures ground to a halt...without even any grinding. Next time I talked to Mike and Kathleen, I could sense a new dynamic. She acted like a schoolgirl...she had been married for 20 years and has a lot of making up to do. Mike was different, too.

Mike came in my office Tuesday and shut the door. We sat on my little leather sofa as he told me that he wanted to be with Kathleen exclusively for now. I had been expecting this. He admitted that his aunt had taken his virginity when he was 15, and since then he had been attracted to older women.

I couldn't resist rubbing his crotch as he talked. "You're going to miss this," I said at one point, feeling him get very hard and his breath come quickly. I had dressed provocatively both Monday and today. Today I had on boots and a skirt and no panty hose (I was cold but it was worth it). I could tell he was very aroused.

At one point, I stood up and walked over to my desk, and he was soon behind me, caressing me, pinching my nipples. I told him no, it was over, and certainly not here. But he roughly pushed my head down on the desk and pulled up my skirt. I heard his zipper as his hand ripped open my panties and pulled aside my pussy lips. Even though I tried to prepare myself, I had the breath nearly knocked out when he impaled me from behind with his eight-inch cock. All the while I was telling him "No" and "Stop!" (But not too loudly )

What followed was a delicious little forbidden goodbye fuck, him calling me a slut and a cunt and Sue, before emptying himself inside me. I probably burst a blood vessel not screaming when I came. Then he pulled out and I heard the door open and close, and he was gone, me still face-down on the desk, smiling.

Meanwhile, Josh called me and said the girl from the other night is his fiance, Lindsey, and she was very upset about the whole scene. He swore to her that he and I hadn't slept together, and told me we couldn't be together again. Are all young people so uptight?

So my adventure ends...for now. I feel ok about it.

Friday, November 23, 2007

From virgin cocksucker to blowjob queen

I came to blowjobs early. I was a virgin until I was 19 -- this even though I was a cheerleader in high school, and was aware at an early age that I had this effect on men. Even before I properly lost my virginity, I sucked cock. I was a virgin cocksucker.

Christopher and I were making out, and things were getting hot and heavy. I was just dripping wet and so aroused. I let him rub my crotch, then finger me, and I had an orgasm. He so wanted to fuck me, but I wouldn't let him. But I had been caressing him, and suddenly his cock was out. So I took it in my mouth. I was 18, and he wouldn't be the boy who got my cherry, but his would be the first cock I sucked.

I'm sure my technique was poor. On the other hand, it came very naturally, and I loved the feel of it in my mouth, that existential soft and hard that is the man's aroused penis. He seemed to love it. He claimed to be experienced, but he sure came in a hurry. I heard this loud moan, he gripped my hair, and I tasted his pungent, thick semen. One-two-three shots hit my throat and the roof of my mouth. I was surprised, but tried to swallow as much as I could. It made a mess on his jeans and car seat. (I am too tall to have car-fucking stories, but I have sucked many a cock in a car, as well as fucking on a hood -- we left dents).

All told, I've probably sucked off a third more men than the total I've had intercourse with. I love to swallow. I love a man who has a big load, especially if it's a strong stream.

I love the feeling of being connected to the man, discovering the moves that arouse a particular man. I love to suck cock as an icebreaker, lovemaking appetizer, public tryst or even love affair farewell. I love the few times I have had the semen of more than one man sloshing around in my stomach.

Do I have a killer method? Not sure, but men seem to like it. I love to play and tease with my hand and tongue, lightly licking, sometimes using my panties or another soft fabric to run across the shaft. There's this moment when I first take him into my mouth all the way. Then I go back to licking, the shaft, the head, the balls. Ony gradually, do I get down to business and really fuck my mouth with his cock. Often I also use my hand to jack off the shaft as I suck on the head -- this often has immediate results. Sometimes I use both hands to message the shaft, rubbing in opposite directions while also sucking.

Later I learned an alternative method, which is a very light use of my mouth and suction to slowly bring a man off. He only gradually gets aroused, but then it's an amazing effect, and he comes very powerfully. Sometimes I hold some come in my mouth and rise up to give him a long, luxurious French kiss. Some men are surprised, but all eventually get into it. Many say the "feather blowjob" is the best they have ever had.

After my husband found me fucking his best friend (long story), and we had a nasty breakup, I still gave him a farewell blowjob. I said, with come still on my lips, "You'll miss this." He agreed.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Oh, the trains we could have pulled

How much more complicated could my life get? I fall into this wild fling with a younger man, who likes to "take me," and I find that I like it. Then his even younger roommate joins us, and I get my fantasy of a threesome come true. Yes, young and strong. Now I know this has no future; one is 12 years younger and the other is almost 17 years younger! It's wonderful balm for an ego closing in on 40 to be desired by these young studs. But...I want to pull the ripcord before I am dumped for a sweet young thang or Mike's proto-violence gets scary.

I didn't tell you that afterwards, last week, Josh came to my place on his own and we played. He's both sweet and athletically sexual, and I warned him not to fall in love with me. When Mike demanded to know where I was, I told him. I could see the wheels turning...he would "punish" me. I didn't know whether to anticipate it or worry. I could imagine a scenario where it turns to something close to rape, and one of us gets hurt.

Events over the weekend solved the dilemma. I was at a bar with my friend Kathleen. Shorn of the puritanical Jennifer, we had a good ol' girl conversation on s-e-x, specifically my adventures of the previous two weeks. I should say here that Kathleen is a few years older, a musician, brilliant and outspoken. She heard my tale and blurted out, "God, I wish someone would take me that way."

So was born half a plan in my mind. I said, "Let's go over to Mike's apartment." So a little tipsy already, we stopped for a bottle of wine to oil the conversation, and soon were at his door. Let's just say, the wine never got opened. From the minute Mike opened the door, his eyes were lit with lust.

Roomie Josh wasn't there, so I realized my punishment would be to watch as Mike got to know Kathleen...and I do mean it biblically. Few preliminaries. They soon fell to kissing, and things went from there. It was interesting to watch him work as a bystander, and to watch Kathleen. He was both rough and teasing, and she seemed to know how to "fight" him to get him going, then to back him off a little. Me, I had been a little rag doll knowing none of this.

Later, Kathleen would tell me it had been four years since she had had sex. I think she made up for some of the lost time with Mike. When he had finally come in her, he made me lick her. I was eager for had been several years since I was with a woman, and Kathleen always seemed sexy to me, in this smoldering, dark way. My tongue was bathed in this amazing mixture of his thick semen and Kathleen's sweet pussy juices. When Mike was recharged, he gave me a wild fucking, too, and at one point, he was fucking me from behind with that huge dick of his while Kathleen was licking me. I've never come so hard.

I was disappointed that Josh wasn't there. Then, he came home...with a pretty little blonde thang. Oh, she was luminous. I wish I could say we went seventies retro, but it was not to be. His date (was I a little jealous?) seemed very wierded out and they soon left. Oh, the trains we could have pulled. (Are there no young sluts, the way I was in college??)

So, it has no future. But the present has been pretty amazing.

Thursday, November 15, 2007


If my life were like "Sex and the City," I suppose I would have girlfriends with whom I could share every naughty thought and adventure. Alas, life isn't like television. That much was clear when I tried, ever so daintily, to mention my young men to my pals Jennifer and Kathleen.

Jennifer if in her early thirties, and effortlessly lovely. She has the kind of perfect hair that brushes along the nape of her neck, flawless fair skin. If I were in one of my girl phases, I would find her very attractive physically. She's married with two kids, but I don't even know if she's ever had an orgasm. She reminds me of my colle friend Megan, who refused to let her boyfriend go down on her -- she didn't want to lose control, she told me. (Please, let me lose control!!). This was no problem in jump-and-hump college, but then she met this older gentleman, who really wanted to love on her nether-regions. No, said Megan. Go figure.

Kathleen is older, creative, wonderfully smart and insightful. If I could peel Kathleen away, I know she would love to talk sex. She was very intrigued about my two young men, and pressed me for details. I thought Jennifer was going to pass out. She changed the subject as quickly as she could. I could feel her judging me...well, I was judging back. Kathleen observed that she always wanted to "fuck like a man," meaning just the sex and no emotional entanglements. I want to know if she fulfilled the quest.

So, yes, boys, we discuss sex and men, but not the same way I imagine males do. Sometimes I wish we did. My earthy sensibilities would be satisfied.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The hangover

So here I am in the wild-girl hangover week, where I mostly want to be left alone. But the teary conversation with the betrayed boyfriend couldn't be put off, and the tears on both sides were genuine. A man warned me once that my horniness would make it difficult to maintain a steady relationship. Oh, for the equivalent of an old European life, with mistresses on the side of a happy home life...with the gender roles reversed. Alas, I don't make enough money to afford that, and most men don't want to be "kept."

Now I have to keep young Josh from falling in love with me. I need to end both these dalliances. For one thing, I don't want to be dumped when they find some sweet young thang, and be reminded that 40 is staring me in the face. Ah, but can I have one last taste?

Monday, November 12, 2007

Saturday night special

It happened, and my feelings are so mixed. I went on a bad-girl hunt to look over the edge. I can’t say I won’t do it again. But for now I have to step back for a little while and collect myself.

It was Saturday night, balmy-cool, with the breeze spinning the leaves in the streets. Friday night I had taken a breather, much to Mike’s frustration. I went out with my girlfriends, Jennifer and Kathleen. I talked about my situation in an elliptical way. More about that later.

On Saturday night, I met Mike for drinks at a bar halfway between my condo and his apartment. I had on a knit top, short jacket, short skirt, boots. I looked great. As I was leaving my building, this guy coming in with his wife couldn’t take his eyes off me. Bet that complicated his life that night. I drank a couple of martinis while Mike stroked my thigh and seemed to catalog all the men watching me. Outside the bedroom, he can be witty, wise, able to converse about so much. He can be an old soul for a young man. This night we were both nervous. Then he took me back to his apartment. I was already damp in anticipation, while the sensible me, the one who has built a career, was thinking this was insane.

The apartment was empty, and I wondered how it would go down. Mike was so horny from my outfit that he just bent me over a sofa back, ripped off my panties – yes, ripped – and worked his cock into me. I looked out the window at the city lights and started moaning. I could feel him rotating his hips, fucking me from this angle and that. It felt great. Every man who had seen me that night had wanted to do that. We both knew this and it was such a turn on. He stopped as I really started to shake and whimper.

A blindfold. He took me in his bedroom and put a blindfold on me. He sat me on the edge of the bed and gently undressed me. He caressed my face and I felt the tip of his big cock head on my lips. I licked and teased it, then took his full length, expecting any moment the violent face-fucking he had given me before. The room was silent. But he pulled out and caressed my thighs and breasts and face. I felt the cock at my lips again and opened my mouth, reached up and caressed it.

It was different. Shorter, but nice, thick, with a pronounced helmet of a head and tight, large balls. A nice package. Josh. I heard Mike’s voice stage-managing, telling me how I wasn’t better than them, just a dirty slut who wanted them. I moaned in agreement as I worked over Josh’s cock. He came very quickly and I swallowed every drop. This may not have been the plan. Mike berated poor Josh’s staying power. Then I was pushed back on the bed, flipped over, my ass raised up and my head pushed down. I knew what was coming, and I was a good rag doll. As he moved from my cunt, as he calls it, to my anus, I just tried to relax. He pushes, I tense, he thrusts deeper, I try to get past my pain and fear. Then I was in that zone again, where that deep orgasm was just ripped out of me.

Again, he left me alone on the bed, moaning and teary. I had forgotten all about Josh, but he climbed in beside me and held me and stroked me. He got hard again…the benefit of youth…and I opened my legs and guided him inside me. He looks so so young. It’s flattering to have him attracted to me, and also odd-feeling. He acquitted himself better, gave me a good fucking, and I ended up riding him and coming again, then feeling him explode inside me. I had semen coming out of every orifice, and it was probably only an hour into our night.

Sorry…no DP action. And I couldn’t get anything going between the boys. Mike seems particularly homophobic. We did many combinations, tho…me doggy sucking one and being fucked by the other…sitting on Josh’s face while I sucked Mike dry. I think I finally wore them both out and by morning, their orgasms were producing little baby spurts of semen.

Oh, I felt sexy and used and worshipped and taken. I came and was pleasured. So amazing to feel the differences between the two men, and the sameness. Skin on skin, hands all over me, wrapping my legs and I get pumped… It was also strange and risky, both beneath me in the workplace and who knows where it will lead. Maybe a little anti-climactic after my wild week before? I don’t know. This has no future. I’m not sorry I did it. But it also feels strange. Is that the residue of my good-girl, overachieving upbringing?

Sunday, November 11, 2007

I did it.

I did it and spent Sunday with wildly mixed feelings. At some point, I'll sort things out and share.

Believe it or not, I was a late bloomer, losing my virginity at age 19. Wildness for me has come in cycles. So soon after, I had an affair with my college suite-mate. Within the year, I ended up at a frat party, drunk, and on a basement mattress with a cute guy I had just met. After he was done, I was lying there feeling high and sexy when he was replaced atop me by another boy I didn't know. He didn't last long, and I gathered my clothes and got the hell out of there. So much for the snobby, virginal National Merit Scholar. This is a story for another day, dear reader. But it was my first wild cycle, and my first experience with something close to a threesome.

Until last night.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

My bad-girl adventure continues

I was home on Tuesday night, feeling kind of mopey and horny. Mike (my young man from the previous Friday night adventure) calls at ten. Now, he’s got the most beautiful, sexy voice. He tells me to come to his place. It’s a work night and I’m still pretty wiped out from the weekend. But, after everything or in spite of it, I had already made up my mind. I said yes. Oh, he wants to know what kind of lingerie I have. So he announces how I will dress: black sheer stockings, black garter belt, black panties, same black pumps I had on Monday – and I can wear my trench coat over it. This, too, is nuts, but I realized as we talked that I had already decided. I was going to go where he wanted to take me. I just had to. So I got “dressed” and walked several blocks to his apartment, imagining what would happen if the police stopped me. And I felt incredibly free and sexy.

There were no preliminaries at the door. He just took my face in his hands and started kissing me, gently at first. Then he steered me into the bedroom again, the scene of the crime from Friday night. In my head were all my resolutions: I wouldn’t see him again, or if I did I would demand he be a gentleman, or we would meet somewhere for coffee and talk. I gave them all up, had done so probably over the weekend, whatever my head said.

We only got to the foot of the bed. He pushed me down on my knees and dropped his pants. I was still in the trench coat. He had seemed uninterested in what was beneath when I arrived. Anyway, I didn’t need an invitation. His wonderful cock was already hard. It has this amazing big head that really stands out, and I started licking and sucking. I am really good at this. He was still standing and his pants were at his ankles. So I just went to town, sucking, licking, stroking balls. Then, with no warning, he grabbed my hair and poked his cock deep into my throat. I gagged and started to fight back. But, no. I had resolved on the way over to be a rag doll, to let him take me and have me. It had been too intensely wonderful before not to do it again. Fighting back just made him hold my head tighter, while he fucked my mouth and throat. I was gagging and making noises, trying to suck. Tears came out of my eyes. Then his cock gives a big pulse and this huge string of semen goes over the back of my tongue and right into my throat. I’m gagging, trying to swallow, and it just keeps coming. I can feel it spraying out of the sides of my mouth, too. When he finally pulls out I am about to pass out.

When I could finally stand up, I slapped him, hard. That wasn’t in my “rag doll” script, and I expected him to cold cock me. But he just grinned and pulled off the trench coat. He pushed me down on the bed, literally ripped off the panties, and gave me some amazing tongue-loving. But he stopped when I started to have little orgasms. He orders me to lie back and he climbs on top, and almost immediately he drives his cock into me. He’s BIG and it hurt at first, but I was more prepared this time. He fucked me a long time, especially with my legs up over his shoulders and up against the insides of his elbows. That position especially makes me feel vulnerable. He fucked me hard, with real rage, before showing me he had some other moves. Some men when they fuck you have an angelic smile. Mike just looks angry, but he’s damned handsome, like a dark-haired Matt Damon. And he knows how to fuck a woman. He kept me so close to orgasm, but would back off his rhythm to keep me from going over the edge. Amazing technique for a young man, in my experience.

I knew where it would progress. He ordered me on my knees and I did it, head down, ass up. “Rag doll,” I kept telling myself. I had brought a tube of KY, and he actually used it. But he was still rough, maybe rougher this time, first fucking me in my pussy, going so deep it hurt, and then in my ass. God, he gave me a fucking. I just gave into it all. It really was this transporting surrender…even though a voice was saying, “This is not you.” All the while, he still called me Sue, and calling me every dirty name while he fucked me. Me, I am moaning, whimpering, finally screaming. Then I came harder than I ever had in my life, and I did that crying thing again…what is that about?? He shouted and I felt his cock spurt in my ass, felt the pressure and the pulse. I just fell forward and he fell on me. But just like before, he can’t get away fast enough. Sits on the side of the bed. Smokes a cigarette, staring out the window, ignoring me while I bawl. I could feel his cum tricking out on my perineum, down into my pussy. I felt great.

Then I hear this man’s voice, and I turn to see this young guy standing in the door. He’s only wearing underwear and he’s got a very obvious hard-on. And I recognize him! He’s this intern named Josh. Turns out he’s rooming with Mike. Fuck! He said I sure made a lot of noise. He said, “You look great, Sue.” Sue! He saw me buck naked, cum coming out me, Mike’s big dick slick from me. I couldn’t get under the damned sheet, so finally just stood up and put on the trench coat. I walked home alone, feeling so slutty and used and satisfied. But the last thing I need is for this intern to start talking around work.

When I got home, bf was there. He went bananas. I couldn’t keep the trench coat on forever, and I know I had this “just fucked look.” It was bad. So all day Wednesday I was trying to put out fires. But, God, I felt good.

He spent the night Thursday, and he fucked me and came in my four times. I brought him off in my mouth once. It has been years since anyone has fucked me this way. On the way out, he said he wants me to fuck Josh. There’s no way I can fuck an intern…

My surprise at age 38

I went out for a drink last Friday with a co-worker. He is 26 and I am 38, and we both have people we are seeing. He seemed like a nice guy, and I'd be lying if I didn't say we had been flirting and I was attracted to him. I had a couple of martinis and we went back to his place.

We ended up making out and things were getting very hot. I wasn't sure if I really wanted this to go very far yet, but he was very insistent and he was getting me very hot. He had his hand up my skirt and I was very wet. I didn't say no, but I told him to slow down, go slow. Didn't help. I was messaging his cock, and it went down his pants leg, so I knew he was very blessed.

I thought I could get better control if I agreed to suck his cock, and he really loved it. Thought I could make him come in my mouth and we could take a pause. I could make a graceful exit, and we'd see where things stood the next day. And he had a magnificent cock, at least eight inches and thick, with a huge circumcised head. Wow.

He calls me "Sue" as this is happening. Only a few family members call me that. I said, "Call me Linda or Linda Sue." He ignores me and keeps calling me Sue, which is somehow, crazily arousing.

My plan didn't work. He nearly picked me up and carried me into his bedroom. Next thing I know, he's got me on my knees, ass in the air and head on a pillow. He doesn't even take off my skirt, just plows right into my pussy. God, I almost passed out. And he fucks me hard. And it goes on. Well, to tell the truth, I got into it...just lost time. I knew this wasn't going too smart, but, oh he was fucking me. I came really hard, and I am a screamer. He still didn't come. He's just slowly fucking me still, then I feel his head against my anus.

I said, "No!" And I tried to pull away, but I was so wiped out from my orgasm and he had me by the hips, strong as hell. He rammed into me. God, it hurt. I yelled at him but he totally ignores me, starts fucking me like an animal. And I am sure I was screaming like an animal. Then I had this second orgasm, from down deep, a very new feeling. He came really heavy, I could feel it spewing into me.

(n.b. later Mike said that even lubricated with my pussy juice, he could only get about half of his cock in my ass. But it felt like it was in up to the hilt!)

I fell forward into the bed and he's gone. He cleans off in the bathroom and goes to watch TV. Bastard. I got my clothes and left. He says, "Little stuck-up tease Sue gave it ALL up..." and he's not really even talking to me but to himself.

There were parts of it that were some of the most intense turn-ons of my life. He really pulled something deep from inside me. But he was also a jerk. I was crying after my second orgasm...very weird. Just totally stripped bare emotionally. And I like to be held. So I think, he'll never get this again.

On Saturday, he called and apologized. Hmmm.

Monday I wore one of my favorite power suits to work, with a skirt above the knees and black pumps. I see Mike (the guy) as I walk in, and he gives this knowing little smile. I just walked past. Let him stew while I make up my mind. When I got into my office, I could feel myself flush. Hope he didn't see. My anus still hurt, and I walked funny for a day or so. But it was also very exciting.