Tuesday, September 9, 2008

A small break...appreciating those comments

People continue to add their comments to my "Sex with a relative" post from long ago. The latest, by Angela, is one of the sexiest comments I've ever read. W-O-W! So enjoy. And I'd love to have more honest, explicit commenters on all posts...(Thank you BadGirlJennifer).


MrOreo said...

I never usually read the comments but im going to make sure I do in future!!

Reading those has got me rock hard and now I need to release some frustration..

Angela said...


It made my day to see where Linda Sue described my comment as "one of the sexiest comments I've ever read."

I LOVED that.

It got me thinking... .

Maybe tonight I should come back before bed, after the bath and before the lights go out, and read some of Linda Sue's posts about her female lovers and maybe post in response to that. ...

I mean, surely there must be something interesting about a reader who gets hot reading Linda Sue's posts and then does some fantasizing, right?

Wonder what I should wear?