Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The goodbye fuck

I love juggling multiple lovers, especially when they don't know about each other. It's thrilling. The ultimate fuck you to my sexually repressed upbringing.

So I've got the Lieutenant. And I've got Wendy. Young and strong, fuck me all night. And this dear woman who is so needy for real physical loving. I had a brief fling with an older woman years ago -- it weirded me out because it was clear she was a lesbian looking for a young wife. In Wendy's case, I am the power player. My late-night fear: She might fall in love with me.

Wendy is discovering kink. The other night she came over after being fucked twice. Her married lover had snuck away for a quickie after work. And her husband -- perhaps sensing something new in the sexual time-space continuum -- had also banged her. I had her sit on my face while I tongue-fucked her, tasting the mingled semen of both men. Then I had her come down so I could French kiss her with the delightful concoction. Both fucks had been fast and graceless, but she loved tasting the results from my mouth. We both came violently in a long bout of love-making.

What I really want to talk about is the "goodbye fuck." I think this is exclusively a female phenomenon, but I'd be interested in what readers think.

By "goodbye fuck," I mean when a woman chooses to sleep with a male colleague who is about to move to a new job or assignment in another location. I've done this a couple of times, and the delight comes from a couple of sources. First, you can sexually sample a guy you've had your eye on, but for whatever reason never bedded him. Second, it's a guaranteed one-night stand -- he's leaving -- and yet it's safe, knowable, controllable.

(ADDENDUM: Let me explain more about what I mean when I say "female phenomenon." Guys will generally fuck anything, anytime. Women generally control whether it happens -- and usually it doesn't; think of all the girls and women you wanted to fuck and never had a chance. So to me, in most cases, only the woman has the power of the sexual landscape to bestow a real "goodbye fuck" on a lucky guy. Maybe some incredibly charismatic men can do the same, but I am a little skeptical. Even these guys would have already fucked the woman, if they were attracted and had the sexual power to get what they wanted.)

I gave one goodbye fuck to a professor in graduate school just after I graduated. I knew he had his eye on me and that he liked redheads -- his wife was one. I came by his office, said goodbye and he gave me a hug. We lingered in each other's arms. He kissed me, lightly at first -- and then when I didn't resist, he slipped his tongue between my teeth. We went back to my apartment and fucked twice that afternoon before he had to go home. Quite a thick cock for such a slender, short geeky guy. The next day I left town to begin my training in Virginia.

Another goodbye fuck was with an older male colleague, who was leaving for an overseas posting. We had a drink with some of the gang and he walked me to the Metro station. There we embraced and I kissed him. We had quite a little PDA going that continued into a hotel room and an all-night romp. I let him fuck me in the ass, too. Next day, gone. I know both guys loved it because they were thinking exactly what I was: No strings.

I think about this knowing the LT will be gone soon. He's got to punch his ticket in Afghanistan if he's going to keep rising, and he's eager to get out there. It's that leaving vibe that has his girlfriend eager to get married. Sigh. I can't give him the classic goodbye fuck because we're already screwing several times a week. But I'll give him a farewell he won't forget.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Teaching Wendy

Sorry, gang, I've been out in the field. (Nobody got shot).

Wendy came over that night. I was ready to make martinis to help her calm down, but she kissed me at the door and let me lead her right into the bedroom. I had several candles going -- girls like this. We slowly undressed each other. She was very shy and awkward, yet very horny and curious.

Later I would learn that her husband had never licked her pussy -- he thought it was "nasty down there"; her married boyfriend doesn't, either -- so she had never experienced the kind of orgasm I gave her that first night. She was very eager to come again -- almost like a guy in college. But I really took my time and made her wait. She was shivering and shaking, clenching her legs together, as I sucked and lightly bit her breasts. They are medium-sized and very firm for a woman her age (49), and I really got into them. By the time I started tongue-fucking her pussy, she was already starting to come. I made her scream...Wendy, our quiet, strait-laced research specialist!

She went down on me clumsily, but was open to instruction...and just the idea of her down there was ramping up my already high state of arousal. Like me in my limited girl-love experience, she was fascinated by my pussy. It was very hot to see her lift her face out of my crotch and see it covered with my juices. She's quite pretty without her nerdy glasses. And a woman's tongue always feels different... Anyway, I came hard, my knees pulled up and my feet resting on her shoulders. She came up and held me, the room smelling like a pussy bomb had gone off. I made drinks and we talked a long time.

I asked her how long it took her to recover, and she didn't know. Such has been this woman's love life. So later, I started kissing and caressing her again, and pretty soon I was tongue-worshipping her lovely pussy (labia a la O'Keeffe). I pulled out my bag of sex toys, which includes a seven-inch penis, with head and veins -- I'm not that into it on my own, but with a friend... Anyway, I coaxed her into letting me "fuck" her. She was already very lubricated, but I added KY to the cock and gentle eased it into her.

She gasped and winced, so I went very slowly. But a woman's vagina is a wonderful thing and soon all seven thick inches were inside her, with the plastic balls against her ass. I gently fucked her.

"You like?"

"Ohhhh..." Head nodding vigorously.

It was very hot to see this cock going in and out of her, pulling almost all the way out, the shaft glistening with her juices, then going all the way inside...seeing the walls of her pussy expand with the cock, and her labia wrap around it and rock 'n' roll with its motions. I caressed her legs with one hand and started licking her clit as I fucked her, and pretty soon she was moaning loudly. Then she grabbed my head and had another screaming orgasm.

Definitely some potential here.

The next night I fucked the LT three times, so I got my cock, too.