Friday, August 15, 2008

My going-away party, Part I

I am lying naked on a bed with soft, clean sheets. My hands are tied to the headboard. I am wearing a blindfold. Something about the blindfold actually heightens senses other than vision. Opening my eyes only yields blackness. So I close them and feel the mouths sucking my nipples hard, the hands roaming all over me. I am already very wet. My legs are free and I feel hands parting them, raising my knees.

An unfamiliar body. He's very slender and his breath vaguely smells of peppermint as he leans down kissing me, pushing his tongue into my mouth. He lacks any finesse, like a college-boy. And very slim -- I rub one leg up and down him. But I can feel his erection pressing against me, and he's hung. Ohmygod. I can feel him reaching down with one hand, playing with my pussy with the tip of his cock, my juices coating it. Then he starts to push inside.

It hurts and I cry out. "Go slow, babe." He waits for me to adjust my pelvis to take more of him. I feel his head push inside me, and behind it a very thick shaft...I imagine this as one of those cocks that gets bigger beyond the head. Gasp, I gasp, and his breathing is coming hard on my shoulder. Then his head and torso push away; he must be raising himself up on his arms. He uses this purchase to push his cock all the way in. I let out a half-moan, half-scream. I am filled up, the walls of my pussy almost painfully stretched.

I wrap my legs around him. He's so skinny I can go way beyond crossing my ankles. And yet he's got this giant dick, which he proceeds to use on me full throttle. He's fucking me with a hard rhythm, very fast, his ass and pelvis rotating up and down maniacally. Then he slows down and I rest my feet on the backs of his thighs. He pulls way out, then slams inside me, provoking another moan/scream. I open my legs wide and push up my pelvis to await the next move, and he slams in again. Then he pulls almost out, leaving me quivering, unfilled, the walls of my pussy wet and waiting. It's excruciating...waiting, wanting the rhythm of fucking. But he plays me with more skill than I first expected. Again and again, he slow-fucks me.

Then I feel my legs being lifted and I am nearly upended as my feet and ankles go over his muscular shoulders. Now he's going even deeper, hitting my cervis...not comfortable...yet the thickness of him keeps me moaning and groaning. My hands strain at the headboard, wanting to feel his face and chest, grab his gymnastic little ass. But I am helpless to do so, which of course adds to the arousal. I keep getting to the brink of coming and he hits my sounds a mix of aroused woman and all mixes together with a strange, new sensation. He grunts and shakes and I feel his come shooting inside me.

I don't know his name...


Anonymous said...

You are so amazingly sex, Linda. Now I am going to have to leave the office, find a stall in the restroom, and jerk off.

Cannon said...

very, very nice. A woman tied to a headboard remains one of my most favorite sexual delights. This was a hot read. THank you.

Anonymous said...

New reader here, Hi! and OMG. I am totally wet.

CyberStrike said...

It's wonderful to have a story from you, I was worried I would be depraved of my you why your busy in the EU.

hans said...

Very hot.

Maybe you´d like a spot on this cervix-tickle squad?

BadGirlJennifer said...

Very nice. I love being blindfolded.

I also like your poll. On a dare in college, I "sat in" at an impromptu glory hole they had rigged up at one of the fraternity houses. I was pissed off at my boyfriend, and when he dared me to do it, I did.

How many cocks did I suck that night? I'd guess about a dozen. Long and short, white, black, Asian and Hispanic, cut and uncut. I swallowed enough sperm to make me think it was sloshing around inside me. And these were college boys, so they really ejaculated buckets!

After that, I was pretty much open to anything. And the boy went away in tears at my 'betrayal.'

Kathy said...

I bet Im older that Jennifer, but I wish I had her guts. Would have had a lot more fun. I was having sex with a man once in an office at night with the lights on, and didn't realize a bunch of people were watching us from a nearby building. I was scared and embarassed at the time but now it's a fond memory.

fettishgirl said...

OMG, I love this, every so often, my husband decides to share me with one of several close friends, and I am tied and blindfolded quite the same way