Tuesday, September 30, 2008

That secret college lover that the good girl never discussed

I've left up the poll on college sex experiences to savor. What a delicious variety! You already know about many of my coed dalliances.

One of my coleagues is named Susan. She's a little older, but is still gorgeous, with cute-short blond hair, Ivory soap girl skin and, from what I can tell, a killer body, with very firm, perfect breasts. Gradually, she's opened up and we've traded stories. I put in the category about only having sex with your steady -- except for that secret one-night-stand -- because of her inspiration. It took some doing, time and bottles of wine, but here's Susan's college story, as told to Linda Sue.

I grew up in a very straight-laced family in the South. Dad was a church elder. You get the idea. I was a good girl. I was going steady with a guy who was a year older; we met in high school. But it wasn't until I was nineteen and a freshman in college that we went all the way and I lost my virginity. Rob was a very nice young man, but...a little boring. We were both going to the same nearby state university, and it was just assumed we would soon marry after graduation. But, in my way, I already knew I wanted out of there. Southern girls don't rebel -- at least in my experience. So I guess I acted out.

There was Steve. I'd had a crush on him in high school: he was tall, broad shouldered, with dark wavy hair. He made me wet and flushed feeling -- it was so embarrassing. But he was one of the school "hoods" -- rode a motorcycle, not going to college, close to the drug dealers if not one of them, and working class. We were very much middle class, with dad being a prosperous businessman. To date Steve would have been impossible.

But after having lost it with Rob, a few months later I ran into Steve in a store. He asked me out and I accepted. I just did it. I couldn't believe I had done such a thing. My pussy almost gushed into my panties as I said yes. I was going steady with Rob, of course. But there I was. So Steve takes me to a movie and after drives me back to the dorm. We get into a heavy makeout session in his car. I step out and walk back to the dorm in a comatose horny state. I can't think of anything else. I had reached down and felt his hard cock being restrained by the fabric of his pants. My nipples ached they were so hard.

Later that night he calls and we talk awhile, and he tells me to come over to his apartment. Again, totally out of character, I did it. We were all over each other before he even closed the door. He was a great kisser and very strong. He guided me into the bedroom and had my clothes off in a flash. I protested a little, but he was going to have his way with me. And I was turned on by this. Intellectually, it made no sense. But it was a huge attraction, this man I had wanted just taking me. He also kept calling me "Susie." I was always "Susan," nothing else, a quick little bitch to correct people. But when Steve called me "Susie," it just fed my lust. He dropped his pants and kicked them off. His cock was larger than Rob's and it wobbled enticingly as he moved.

I started to caress it and try out my very rudimentary skills in fellatio, but he pushed me down on the bed and was on top of me in a flash. I reached down and guided his cock inside me. I was very tight, but also very wet and he skillfully took his time pushing inside until he was in to the hilt. I was already gasping and moaning and bucking against him. This little voice inside me was saying, "Wow, I have the second cock of my life inside me now -- two in one year, and I was supposed to be faithful and settle down with Rob...even my parents would have been shocked to know Rob and I had done it. That voice didn't last. Steve just overwhelmed me with his physicality. He was very athletic, a much better lover than I had experienced. He was also kind of rough and dominant. Again, this was a turn on. Pretty soon he had my legs up over his shoulders -- an incredible new feeling. He fucked me a long time, and I had my first vaginal orgasm. Then he let out a loud cry and I could feel his big cock pumping semen into my recently virginal pussy.

We made love three more times until it was time for me to go to class. I was fucked doggy for the first time. Even with a shower, his come was running out of me all the next day. I had a date with Rob that night. Although I'm sure I acted strangely, we ended up screwing, too. It was quite a letdown. In two days, two different men. Not exactly church conversation.

Steve was my secret lover for the next three months. I argued with myself about it being wrong, about the need to confess. I never did. More time than I can remember, I went from one man to the other's place with semen in my pussy. Steve would fuck me roughly, in all sorts of positions, giving me these blowout orgasms; Rob would make love to me sweetly and innocently. Steve really knew how to drive me crazy sucking my tits, and he taught me how to give killer blowjobs. I still remember how big and impressive his balls were. I learned how to tease him, then really bring him off in my mouth. Or just give a quick but satisfying blowjob out in the car. Rob benefited from my learning. Steve always gave me this thrilling sense of being an outlaw...ironic considering my eventual career.

Steve knew I was still going with Rob, but didn't really care. I was a college girl, and he knew it had no future. But what fun we had, and made even more so by its illicit nature. The two worlds of Rob and Steve were so separate, I never really worried about getting caught. I broke it off and we had one more great fuck. After graduation, Rob and I married, as expected. But I knew it was a mistake even as I walked down the aisle. We divorced six years later and I left the South for good.

For years, I kept Steve as my little secret. The outward me certainly stayed pretty straight-laced -- only five lovers in forty years. But I'll never forget my "hood."

Saturday, September 27, 2008

My going-away party, Part IV

By this time I am starting to lose my bearings, all I have is a riot of sensations -- my clit aches for need of an orgasm, my pussy has that high-voltage quiver of being repeatedly fucked, my face is covered with another woman's pussy juice -- mingled with a man's semen -- my legs are noodly and shaky, come running out of me is tickling my anus, and the room reeks of sex. Nobody speaks. After the woman's orgasm, the only voice is mine, moaning, begging to come.

Hands untie me, while other hands gently caress my belly and thighs. Mouths suck on my nipples, getting me worked up all over again -- one of the mouths is topped by a scratchy mustache. The other mouth must be the woman -- her hair falls on me -- and she sucks hard. I groan loudly, whisper, "that feels so good." They turn me over and rearrange me. It's all very gentle and silent, and now I am on my knees, my ass high in the air, my arms resting on a pillow.

I expect another dick in me from behind. Instead, the bed leans in a little and a body is in front of me. Now I have hands free to explore. It's a man's body, with hairy legs and a flat belly and a fat, short cock. I let my hands roam and feel it encased in soft foreskin. I just barely brush my hands across it. Time for somebody else to get played. I kiss, lick and bite the tops of his thighs, run my tongue in circles around his belly button. With one hand, I reach up and pinch his nipples. I hear him start to breathe heavily.

I approach his cock slowly. First, I cup his balls in my hands and lick them. Some men want it rough with their balls sucked. But you never know. It can be painful for most guys, so I take it easy. They are tight and close to his dick, with soft skin and little hair. He's clearly enjoying this way too much. So I start lightly licking his cock. It's almost like an artillery round in shape -- of it feels that way: I am still blindfolded. But the skin is so soft. I flick my tongue up and down and in circles. He lets out a baritone moan.

Now I pull down the foreskin and inhale the man smell. I jerk him off gently while kissing his belly. My ass is still invitingly in the air, and this is brought home to me when suddenly the other side of the mattress is depressed and I feel a man positioning himself behind me. I try to lick and please my uncut man, running my tongue around his exposed head, but my pussy is having pre-quake jitters in anticipation of what's to come.

Any woman who tells you every cock feels the same (except for the really big boys) isn't paying attention. Each is delightfully different. And now I feel that distinct, sweet pain of the big head of Chris's cock pushing into my vagina. Even though I've already been opened up by a monster and am gushing pussy juice and come, his head still gets my attention. Selfish bitch that I am, I ram myself against him, letting it fill me up, and let out a pre-orgasm scream.

But he's having none of it. His strong hands firmly grip my hips and he won't really fuck me. God! He stays inside, then slowly withdraws, then oh-so-slowly slides back in. All the while, he keeps control. I am breathless. But I keep working on the fat little cock before me. It slides into my mouth and I gently suck while cupping and caressing his balls. Next I move my head up and down a few times, just to get things started. This is going to be fun...

Then a big rope of semen explodes into the back of my throat and the man screams a profanity and grabs my head. I am swallowing as fast as I can as two, three, four big ejaculations fly into my mouth. It tastes like very salty, pungent pea soup. Haven't swallowed so much in awhile -- he must be young. I ease up the pressure and manage his orgasm, so it feels good, not to painfully intense, and he's soon just moaning and stroking my hair. His cock collapses and I lick up the rest of his come from his pubic hair. The taste of come stays in my mouth, keeps my throat sticky, and I can feel the thick semen on its way into my stomach.

Now Chris really starts to fuck me. Piston, whatever fucking analogy you want this is it. He does the move where he angles his hips as he fucks, letting his cock touch different areas inside me. Incredible feeling. It doesn't take long before I am seeing colors at the edges of my eyes and my feet are burning. My pussy gives some powerful contractions and then the first orgasm just annihilates me. He just keeps fucking. I have buried my head in the belly of my uncut friend and I am screaming and moaning, whimpering unintelligible fuck talk. Yes, I claw the sheets... A finger slips into my anus, finger-fucking me with KY while Chris's dick is fucking my pussy. He's done this before, in preparation to taking my ass. This time, though, he's so aroused that all he can do is suddenly pull out of my pussy and slide into my anus before he comes. I am filled up with cock and semen and he collapses on me. We're all in a heap, gasping and moaning.

Everybody had another turn, at least. I can't tell you how many times I was fucked or in how many positions. I rode the heavy-set man and came again. Chris gave me a sweet missionary fuck, my legs wrapped around his waist and hips. The woman and I sixty-nined, and I just got to the plateau and couldn't get off, but she came again. Then, above my face, I felt a cock slide into her and I licked it and her as she was fucked. Later, I sucked the semen out of her. The first guy, the skinny one with the impossibly large cock, gave me a hell of a shafting from behind -- really rough this time, hard to adjust my pelvis to take all of him -- but I had another shattering orgasm. The only rule was that I couldn't take off the blindfold.

It seemed as if we had taken a pause. I was lying there, as well-fucked as a woman could be. After awhile, my nose itched and I thought, what the hell. I took off the blindfold. The room was empty. Nobody but me and the semen-stained sheets.

A single red rose was on the pillow next to me. I could barely walk the next day.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

A small break...appreciating those comments

People continue to add their comments to my "Sex with a relative" post from long ago. The latest, by Angela, is one of the sexiest comments I've ever read. W-O-W! So enjoy. And I'd love to have more honest, explicit commenters on all posts...(Thank you BadGirlJennifer).

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

My going-away party, Part III

I have just been fucked by two strangers. I can't see them, but I know how they feel on top of me, the texture of their skin, the scent of their breath, the size and shape of their cocks, the way they fuck and the way they sound when they come, the volume of sperm they pump into me (a lot).

"How much edge can you handle, you little slut?" Chris had asked the question with a fond look but an edge in his voice. I knew he had been angry with me for screwing around on him -- just as I had been pissed at his continued dalliance with Heather. So now I was leaving, and he wanted to throw me a "party." Would I go along? No details. "I don't want to be hurt, and if you bring friends, make them wear condoms," I said. He nodded. Liar.

Now I lie on the soft, expensive sheets that smell of sex. My hands are still tied to the headboard with soft but unyielding restraints. My little pussy aches from being fucked and from being taken to the edge without letting me come. I know it's all part of his plan. If a woman could have blue balls, I am she. No one says a word.

The mattress is again depressed and a body lies beside me. Skin on skin, this is unmistakably female. She gives me urgent French kisses, her tongue exploring my mouth, then lingering, teasing lip brushes. Her hair falls down on my cheeks and neck. It feels lush and curly. She's a good kisser. After a few minutes of this, she leans over me and one heavy breast caresses my face, then the other does. Her nipples are erect and thick, and I lick and suck them hungrily. But soon she takes them away. Now I feel a leg coming across me and I smell pussy as she moves to sit on my face and get adjusted. Her pubic hair is soft and sparse.

Her pussy is very wet. The juices cover my lips and nose as I start licking and tonguing her. She's has a very pungent pussy odor, and I start to get aroused all over again. Someone has recently fucked her, because as I drill my tongue into her vaginal canal I taste man -- I get thick globs of semen mixed up with her pussy juices and swallow them. The semen has a sharp, nasty smell. She rocks back and forth, moaning softly as I work on her. After a thorough tongue-fucking, I worship her labia, only occasionally darting up to her clit. She has small, bud-like pussy lips. Then, as I really focus on her clit, she starts grinding against me. This goes on a long time. With my hands tied, I can't guide her or raise her pelvis.

Thank God she's relatively light or I would suffocate. By now she's really grinding against my face and I am bearing down with my tongue on her clit. Her pussy is making lubrication overtime now and it covers my face even as I try to lick it up and swallow it. Her cunty smell becomes even more pronounced, and I can feel her shake in little pre-orgasm contractions.

Godaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" she lets out this long, low moan, shaking and pushing against my face. I involuntarily wrestle at my restraints. I want to hold her close. But I can't. After sitting and rocking for awhile, she dismounts with a little yelp, and I am alone again on the bed.