Tuesday, September 2, 2008

My going-away party, Part III

I have just been fucked by two strangers. I can't see them, but I know how they feel on top of me, the texture of their skin, the scent of their breath, the size and shape of their cocks, the way they fuck and the way they sound when they come, the volume of sperm they pump into me (a lot).

"How much edge can you handle, you little slut?" Chris had asked the question with a fond look but an edge in his voice. I knew he had been angry with me for screwing around on him -- just as I had been pissed at his continued dalliance with Heather. So now I was leaving, and he wanted to throw me a "party." Would I go along? No details. "I don't want to be hurt, and if you bring friends, make them wear condoms," I said. He nodded. Liar.

Now I lie on the soft, expensive sheets that smell of sex. My hands are still tied to the headboard with soft but unyielding restraints. My little pussy aches from being fucked and from being taken to the edge without letting me come. I know it's all part of his plan. If a woman could have blue balls, I am she. No one says a word.

The mattress is again depressed and a body lies beside me. Skin on skin, this is unmistakably female. She gives me urgent French kisses, her tongue exploring my mouth, then lingering, teasing lip brushes. Her hair falls down on my cheeks and neck. It feels lush and curly. She's a good kisser. After a few minutes of this, she leans over me and one heavy breast caresses my face, then the other does. Her nipples are erect and thick, and I lick and suck them hungrily. But soon she takes them away. Now I feel a leg coming across me and I smell pussy as she moves to sit on my face and get adjusted. Her pubic hair is soft and sparse.

Her pussy is very wet. The juices cover my lips and nose as I start licking and tonguing her. She's has a very pungent pussy odor, and I start to get aroused all over again. Someone has recently fucked her, because as I drill my tongue into her vaginal canal I taste man -- I get thick globs of semen mixed up with her pussy juices and swallow them. The semen has a sharp, nasty smell. She rocks back and forth, moaning softly as I work on her. After a thorough tongue-fucking, I worship her labia, only occasionally darting up to her clit. She has small, bud-like pussy lips. Then, as I really focus on her clit, she starts grinding against me. This goes on a long time. With my hands tied, I can't guide her or raise her pelvis.

Thank God she's relatively light or I would suffocate. By now she's really grinding against my face and I am bearing down with my tongue on her clit. Her pussy is making lubrication overtime now and it covers my face even as I try to lick it up and swallow it. Her cunty smell becomes even more pronounced, and I can feel her shake in little pre-orgasm contractions.

Godaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" she lets out this long, low moan, shaking and pushing against my face. I involuntarily wrestle at my restraints. I want to hold her close. But I can't. After sitting and rocking for awhile, she dismounts with a little yelp, and I am alone again on the bed.


Anonymous said...

very very hot, LS

CyberStrike said...

Argh, the sweet bitterness of making us wait for more of the wonderful story.

hans said...



BadGirlJennifer said...

I got so hot from reading this that I went out last night and picked up a girl and had her sit on my face. She said it was her first gay experience, and she loved it! A screamer, too.

Merlin said...

The mental images this generates are hauntingly beautiful.