Friday, July 20, 2012

Cheap LA whore

Long-distance relationships are always fraught, the sexual tension and release explosive, and you don't know the person in the same way as if you were in the same city dating every day. Still, I met a man once who made me abandon my caution.

I still remember when we both had business in Los Angeles, and of course I couldn't be truthful to him about what my real business there was. We shared a room at a hotel near LAX that had once been top-of-the-line but was just on the edge of shabby. After pulling off the bedspread, on which ultraviolet would expose countless semen stains of strangers, we were naked on clean, soft sheets. Just the kissing and feel of our bodies totally touching from head to toe had me about to come. Which I did when he climbed on top and fucked me, first in missionary, then with my legs scissored in front of his chest (weird, different feeling!), him leaning close and pinioning my legs with his arms (knees at elbows) and then a long big nasty with my legs over his shoulders as he thrust into me while turning his head to kiss my ankles. Whenever I could, I would look down to see his cock going into me, one of my biggest visual turn-ons.

"I'm a cheap LA whore," I teased, an indeed I was wearing sheer black stockings and garter and being impaled in a crappy hotel room. He wouldn't go there. "You are not," he said, telling me how attractive and wonderful I was. I joked, but perhaps there was something behind the words and perhaps he sensed it.

Yes, I am a slut and must be tough in my professional life. But I had really fallen for this man. He was smart and kind, cleaned up well, had a stimulating range of interests and could always make me laugh with a very dry sense of humor. I had that most dangerous feeling a woman can have: A vision for us. (And maybe some men are as vulnerable). Yet he had been hurt very badly in his recently ended marriage and was wary (even though he never gave me an angry revenge fuck against the ex — he spoke kindly of her). The sex was great and I went with it. But 'though slut that I am, I wanted more. I didn't want to be just his transitional lover.

In bed, we talked until his cock was recovered, and then I worked my way down his chest, kissing his body and rubbing my pert breasts and nipples against him. Stationed between his legs, I licked and sucked him for half an hour until he had another big orgasm. He had the strongest stream of come of any lover I'd had, and even with the second orgasm I got a nice treat.

Then he gave me a working over: Long time kissing and fondling and sucking my breasts. Then I swear he played my pussy for an hour, bringing me right to the edge and pulling back, over and over. At one point, he was lightly rubbing my perineum with one finger while (I learned later) using two fingers to make a "U" motion at the bottom of my pussy, all while tongue-worshipping me. All I could manage was a moan of "What are you doooooing?" before I exploded. It was the most amazing feeling.

We fucked five more times over the next 15 hours before we got on our planes and went different directions. He got married two years later. I won't say/admit it broke my heart. The sex was great and maybe we got the best either had to give at that time.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Where I've fucked...

...On a picnic table in a state park, with a wide sweeping meadow around us and the sky cobalt blue over my head. No splinters in my butt, thank goodness.

...In a compartment of a train (more than once). The gentle rocking motion was very sensual. One lover fingered me to a barely-suppressed orgasm on a half-empty coach car on Amtrak between San Diego and LA. Another was fingering me on the subway in New York and the Metro in Paris. I'm sure people noticed.

...On a rich lover's private jet (no government planes, big no-no). Never did the Mile High Club on an airliner.

...On a sailboat, more than once. When you're a sweet young thing it's amazing how many times you are asked to "help crew" a sailboat. (Sorry guys).

...In the back of a van. I was too long-legged to fuck in a car, although I've given many a blowjob in cars. One lover licked my pussy in his wife's mommyvan — Bad Girl, Bad Girl...

...Against the wall and on the sink of several restrooms in restaurants and bars.

...In several jacuzzis and pools.

...On the beach, careful not to let sand get on our privates. It was night in Santa Monica. I was young.

...In my office, once, very bad judgment but I didn't get caught.

...In a professor's office. I realized a couple of guys in a nearby building had been watching us.

...On the lawn of a prominent national monument. I had on a miniskirt and no panties. Unzipped him, his cock sprung out and I sat down ;-)

...In my parents' bed.

...In the back of an SUV in a blizzard.

...A ski lodge. I'm a bad skier. Better with the sex moves.

...Outside, against the wall of a building, in an alley, him holding me up.

What are some of your unusual sex-spot experiences?