Tuesday, May 27, 2008

It was supposed to be a party...

I'm busy on assignment this week, so here's a favorite from my posts on the Fellatrices. If you missed it, enjoy:

Now that we know each other well, dear reader, I can confess some dark secrets. There was the first time I went to a so-called lifestyle club. It was my senior year in college, I was just as much of a sweet young thing as you can imagine, and I was seeing an older man named Frank, among other boys and men. I had overcome many of my born-and-bred inhibitions, but more barriers were yet to be broken.

Frank took me to a party in the Hamptons. It was off-season, and once we got there I was by far the youngest in a party of five couples. The booze and pot flowed freely. I had hardly eaten that day and it took no time for the martini and marijuana to go to my head. Then the clothes started coming off. It was pretty much what you might expect: pale, middle-age bodies. Frank obviously wanted to show me off to his friends. I later learned that he and his wife had been here before. I kept my clothes on and watched.

In no time, of course, a penis was in front of my face. This was all a coincidence, of course, as I was seated and the man was standing. He had a pot belly, a thick uncircumsized cock and, I later learned, was a big Manhattan developer. What was I studying? he asked. Pretty soon I was studying his cock. People were pairing off and even starting to fuck all around me. It was a big room with cushions, plush white carpet and candles -- all very Bonfire of the Vanities late '80s.

As we talked, I started gently touching his already hardening cock. I was fascinated by the foreskin that covered the head. I could see the eye of his cock peaking through as he got harder. My fingers stroked up and down and pretty soon he wasn't talking. As he stood there, I took his cock in my hand. I gently pulled the foreskin back, revealing a prominent, very red, very sensitive cockhead. It was actually lubricated, I guess from the foreskin. This was pretty new to me.

Frank was sitting back with his Canadian Club watching me, as an older brunette got on her knees and started sucking him off with frantic lust. Suddenly, I felt a territorial competition. My pussy was wet and its scent came up to me. I momentarily thought about how my mom would react if she could see her once virginal Sue (as she calls me) now. I reached down and stroked his balls as I moved my mouth to his cock. He had a pungent smell that was at once repellent and sexy, very fuck-you manly. It filled my mouth as I took him in.

I started sucking him and he fucked my face at an easy rhythm. I stroked his balls with one hand and caressed his ass with the other, before using it to stroke his big cock. I moved the foreskin up and down, slid my tongue under it, fascinated by this different beast. Then he seemed seized by lust and grabbed my head. He fucked my mouth at an increasing rhythm. I realized I had gone from watcher to participant in a flash. Such a little slut, Linda. See a cock and have to suck it. Yes, indeed. And he erupted in my mouth, a big shot of semen flying out, followed by two or three less powerful spurts. He gave a long, low sigh-grunt. I swallowed everything. He backed away without even looking me in the eye.

And just like that another cock was in my face. It was short and red and I thought, what the hell. I could get him all the way in and gave him a sweet long sucking. When he came, he fall backward, shooting come onto my face and hair. Frank was now fucking the brunette on one of the cushions. Her legs were high in the air and she was moaning loudly. All around me, couples were fucking, even moving into trios. I was still dressed.

I sucked five men off that night and had a belly full of sperm, all different consistency, different smells and tastes. In the end, I was sucking an older guy off on the floor, on my knees as he was laid out like a sultan. I was so high and horny at that point that I didn't resist when I felt my skirt being pulled up and my panties being ripped aside. My ass was already up in the air as I madly sucked the man. I was pushed forward and moaned loudly as a big cock was shoved into my pussy. Big enough to hurt at first...it wasn't Frank...but pretty soon it felt really good. I was totally filled up. I sucked madly and jerked the cock before me, and he came in my mouth. I just buried my head against his belly as I got fucked hard by he stranger. My pussy farted loudly as he pulled nearly out and slammed back in, again and again, before settling into a steady, increasing pounding. He fucked me a long time and I came with a scream, then he unloaded. I realized all the other participants were sitting around watching me do all this. I blushed like hell and pulled my dress back down as I stood, took a little bow, and staggered to a sofa, feeling semen run out of my pussy.

Afterwards I didn't know what I thought about the adventure. Frank used me and misled me about the "party," but I was also aroused at having broken another barrier. We had to pull off the road halfway back to the city so I could avoid barfing all over his nice BMW seats. There on the side of the road was all that mingled semen. It was the most cock I had ever sucked in one "sitting," and once the nausea passed, I felt very proud of myself.


hans said...

Yeah, remember that one.
Pretty hot!

But don´t stress out on the blogging with a need for regular updates.

You´re supposed to have fun here and no obligation to entertain.
Leave the angst at the job sweetie.

Anonymous said...

How thoughtful of you to leave us something to enjoy while you are busy! Can't wait for your return!

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