Tuesday, May 27, 2008

It was supposed to be a party...

I'm busy on assignment this week, so here's a favorite from my posts on the Fellatrices. If you missed it, enjoy:

Now that we know each other well, dear reader, I can confess some dark secrets. There was the first time I went to a so-called lifestyle club. It was my senior year in college, I was just as much of a sweet young thing as you can imagine, and I was seeing an older man named Frank, among other boys and men. I had overcome many of my born-and-bred inhibitions, but more barriers were yet to be broken.

Frank took me to a party in the Hamptons. It was off-season, and once we got there I was by far the youngest in a party of five couples. The booze and pot flowed freely. I had hardly eaten that day and it took no time for the martini and marijuana to go to my head. Then the clothes started coming off. It was pretty much what you might expect: pale, middle-age bodies. Frank obviously wanted to show me off to his friends. I later learned that he and his wife had been here before. I kept my clothes on and watched.

In no time, of course, a penis was in front of my face. This was all a coincidence, of course, as I was seated and the man was standing. He had a pot belly, a thick uncircumsized cock and, I later learned, was a big Manhattan developer. What was I studying? he asked. Pretty soon I was studying his cock. People were pairing off and even starting to fuck all around me. It was a big room with cushions, plush white carpet and candles -- all very Bonfire of the Vanities late '80s.

As we talked, I started gently touching his already hardening cock. I was fascinated by the foreskin that covered the head. I could see the eye of his cock peaking through as he got harder. My fingers stroked up and down and pretty soon he wasn't talking. As he stood there, I took his cock in my hand. I gently pulled the foreskin back, revealing a prominent, very red, very sensitive cockhead. It was actually lubricated, I guess from the foreskin. This was pretty new to me.

Frank was sitting back with his Canadian Club watching me, as an older brunette got on her knees and started sucking him off with frantic lust. Suddenly, I felt a territorial competition. My pussy was wet and its scent came up to me. I momentarily thought about how my mom would react if she could see her once virginal Sue (as she calls me) now. I reached down and stroked his balls as I moved my mouth to his cock. He had a pungent smell that was at once repellent and sexy, very fuck-you manly. It filled my mouth as I took him in.

I started sucking him and he fucked my face at an easy rhythm. I stroked his balls with one hand and caressed his ass with the other, before using it to stroke his big cock. I moved the foreskin up and down, slid my tongue under it, fascinated by this different beast. Then he seemed seized by lust and grabbed my head. He fucked my mouth at an increasing rhythm. I realized I had gone from watcher to participant in a flash. Such a little slut, Linda. See a cock and have to suck it. Yes, indeed. And he erupted in my mouth, a big shot of semen flying out, followed by two or three less powerful spurts. He gave a long, low sigh-grunt. I swallowed everything. He backed away without even looking me in the eye.

And just like that another cock was in my face. It was short and red and I thought, what the hell. I could get him all the way in and gave him a sweet long sucking. When he came, he fall backward, shooting come onto my face and hair. Frank was now fucking the brunette on one of the cushions. Her legs were high in the air and she was moaning loudly. All around me, couples were fucking, even moving into trios. I was still dressed.

I sucked five men off that night and had a belly full of sperm, all different consistency, different smells and tastes. In the end, I was sucking an older guy off on the floor, on my knees as he was laid out like a sultan. I was so high and horny at that point that I didn't resist when I felt my skirt being pulled up and my panties being ripped aside. My ass was already up in the air as I madly sucked the man. I was pushed forward and moaned loudly as a big cock was shoved into my pussy. Big enough to hurt at first...it wasn't Frank...but pretty soon it felt really good. I was totally filled up. I sucked madly and jerked the cock before me, and he came in my mouth. I just buried my head against his belly as I got fucked hard by he stranger. My pussy farted loudly as he pulled nearly out and slammed back in, again and again, before settling into a steady, increasing pounding. He fucked me a long time and I came with a scream, then he unloaded. I realized all the other participants were sitting around watching me do all this. I blushed like hell and pulled my dress back down as I stood, took a little bow, and staggered to a sofa, feeling semen run out of my pussy.

Afterwards I didn't know what I thought about the adventure. Frank used me and misled me about the "party," but I was also aroused at having broken another barrier. We had to pull off the road halfway back to the city so I could avoid barfing all over his nice BMW seats. There on the side of the road was all that mingled semen. It was the most cock I had ever sucked in one "sitting," and once the nausea passed, I felt very proud of myself.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Regrets: an incomplete list

What do I regret? It's a tricky question because nearly all my sexual adventures had some good attached. I do regret saying the poll question allowed multiple choice, and then forgot to check that box -- and once the poll voting has begun I can't change anything. The Internet, arrgh.

I regretted it when they fell in love and I just wanted to play. There was the guy whose cherry I popped -- he was so sweet and I was momentarily smitted. Alas, he got a real thing for me. I had to end it. This has happened several times, and my hope is that they can look back fondly. I taught them how to fuck, and they could impress any woman after me. It happened to me, too, falling in love and getting dumped. I don't regret those. Nor do I regret the times I juggled multiple lovers -- oh, sweet!

I helped screw up my marriage, with plenty of help from my ex. The awful truth is, it's hard to maintain the hotness once that wedding ring slips on. Bills have to be paid. Toilet paper has to be changed. Domestic bliss doesn't equal sexual bliss -- there's no wonder I get so many emails from men frustrated that the sex ended after marriage, or kids, and now they can't even get a blowjob from wifey. I've probably sucked a few cocks I shouldn't have -- but it sure felt good at the time.

When I was training in Virginia, some of the women went out in the hinterlands to a real honky tonk, and I let myself, in a tequila haze, be picked up by this back-woodsy good-ole-boy. We went back to his trailer full of guns -- no shit -- and he fucked me with abandon, my legs up over his shoulder. He was very masterful, very full of man smell, and had a great cock. The next morning he was off to work at 5 and I was stuck there. Had to call a girlfriend to pick me up. Oh, but I loved the moment that big cock started working its way into my little pussy. Still...bad judgment.

I regret a couple of marriages I strained or helped break up. But I have this thing for the forbidden fruit, for the rush of the dangerous. What can I say?

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Sixty-nine...it was only the beginning

...I could feel every stage of his arousal. He was shuddering by the time I took his cock in my mouth for some serious head. I varied the rhythm and pressure, let my tongue add to the symphony of sensations with him inside me. I deep throated him as long as I could, then started ever-so-lightly stroking his shaft with my hand as I very lightly, rhythmically sucked the head of his cock -- my feather blowjob. He was completely gone by this time. I could just feel his warm breath against my pussy, his hands holding and stroking my ass. I drew it out until he gave a very loud moan and shot into my mouth. After I had milked him dry, I turned around and gave him a cummy kiss and our tongues mingled with his thick semen, both of us swallowing every drop...

Read about my latest romp on my sister site, The Fellatrices.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Open thread: That 'oh, fuck' moment

That's what I call it. The split second when I know I've committed a sexual transgression I may come to regret. This happened most recently with my brother-in-law: a really stupid act, yet oh-so-hot and made more so because of its forbidden nature. When I saw his cock hanging out, it might have been a "pre-oh,fuck moment," but I was too shaken and stirred by the size and beauty of it. At other "pre" moments, I could still -- and have -- stopped things before they went too far.

But the moment was when his cock went inside me. That's the way it usually is for me. Penetration means I have scuttled my ships in a new world and there's no going back. I've had both male and female friends say the same thing, but maybe it's a different moment for you. Oddly, I don't feel that way about fellatio. I can suck off a stranger, appreciate him, and be done. But when he's been inside me...

Regrets, I've had a few. I'll talk more about that this week. Tell me yours and what difference it made in your later dalliances

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Open thread: When are you most ravenously horny?

For me, it's when I am about to have my period. It's always been that way (and, yes, you sexist pigs, I can be bitchy irrational PMSing, too). I was that way a few days ago when I virtually raped Christopher when he walked in the door. He wasn't complaining. I grabbed his cock in his pants even before we embraced and kissed. I just had to have cock! Inside me, too...a good long, screaming, scratching humping. And then more, again, more. Just before my period is when I have made some of my most reckless sexual moves, too.

So what about you? When are you the horniest? What makes you ravenously horny. Tell Linda Sue everything...

Friday, May 9, 2008

Rules of the road

I love an affair on a business trip, where the usual rules are suspended and anything goes. My sexy friend Cheryl and I were talking about this, and here's what she told me about one of her adventures:

"I was teamed with a guy and girl who I have worked with before. After a sales blitz all of the teams got together for cocktails. It got late and there were four of us left at this hotel bar. The guy was fucking stunning. He was rather new and I had never worked with him. The other two woman I have known for years as customers. We party when I am in town but not too heavy. Drinks. Dinner. Bed. Alone.

"Both of these ladies are married and I have never known them to stay out this late. I'm in my 40s. Lisa and Deb are mid-30s and Brett is a pup: 26, I'd say; maybe 30, but I doubt it. I could sense (smell?) that my lady customers were hot for Brett. And he knew how to play. The girls are nice looking, with nice 30+-year-old bodies. In fact, about 2 years ago I made out with Lisa after a few cocktails...another story...

"Anyway, I could tell we were all horny and the three of us wanted Brett. He may or may not have wanted any of us but he knew how to play. I said to myself 'fuck this.' This boy is going to pay. So, I threw down the gauntlet. 'Girls, let's see how savvy this boy is. Brett, you wanna play a little game?' He was all for it; the girls, knowing me, were a little nervous. 'Here is my game. Brett, you get one minute to drink in each one of us. Look at us. Smell our perfume. Smell our hair. Get to know us. You cannot touch. One minute spent on each of us. At the end of three minutes we are going into the ladies and taking off our underwear. If you can match even one of our panties to the right owner you will get a reward.'

" 'A reward?' he says. 'A reward???' the girls say. 'Relax. If he wins, I promise I will give the reward if either of you don't want to cheat on hubby....' For some reason they all bought into it.

"We go into the restroom. It was way late, so it was just us. We are giggling like kids. 'Are we really going to do this?' Deb asks. 'Yes we are,' I say. Then I turned to Lisa and said, 'I really, really want to smell hot. Kiss me. Make me cream myself.' Deb's jaw dropped. Lisa cracked up, but came over and stuck out her tongue and brushed my lips. I opened my mouth just a bit and let her tongue dart in. Just that quickly I could feel myself cream. I just love that feeling. Deb was just watching with her mouth open and so Lisa turned and kissed her too. Oh, my god!

"We were all sort of giddy and we did take off our undies. Thank goodness we are all proper women and wear panties! We got Brett and we went to the hotel lobby and found a secluded set of couches. There we presented him with our undies. He was delirious. He sniffed and smelled and I think even took a taste of one pair. He got one right. Lisa. 'Ahhh...my reward. What do I get?' I reached into my purse and gave him a Macy's gift card that I have had for a few months and never used.

"Oh my. The disappointment in his face. 'I'm teasing. You guessed Lisa so it's up to Lisa.' She was like, ummmm, well I am really not able to do much. So I said, 'well what can you do and be comfortable?'

" 'I'd love to make out a bit and I can rub your cock through your pants? Is that good?' Lisa said. Brett would have taken anything. I said, 'well that's pretty good. Maybe I can throw in a little more. How about going to my room?' Deb said she had to leave, so Lisa and I walked her to her car leaving Brett to steam. When Deb left, Lisa said, 'Oh my god, what am I going to do?' I told her to just make out with him and I'll give him a handjob. 'You're in the clear with hubby.' Sooo...

"Up to the room. Lisa starts kissing Brett. I undo his belt and take out his rather average but very, very hard cock and start stroking him. I swear, he came in like 45 seconds. Poor boy. I was going to suck him, too. Ah well. He was a little sheepish and said he had to go. He left.

"I told Lisa I would walk her to her car. She said that would be great. But first, she said, would I mind giving her a little help. 'With what?' I said. 'After that I really need to come and I know it ain't happening at home unless I masturbate and I don't want to do it alone. So...would you either make me come or at least undress and let me masturbate?'

" 'What would you prefer?' I asked. 'I'd love to have you make me come, but I don't think I could take you licking me. Can you do it with your hand?'

" 'Ummm....well, I tell you what. Why not masturbate for a bit and then let me help you finish?' We undressed, pulled back the bedspread and laid down kissing. Lisa started to play with herself frantically. I moved down and sucked her boob. Very nice nipples. She gased, 'Oh, god, I am going to come. Please, please do it for me.' My hand replaced hers. I dipped a finger into her cunt and slowly moved it up between her lips. Her clit was twicthing. She was soooo close. I licked a finger and put it under her ass and slid it up her ass crack. 'Oh my god, oh don't, oh god, oh my god'

"Too late. I slipped my finger into her butt and then stroked her clit with my index and middle finger. I felt her ass tighten and then the throb of the clit. I have made women come quite a few times in my life, but I don't recall the sense of pure joy and relief I saw in her face. Honestly, she shook for a good few minutes. And kept moaning little moans: 'ohhh, ohhh god...ohh my, oh that felt so fucking good...I have nver come like that...oh...Brett's tongue...oh...'

"Enough. Now it was my turn. I got up on my knees and sat on her stomach and then walked my tight bod up to her mouth. She would not do it. I will say this though, she knows how to kiss and play with pussy. Her tongue is incredible and her fingers know just what to do. I had a very satisfying orgasm and we fell asleep. About 5 am she got up and left. She called about 15 minutes later. 'Thanks. I really did need that. And, umm, I think I would like you to go down on me sometime..."

Are you as hot for Cheryl as I am?

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Open thread: You've come a long way, baby...maybe

Are we past the days when a powerful man can demand sex from a woman? It happened to me 15 years ago and I gave in, as I recount in delicious (leaving a bad taste in my mouth) detail on my sister site, The Fellatrices. What about you, ladies? Tell your stories. And you guys...I know you're out there. What were you thinking when you used your authority to get laid?

Give it up. Tell me everything.

Monday, May 5, 2008

The joy of a younger man

It's been awhile since I had a chance to talk with my friend Kathleen, so we caught up over wine this weekend. As you'll recall, Kathleen got involved with the young stud I had a steamy affair with last year. I introduced them in a wild evening that culminated with the three of us in bed.

Kathleen is a pretty brunette in her forties and had been in a loveless, sexless marriage for a long time. She also wasn't all that sexually experienced, but she was curious and had a spark in her eye. She and Mike the Stud took to each other and it gave me the chance to make an easy exit. I had been concerned that he would kick her to the curb and hurt her. So far that hasn't happened. So here's the debrief, in Kathleen words, paraphrased and direct-quoted by me.

"The biggest change for me is the frequency of sex. My ex-husband might get drunk and climb on top of me once or twice a year, hump me for two minutes and fall asleep. Mike is voracious. He spends a lot of time at my place, and it's not unusual to be fucked three times in a night, on a work night. And we're not talking about two minutes. He has great control and fucks me for a long time. We do every conceivable position -- stuff I had never tried before -- but, as you know Linda, he loves doggie...

"He's the first man I ever did anal with. It was out of the question with my ex, and before him I had only two boyfriends, one in college and one when I was starting out at work. Neither tried it. Mike likes to fuck me in the ass. He's got a big cock -- you remember -- but I really love the way he fills me up. I've had three children and don't know if that makes a difference. I could barely feel my ex. Mike, oh, I feel Mike. It took me some time to learn how to relax and go with it in my ass. He can't get it all the way in, but it doesn't hurt.

"He likes it rough, likes to play tie-up and stuff like that. I can slow him down. Sometimes I just push against his belly to slow him down, and sometimes I squeeze his balls to get his attention. I'm not going to let the balance swing too far. But he can also give me just a great regular fuck. I'd never had anything like it. I've learned to be a good cocksucker, and oh god does he come. It's taken me time to learn to swallow it. Thick, smelly, nasty! I had next to no experience in that. He loves my breasts, loves to have me sit on his belly and dangle them in front of his face while he sucks my nipples hard for what seems like an hour. It drives me absolutely nuts. To have this handsome young man find me attractive is a huge ego boost.

"He still talks about you sometimes. He loves the way you could come in multiple orgasms. I'm not that way. I heat up slow -- I've made him learn to be patient with cunnilingus and with me riding him -- and then I have a big orgasm. But I've also learned to do a lot of moaning and stuff for him as he fucks me after I've come. Don't get me wrong, it still feels great...I'm just not going to have another orgasm that night. But it feels great...

"He's taught me kink. There was the time in the bar where he made me go down on him while you watched. He likes public sex. He's fucked me in an alley once with people walking by on the street not twenty feet away. When we go out he likes it if I dress provocatively, showing off my breasts. He likes it when men notice me, and I do, too. Sometimes he ties me up and puts on a blindfold and we play games. He says he wants to bring in some friends and blindfold me and go from there. I'm not sure I'm ready for that...yet."

Thursday, May 1, 2008

It makes me sick

I know you want a sexy update on my life, dear readers, but I just can't do it today. I heard the news that the convicted DC Madam, Deborah Palfrey killed herself. By hanging. She faced up to 55 years in prison.

She ran a service that involved no coercion -- far from it. The prostitutes were apparently quite an accomplished lot -- one was a Navy officer -- doing this for money, fun, kink. The call-girl service had a clients some of the most powerful men in Washington, or so we're told.

But while Pelfrey faced prison, these men go about their lives. God, some days the hypocrisy of this country that I am sworn to protect makes me sick! We're saturated in sex every second, for profit, by major companies. But consensual escort services are to be exterminated -- although that has never succeeded in the history of humanity.

While this poor woman took her life, I think of all the white-collar criminals who get off, even after they have destroyed thousands of jobs, millions of dollars in retirees' nest eggs. They go off to their mistresses and call girls, but by Sunday they're in church decrying sex and giving big contributions to the despicable politicians who want to rule our bedrooms.

I'm too sick and angry to be horny, and that's saying something.