Thursday, May 22, 2008

Regrets: an incomplete list

What do I regret? It's a tricky question because nearly all my sexual adventures had some good attached. I do regret saying the poll question allowed multiple choice, and then forgot to check that box -- and once the poll voting has begun I can't change anything. The Internet, arrgh.

I regretted it when they fell in love and I just wanted to play. There was the guy whose cherry I popped -- he was so sweet and I was momentarily smitted. Alas, he got a real thing for me. I had to end it. This has happened several times, and my hope is that they can look back fondly. I taught them how to fuck, and they could impress any woman after me. It happened to me, too, falling in love and getting dumped. I don't regret those. Nor do I regret the times I juggled multiple lovers -- oh, sweet!

I helped screw up my marriage, with plenty of help from my ex. The awful truth is, it's hard to maintain the hotness once that wedding ring slips on. Bills have to be paid. Toilet paper has to be changed. Domestic bliss doesn't equal sexual bliss -- there's no wonder I get so many emails from men frustrated that the sex ended after marriage, or kids, and now they can't even get a blowjob from wifey. I've probably sucked a few cocks I shouldn't have -- but it sure felt good at the time.

When I was training in Virginia, some of the women went out in the hinterlands to a real honky tonk, and I let myself, in a tequila haze, be picked up by this back-woodsy good-ole-boy. We went back to his trailer full of guns -- no shit -- and he fucked me with abandon, my legs up over his shoulder. He was very masterful, very full of man smell, and had a great cock. The next morning he was off to work at 5 and I was stuck there. Had to call a girlfriend to pick me up. Oh, but I loved the moment that big cock started working its way into my little pussy. Still...bad judgment.

I regret a couple of marriages I strained or helped break up. But I have this thing for the forbidden fruit, for the rush of the dangerous. What can I say?


dickie dick said...

shit woman, you continue to turn me on with your adventures....all those links to enjoy.
I know what you mean about the passion dying with ring...I was so fucking horny after my wife had our first boy and she wanted nothing to do with sex...a very sexy temptress wanted me and I turned it down....don't think I don't regret not taking her up on it!!

Dan said...

I wish I were one of the guys who had had the benefit of your schooling.

My biggest regret was that I didn't tell a new lover in advance that I often have difficulty getting it up in the early days of a relationship. During our first encounter, she saw that I wasn't hard, and turned off like a light. She literally never spoke another word to me. She was one of the sexiest women I've ever been around, and I blew it. [sigh]

LadyExec said...

Loved the insight of your list of "regrets." I have always had the distinct pleasure of being a very sexual woman. Over all the years I have enjoyed and cultivated my sexuality, I think the regrets I have are very very few. I regret making the young college student I seduced feel abandoned after he became emotionally attached. And there were the married men (and women) whose relationships crumbled as I watched (but doubt things would have been any different without me). Other than that, my sexual life has been a celebration and it sounds as if yours has been too. Congratulations for having the nerve to accept your sexual side and enjoy it. Its a great ride!

Linda Sue said...

I like you, LadyExec

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