Monday, May 19, 2008

Open thread: That 'oh, fuck' moment

That's what I call it. The split second when I know I've committed a sexual transgression I may come to regret. This happened most recently with my brother-in-law: a really stupid act, yet oh-so-hot and made more so because of its forbidden nature. When I saw his cock hanging out, it might have been a "pre-oh,fuck moment," but I was too shaken and stirred by the size and beauty of it. At other "pre" moments, I could still -- and have -- stopped things before they went too far.

But the moment was when his cock went inside me. That's the way it usually is for me. Penetration means I have scuttled my ships in a new world and there's no going back. I've had both male and female friends say the same thing, but maybe it's a different moment for you. Oddly, I don't feel that way about fellatio. I can suck off a stranger, appreciate him, and be done. But when he's been inside me...

Regrets, I've had a few. I'll talk more about that this week. Tell me yours and what difference it made in your later dalliances


Anonymous said...

It was when I showed off for the next door neighbor - my wife's best friend. It was fun at the time, but four years later, it nearly ruined my marriage.

Anonymous said...

My 'oh fuck' moment was when she said she was pregnant.

I met "Elizabeth" at a party and there was an instant, very sexual, chemistry. We ended up back at a hotel room. Things got out of hand, we were just so into the moment. I was fucking her, and she had this little move that was amazing; I was on top and she was fucking me back.

She whimpered "don't come in me," but I just couldn't stop myself. She was so beautiful and sexy, and she had made me feel better than any woman had. I felt like I emptied a gallon from my balls.

Now I have a second family and every month try to figure out how to juggle the money to keep my wife from finding out. The roof will fall in sometime. What a fool. But it felt so good.

dickie dick said...

the time I told my brother in law about a threesome I had with two I got it hanging over my head that he might tell his sister (my wife).

Darlene said...

I've had many. One was when I let my husband fuck me in the ass. He was very gentle, started with his finger, used lubrication, then inserted two fingers...felt nice and nasty. But when he started fucking me, it really HURT. I told him to stop but he was too far gone, fucked me like an animal and dumped a big load of man poison in my traumatized little bunghole. I didn't speak to him for a week.

JT said...

Mine was when she fell in love with me. I didn't realize I was only her second lover. But I had tried to postpone sex, wanting to take our time. I was happy with my life of just screwing around. Of course she didn't fully realize this. Finally, we fucked, and she loved it and was very interested in sex. Alas, she fell in love and I had to dump her. I know, I'm a heel.

Anonymous said...

My O.F. moment has to do with cheating, as well. I carried on a 2 month affair. The actual o.F. moment should have been much earlier. It wasn't when I first tried to date someone online. It wasn't when we first met. It wasn't when I first "slipped it in", either. I don't think I realized it until I got caught. I wouldn't recomend cheating to anyone, but it happened, and hindsight is 20/20.

Isn't it funny how most of the replies to this post have been made anonymously???

I can't wait to hear your story, Linda Sue.