Wednesday, November 19, 2008

More self-pleasure tales

It's a good thing I'll be going back to the states soon. Otherwise, I would be a very bad girl, very bad.

Another agent I've been working with is named Ben. He's broad-shouldered, immaculately dressed -- with his suit coat cut just right to conceal his service weapon. God, I'd like to get my hands on his other weapon for service... He looks about six-foot-three, just the right kissing height for my five-foot-eight horny body. He's a toucher, in the right ways, and he makes me laugh. He's got a wife named Jennifer. I've got it bad for him.

Today I couldn't stand it any longer. So I went into the ladies room, to the last stall. Waited until I was alone. Then, I sat and started playing with myself, a pleasure made easier by wearing garters and stockings. So I slid down my panties and my hand found that my pussy was already dripping wet, my lips sensitive and swollen.

I closed my eyes and imagined him kissing me and undressing me, laying me down on the bed and giving me the glory fuck of my young life. The head of his cock pushing into my tight pussy, then pushing in. His long frame on top, my legs over his shoulders as his cock sank in deep. I watch as his penis goes in and out, wet with our juices, then disappearing inside me again. My finger made circles around my clit while my other hand stroked the inside of my thighs, then probed my wet lovehole.

Fortunately these are comfy toilets, because I soon lost myself and leaned back, raising my long legs and jammed my shoes against the walls of the stall. In my mind, we could go all night, but I needed this quick, hard first fucking from him, I needed his semen inside him, the way I make a man mine. Oh, his cock was in so deep. He swiveled those slender hips as he pumped into me.

Suddenly I lost it, letting out this muffled moan-scream: "Ummmmmmmmmmfffffffffffoohhhhhhhhhhh!"

As I lay back, I heard a woman's voice: "Are you okay in there?"

"Uh-huh," I peeped, breathless, my hands drenched in pussy goo.

I waited until she had left before putting myself back together, and going back to work.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Linda Sue's blowjob tricks

Yes, blowjobs. Men love 'em. Even the worst was pretty damned good, as one of my co-workers says. But from what I can tell, many women are mediocre at this love skill. Some don't like it, like my friend back in the states Jennifer. Others, who knows.

I started out as a clumsy late-teenage cocksucker. But I was always very into the bodies of the men I was sucking off: how they might start sighing or even shaking when I was really doing something right; how they might start thinking about what's on television if I wasn't. I've told you some of the "secrets" I learned. I start off licking his cock like a lollypop, making circles, too. Even before that, if we're in bed, I run my breasts and hard nipples across his belly and cock.

I want him interested, and really anticipating when I will take him into my mouth. Once I do that, I still return to the licking and teasing. I kiss his balls, run my fingers and tongue gently around them, take them ever-so-easy in my mouth. He's really gasping when I start really sucking and moving up and down. I use my hand, or hands, to jerk off his shaft while I suck, or twist my hands both ways -- this causes them to like this way too much. Sometimes I do my "feather blowjob," the lightest sucking up and down, drawing it out and out until he comes. Sometimes I sit him down so he can see me suck him in a mirror, watching my shapely ass move seductively as I worship his penis. If he's average to smaller, I take him all the way to my throat.

One of the most important things I learned was how to, and this is an unromantic way to put it, manage his orgasm. When I was younger, I'd just suck like a madwoman, even though this caused many men to moan not just in ecstasy but discomfort. Once they started to come their cocks became so sensitive that my sucking was too much.

So I learned to back off once it's clear he's going to come. I ease off on the pressure as he's spurting in my mouth, but keep it up enough to extend his pleasure. Same with my hand, letting up some but still milking that magical dick. It can do on and on amazingly long. I feel him tense and his muscles ripple, his balls get tight, especially if he's young. His semen spurts again and again as I greedily swallow. No man ever forgets a Linda Sue blowjob.

But when you've come, baby, no napping. I'm just getting started.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The secret life of men

The poll to your right tells me that more men than will admit it have gotten it on with other men. As for women, it's hard to tell -- I suspect most readers here are male, so the poll may be weighted against girl-on-girl confessions. I've loved my few female experiences, but in the end...and everywhere else...I gotta have cock.

Apparently the same has been true for some of my male readers. Interesting, too, is how many of these liaisons were unplanned. There's a little guilt or regret shown, but mostly they liked it. Mikey liked it. (Mikey will eat anything).

My sense is there's a much deeper, primal taboo inside most men about homosexuality than there is with women. We're natural touchers, and more than once in my life a friendly hug with a female has evolved into caresses that were first comforting, then sexual, then kisses, perhaps tentative...let me try this out...and then...Linda likes it.

Men are different. Now, some are gay of course, and a few are bi, but I'm especially interested in the guys who are straight but either by happenstance or walking on the wild side ended up with a cock in their mouth. I know how wonderful every blowjob is for me. I remember my first vividly. How is it the first time for the average suburban straight guy who never thought he'd have a dick sliding between his lips? (For being so "hard," they're so wonderfully soft, aren't they?). And when that first rush of sperm comes out...I swallowed as fast as I could, surprised at the taste and smell and force of his ejaculation (he was 17, after all). Did you? And did you drive back home to wifey with a mouth full of sperm, or semen running out your anus, feeling flush with accomplishment and guilt?

I'm getting aroused just writing this.

I was dating a man who said he'd be open to a threesome with another guy. We got very hot talking about it, and he was obviously aroused when I said I wanted to see the two of them play together. Alas, he chickened out. Which is a shame, because I wanted to see his first time.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Home alone

Yes, women masturbate -- at least all of the women you'd want to know. This has been much on my mind lately as I am forced by my work situation to avoid the real thing. Horny slut that I am, my going-away gang fuck just wasn't enough to keep me satisfied for long.

I've never been much of one for toys -- I especially don't care for plastic inside me, even though I have used a strap-on on an old boyfriend! -- but my hand can do wonders. When I was 13, I started feeling this magnetic desire to touch myself "down there," even though my mother had made it clear that "down there" was dirty and only made for peeing. But alone in my bed at night, I just couldn't resist. It felt so good. Late that year I was rubbing myself when I suddenly had my first orgasm. It wasn't like the glory comes I would experience later, but it was new and wow! It completely took me by surprise. A few minutes later, my mother tapped on the door and asked if I was alright. Oh, yes. Surely she knew, and worried her little daughter would end up pregnant at sixteen, before going straight to hell.

Well there was no way I was going to get pregnant and stuck in suburban Auburn, Washington. But as you all know, I stayed a virgin all through high school. Yet my masturbatory life flourished. I came to realize the effect I had on boys and men. And I went through the usual round of crushes, and simple appreciation for everything from boys' muscles and masculinity, to the nerdy brainy ones, to my history teacher. I always fantasized when I got myself off, always had specific boys in mind, although I never acted on it. Sometimes I would come home after a game, take off my panties and masturbate in my cheerleader outfit, recalling all the lustful looks my pretty legs had garnered that night.

I thought about this, later, the other night when my neighbors woke me fucking. They can get wonderfully loud -- her moaning and mumbling nonstop in French, still managing to get out a "fuck me!" here and there; he encouraging her until he lets loose with his own moans and yells. It was balmy enough in my room that I pulled off the sheet as I raised my legs, planting my feet on the softness of the mattress. Already highly aroused...but I wanted to take my time. I lightly stroked the inside of my thighs, starting close to the knee, then moving up and just flickering across my pubic mound. Then the other side. I could hear my breathing get deeper.

My outer lips were together and I gently parted them, only granting myself a couple of clit rubs. A finger ran around the uneven form of my labia, lingered at the bottom, stroked my perineum. By now I could feel my heartrate really pick up. On the other side of the wall, I could hear her percussive moans...he was on top, slamming into her, each moan timed to the stroke of his cock. I have seen them both...beautiful people. I imagined him atop me, holding himself up by his elbows as he fucked me. I could look down and see his penis disappear inside me, again and again, filling me up.

By now my other hand was working easy circles on my clit, which felt like it was on electric fire. Meanwhile, I finger-fucked myself, felt all the familiar folds of my pussy, enjoyed the juices that were now flowing all over my labia, down into my anus, onto the sheets. God, I needed a good fucking. I reached up and gently pinched my nippled. What would happen if I went next door, wearing nothing, and banged on the door? Would he dismount and open the door with his erection still hanging in front? And could I take the time to drop to my knees and take it into my mouth, tasting the bounty of their mingled fluids? No, I would have to be fucked right then, right now...on the floor, against the wall.

In real life, the headboard is banging against the wall. I know he is fucking her doggy-style, their typical final act. I tilted my pelvis and raised my legs as my hands did their work, the bottoms of my feet burning, recalling all the find male asses they had rested against as I got fucked.

I heard myself screaming...the rest of me was somewhere else. For a few moments, it was completely silent next door. By the time they resumed, I was seconds from dropping into the sleep that only sex brings.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Be patient, loves...

Linda Sue is on the job and on the road. Amuse yourselves with the archives...
Back soon. Kiss...lick...