Monday, April 28, 2008

Open thread on this week's poll

What is it in your sexual past that you wouldn't tell your current partner or spouse? I never told my ex-husband about my trip to the lifestyle club in college. He was sensitive about his size -- he needn't have been -- so I never told him I had been fucked by bigger penises. These may be small potatoes to some of the answers I see. OTOH...I have had lovers who wanted to know everything, and we have reveled in that. Thank God I have never been raped, and had to carry the burden of whether to tell my partner or not. Care to share your experiences, and why you don't feel you can tell your lover?

Friday, April 25, 2008

The cock I had to have...the aftermath

My brother-in-law fucked me like a dog, like the little bitch I am. He fucked me the same morning he had fucked my sister. It was an animal rough elemental beautiful thing, and all my educated, feminist inclinations proved no defense. Afterwards, I fell into a deep sleep. When I awoke, Chris was standing by the bed. He was taking off his shirt.

I realized Justin had left and the front door was unlocked. Chris had let himself. The bedroom smelled unashamedly of sex, of semen and pussy juice and sweat. Chris pulled the sheet back and I was still completely naked. I tried to retrieve the sheet, but he tossed it onto the floor.

"What have you been doing, Linda? Still getting paybacks on me?" His voice had a strange lilt. He slipped off his pants and his dick was rock hard. He said, "You are such a little slut."

I didn't know what to expect next. He came to the foot of the bed and roughly pulled me toward him. He dropped to his knees and opened my legs. I tried half-heartedly to pull away, but he was having none of it. I was ashamed. I was newly aroused. He hiked my legs up.

"What have we here?" I could only see the top of his head, his sexy wave dark hair. But my pussy was still tingling and I could feel how wet it was. "So sticky," he said. "Your pussy lips are swollen. My god...what's this...?" I felt his tongue on the inside of my thighs, then on the sensitive area between my pussy and my anus.


"Tastes like you've been fucking another man."

He was licking me, tasting my juices...and Justin's sperm.

"Did he have a big cock, Linda? Your pussy is so swollen. What a workout it's had." He darted his tongue inside me and I shuddered. "Don't lie. I can tell."

"Yessssss. Ohhhhhhh..."

His face was buried deep in my pussy and he tongue-fucked me, then started sucking hard. It was an amazing feeling and I was bucking and wiggling as my lover sucked out another man's come.

"You've been so bad." He stopped talking and started licking in earnest, making soft circles on my clit and then licking me harder the length of my pussy...then tracing his tongue around my labia...every sensation was acute and different. I could feel a new orgasm building in me. The contractions were apparently forcing out more semen.

"You little whore. Look at all the come inside you." I felt and heard him lapping it up and swallowing it.

"Did he have a big cock?"

"Yes," I whimpered.

"Bigger than me?"

"No, babe," I lied.

"Mmmmmmmmmmm," That tongue wouldn't stop. It was totally connected to me, running through my body like an electrical charge. My inner thighs were involuntarily twitching and I was starting to moan loudly.

He pulled back. My hands reached out to keep him there but he was out of range. Then he was on top of me, his cock easily slipping into the pussy that Justin had stretched to its limits. His smell and the taut muscles on his chest... Now Chris fucked me like a madman, looking down on me with a smile, whispering what a slut I was. I grabbed his butt and held it as he pistoned into me. We both came with sudden, convulsive cries. My pussy was sore and tingly for the next two days.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

This job really sucks

It's a tough job, but somebody's got to do it. Learn about my old friend from high school, and how she made money as a teenage runaway turned "fluffer" in the LA porn industry. It's my new post on my sister site, the Fellatrices.

Monday, April 21, 2008

I had to have that cock again

I knew Justin would come back. The only question in my mind was what I would do. When I opened the door on Saturday afternoon and could see the outline of his hard cock in his jeans, I got at least a temporary answer. I grabbed him by his shirt and pulled him inside, letting him dart his smoky thick tongue down my throat as we just leaned against the wall and kissed a long time. I was braless and he pulled up my T-shirt, sucking my nipples hard, driving me nuts. This is so fucking wrong.

I let him stand there and fell to my knees, unzipping his jeans. Another man's cock might have popped right out. Getting his out took some effort, so I just pulled his pants down. He wasn't wearing underwear. There it was: the long, thick object of my dark fantasies. It was hard and growing harder. My hand reveled in its length and girth, the big vein that ran down it, the thick cock helmet of a head. The soft, taut skin. I ran my face across the head and shaft, into his bushy pubic hair. It was damp and had a special smell: full, pungent, fecund.

"I fucked Amber this morning, just for you, you nasty little cunt. I knew you'd like it." And I did, God help me. There was little sister's pussy juice and smell, matted into his pubic hair, still pungent on his cock. I licked him like a lollypop, slowly...he moaned and teetered against the wall. The thick muscles of his thighs and butt tensed.

"You're a real asshole," I cooed between licks. "Did she like it?"
He answered, "No. She just lay there, dead. First time in two months..."

I took about a third of his cock in my mouth, sucking and bobbing my head up and down. He was enjoying himself way too much. We ended up in the bedroom, and I worked him over for a long time. Had he ever measured himself? Nine and three-quarter inches, he said precisely. No way was I going to let him come in my mouth. My readers had given me too much to think about...

I left him lying there and rolled onto my belly, then got on my knees and raised my ass in the air. We didn't say a word but in a flash he was positioning himself behind me. His rough hands spread my legs wider, ran up and down my ass and thighs. I felt the thick head of his cock at the edge of my pussy and started to wonder if this was such a good idea. But it was too late. He held my ass firmly, pushed my head down on the sheets. The vulnerability was total.

Justin showed a shocking degree of finesse. He eased that huge cock in, little by little. I couldn't believe the intensity of feeling. After a lifetime of fucking, I felt re-virginated. More of it pushed in, hurting some but then my pussy walls would adjust. He fucked me some, just in and out to the point of penetration. I was already moaning and shuddering. Then he made two deep thrusts and was all the way in. I screamed in surprise and discomfort, but like the first time he fucked me, it soon turned into a warm-gooey-tight-thrusty damned good feeling. He started fucking me like a madman, bam, bam, bam...then pulling almost all the way put and pistoning into me. He was possessed. I had the breath knocked out of me and every nerve ending was transmitting sex. Pussy farts came and went, and the wet smacking noise of fucking. My small orgasms were contracting against his dick and he was moaning, too. I tried to raise up to look behind me, but he roughly pushed my head down and kept fucking me. At the same time, he lubricated a finger with my pussy juice and fucked my anus.

"," he panted.

I was seeing colors, my feet burning, the fire coming up my legs, my pussy clenching. I could hear myself screaming but I was somewhere else. I came so hard I just wanted to collapse, but he wouldn't let me. He grabbed by ass and fucked me harder, a man possessed. Suddenly the rhythm of his strokes changed, hesitated, then he pushed hard into me and cried out. Even though Amber had already gotten a load of his semen hours before, I felt him filling me with come. We fell forward into a heap.

Even in the heap, I felt his cock still hard, still inside me, only slowly getting soft.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Women and doggy: my take

Me wonders if some men are voting in the poll, considering that doggie is the winning position so far. Most of the woman I know prefer missionary for lovemaking, and on top when the want to come (I'm fortunate in being able to come in virtually every position).

One of my early lovers initiated me into doggy. He was very athletic and into all sorts of positions -- he had a kama sutra book in his bookshelf. It was all new for me, being a college girl whose early lovers mostly wanted to hop on top and come as fast as they could.

Doggie provoked some mixed emotions. It felt very different. He was average size, and could really get in there when he fucked me from behind. It obviously felt great for him, because he would come pretty quickly once we switched. I liked trying something new, and I loved it the first time I looked back and saw his face: he was so happy and into it. I realized he got off seeing my back and ass, seeing his cock disappear into me, and, he said, it was a very tight feeling. I didn't like not being able to see his face.

Since then, I have been fucked doggie by most of my major lovers. I learned to find the position, with my head down and ass high, that made it work best. One well-hung guy fucked me with my legs inside his legs, if you can visualize that. That way he could fuck me with abandon without hurting me. Skilled lovers would fuck me with their cock coming in at different angles as they rotated their hips -- major turn-on. I love being bent over a piece of furniture, or even just head down standing there, while the right-height man fucks me standing up, my dress still on. Eventually I lost my anal cherry, too.

I learned to be aroused by the primal nature of it, not seeing him, being taken from behind...if a relationship was getting old, I will confess to fantasizing about another man while the current boyfriend fucked me that way. And some of my post powerful orgasms have "come" from being taken this way.

But my favorite all-time position? Probably not. But I'd love some comments from women (or men)...

Friday, April 11, 2008

Why I'm a missionary for this position

When I fuck, I am an incurable leg-wrapper. Don't get me wrong, I love other positions. I love being taken from behind while I scream and clench the sheets -- it's not an act (I am convinced this is every man's favorite position). Fuck me with my legs up over your shoulders, or, if we really trust each other, pin me with my legs hooked on the inside your there is a "being taken" position. I love riding my lover. With a big cock, it gives me more control about how much I take. And with every man, it lets me get really hot rubbing my clit against him. Oh......

But I digress. Something about making love face-to-face is incredibly appealing. I like the feel of my man on top of me, his weight on me, all that masculinity right there. I can caress his chest, hold his arms and shoulders, reach down and grab his ass, and, if we fit together right, reach around and stroke his balls. His facial expressions are a turn-on. Sometimes he raises up on his arms so he can take me in, look at me while he fucks me. I can raise my head and look down, seeing his cock disappear inside me. Ohmygod that gets me going, seeing it go in and out.

I'm a woman who fucks back. I don't just lie there like a rag-doll or bored, repressed Junior League wife (hi, mom). I thrust my pelvis up to meet his stroke -- what an amazing thing when we get that rhythm going. I have a killer ap with my pelvis, where I rotate it while a man fucks me; this has caused some very experienced, very I-have-amazing-staying-power studs to lose it after just a few minutes. This move, however, requires me to spread my legs, bend my knees and plant my feet on the bed (visualize that, dear readers).

Eventually, though, I want to be very close. I love to raise my knees and let him fuck me as I rub my legs along his flanks, butt and back. Often I will just let my feet nest against his butt as we go at it, but I need to be close. And I raise and wrap my legs, pulling him in deep. I'm a long-legged thang and still supple from my cheerleader days and the current physical demands of my job. So even with the big guys I prefer I can usually wrap and touch my ankles. For men who are so into my legs already, this is a huge turn on...they ask for it. When they come, I can hold them so close.

Every position gives a different feeling, because his cock hits a different part or depth of my pussy. I'm not sure if other women are as into leg-wrapping as I am. I'll have to ask...but feel free to weigh in ladies, or gents about what you like.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Stand up and salute that sailor

Here's a great story about a Navy officer who was moonlighting as a high-paid call girl. Talk about support the troops. As with my pal Mary Beth, it shows you never know what that respectable woman you think you know is really up to.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

My high school fellatio class

It's my regular Wednesday post on my sister site, The Fellatrices. Today I confess all about how I kept my virginity in high school...technically. Hope mom isn't reading.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Fuck me the way you fuck her

Well, Chris and I were back in the sack over the weekend. I know he's fucking Heather, too, although he won't admit it. He's very sheepish. I'm too old for this shit. Just tell me the truth and we can figure out what to do next. I'll fuck whom I choose, and he (sheepishly) isn't asking.

At one point I got him very overheated with a blowjob. Very, very slow licking of Linda's lollypop, up and down the shaft, around the glans, varying the intensity. Then making an "O" with my thumb and forefinger and very lightly stroking the shaft up and down as I sucked on the head. But I was being very careful. I didn't want him to come. I wanted him to want to come so badly!

"I know you're still fucking Heather," I cooed, in between taking his penis in my mouth.

"No..." he groaned. "Let's not talk about..."

With my other hand, I stroked his balls. "You're a very bad boy, Chris."

"Please...oh..." But there would be no relief, yet. I had a lifetime of cocksucking teases in my bag of tricks. I moved my head up and down, my lips barely touching his cock. He was shuddering.

"I want you to fuck me in her favorite position," I said, giving his shaft and head an especially intense sucking. I was afraid I had almost taken him too far. I backed off. He was in an agony of delayed pleasure.

"You're a perv, Linda."

"Yes" Lick, lick.

"I can't..."

Suck, stroke. "You'd better. And in that little bitch's favorite position." Lick. "The one that makes her lose control."

He rose up and grabbed my shoulders, passionately kissing me. "You want to be fucked, huh?" His eyes were mad with lust. He laid me back on the bed and started licking me, tongue-fucking me. Now I was the one losing control. He's a good one, knows how to play me. After several minutes of this and a baby orgasm, I felt the big head of his cock push into my pussy. He started fucking me hard but I pushed against his abs, holding him at a distance.

"You'd better show me, you bad boy."

He gave me a devil smile and took my legs in his arms, raising them. Soon he had my ankles up on his strong shoulders and his cock was really deep. I was talking dirty and moaning and already starting to feel my feet getting hot. He pulled almost all the way out, rotated his hips so I could just get the feeling of his cockhead inside me -- an amazing sensation, as his movement oscillated -- then he would slam into me. Over and over this way. Now I was the one begging for relief. Thinking of young, long-legged blond Heather getting it only made me more aroused.

Then he just started fucking me like a madman, my legs still up straight, my feet by my ears, his cock in and out of me, filling me again and again, sooooo deep in there, the whole power of his body fucking me. We both came together, both of us screaming, them whimpering as we collapsed into a heap.

He was a gentleman: He didn't scream her name when he came in me. This morning, I still feel the most delightful stretch in my legs.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Let's play dress-up

I'm enjoying the votes on the poll to your right. As a girl who has been known to dress provocatively, I'll give you my two cents.

I can still get into my high-school cheerleader outfit, which has pleased more than one lover who enjoys role-playing and dressup. I've put on a little weight over the past 17 years, but not too much. My doctor tells me, probably a little too often, how young and taut my skin is.

As a leggy babe, I trend toward skirts, including short ones. I have a couple of little black dresses in my closet for evening wear. When professional days allow it, I wear classy, well-tailored skirts at or above the knee. And I have some killer miniskirts for out on the town. My legs are long (I'm 5'8") and shapely, not skinny, not like them.

Men who only look at boobs don't much care for me (my sister Amber got the big breasts in the family, and no matter how she tries to dress, men stare...she is a pretty girl). But in the summertime I like to put on a T-shirt or top with straps and go braless. My breasts are pert and firm, and when I'm braless I definitely get the looks.

I dress for men, and it doesn't diminish me in the least. I expect men to dress for women, too. Drives me nuts to see a couple out and the woman is well dressed and the guy is some bubba in a baseball cap. I am eternally drawn to a man in a stylish suit -- the men's suit is one of the great and sexy design achievements. Nowdaays the rebels wear suits, since "casual" is the new comformity.

Dress-up is a great element of good sex play. I have my cheerleader skirt and sweater. Also a parochial school outfit I bought to please a lover -- oh, my. In college, I frequently wore a miniskirt -- maybe just a simple khaki affair -- and no panties. That got me in wonderful trouble more than once. And lots of men get off in me wearing a woman's suit. I've been known to wear a longer dress with nothing underneath, or with a garter and stockings. Makes for easy public or semi-public couplings. And there's something so sexy about getting out of bed in the morning and putting on my man's dress shirt.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

One good lick deserves another: The joys of grrl luv

I'm 80 to 85 percent straight, as readers of this blog well know. But there's a little bi part of me, too. Some of my best pussy licking has come from women, and I love to give a girl a tongue-lashing. Read about my experiences on the latest post at my, mmmmm, sister site, the Fellatrices.