Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Home alone

Yes, women masturbate -- at least all of the women you'd want to know. This has been much on my mind lately as I am forced by my work situation to avoid the real thing. Horny slut that I am, my going-away gang fuck just wasn't enough to keep me satisfied for long.

I've never been much of one for toys -- I especially don't care for plastic inside me, even though I have used a strap-on on an old boyfriend! -- but my hand can do wonders. When I was 13, I started feeling this magnetic desire to touch myself "down there," even though my mother had made it clear that "down there" was dirty and only made for peeing. But alone in my bed at night, I just couldn't resist. It felt so good. Late that year I was rubbing myself when I suddenly had my first orgasm. It wasn't like the glory comes I would experience later, but it was new and wow! It completely took me by surprise. A few minutes later, my mother tapped on the door and asked if I was alright. Oh, yes. Surely she knew, and worried her little daughter would end up pregnant at sixteen, before going straight to hell.

Well there was no way I was going to get pregnant and stuck in suburban Auburn, Washington. But as you all know, I stayed a virgin all through high school. Yet my masturbatory life flourished. I came to realize the effect I had on boys and men. And I went through the usual round of crushes, and simple appreciation for everything from boys' muscles and masculinity, to the nerdy brainy ones, to my history teacher. I always fantasized when I got myself off, always had specific boys in mind, although I never acted on it. Sometimes I would come home after a game, take off my panties and masturbate in my cheerleader outfit, recalling all the lustful looks my pretty legs had garnered that night.

I thought about this, later, the other night when my neighbors woke me fucking. They can get wonderfully loud -- her moaning and mumbling nonstop in French, still managing to get out a "fuck me!" here and there; he encouraging her until he lets loose with his own moans and yells. It was balmy enough in my room that I pulled off the sheet as I raised my legs, planting my feet on the softness of the mattress. Already highly aroused...but I wanted to take my time. I lightly stroked the inside of my thighs, starting close to the knee, then moving up and just flickering across my pubic mound. Then the other side. I could hear my breathing get deeper.

My outer lips were together and I gently parted them, only granting myself a couple of clit rubs. A finger ran around the uneven form of my labia, lingered at the bottom, stroked my perineum. By now I could feel my heartrate really pick up. On the other side of the wall, I could hear her percussive moans...he was on top, slamming into her, each moan timed to the stroke of his cock. I have seen them both...beautiful people. I imagined him atop me, holding himself up by his elbows as he fucked me. I could look down and see his penis disappear inside me, again and again, filling me up.

By now my other hand was working easy circles on my clit, which felt like it was on electric fire. Meanwhile, I finger-fucked myself, felt all the familiar folds of my pussy, enjoyed the juices that were now flowing all over my labia, down into my anus, onto the sheets. God, I needed a good fucking. I reached up and gently pinched my nippled. What would happen if I went next door, wearing nothing, and banged on the door? Would he dismount and open the door with his erection still hanging in front? And could I take the time to drop to my knees and take it into my mouth, tasting the bounty of their mingled fluids? No, I would have to be fucked right then, right now...on the floor, against the wall.

In real life, the headboard is banging against the wall. I know he is fucking her doggy-style, their typical final act. I tilted my pelvis and raised my legs as my hands did their work, the bottoms of my feet burning, recalling all the find male asses they had rested against as I got fucked.

I heard myself screaming...the rest of me was somewhere else. For a few moments, it was completely silent next door. By the time they resumed, I was seconds from dropping into the sleep that only sex brings.


Anonymous said...

Goddamn, what an incredibly hot post. Just what I needed to spice up a boring afternoon. I may have to sneak off here at work and enjoy your piece more, um, thoroughly...

Kate said...

Eee, you brighten my days, fair lady.

I have a burlesque show this Saturday, and I am SUPER excited. Surely someone as sexually stimulating/stimulated as you can appreciate the lovely artform of burlesque.

Anyways, I'm super excited, and if there is video of it, I'll send you a link.


Kate said...

P.S. Did you vote?

Linda Sue said...

I voted, absentee of course. And I really am hoping which one will be my new boss :-)

Terence said...

I used to have a woman like you as my fuck toy, she would succumb to my every sexual desire and I think you would make a great fuck toy. I've only recently started to read your blogs so don't know if you have talked about this or not but have you ever been anyone's fuck toy?

Anonymous said...

orgasms sure rocks

Terence said...

Wow that's a lot of reading but I'm sure I'll find what I'm looking for and I'll have fun doing so too.

This is best home-work I've ever set myself!

BadGirlJennifer said...

Sometimes I masturbate hunkered down in bed on my knees. Makes me feel very sexy.

Steve Karmazenuk said...

Love your stuff.

Some of the hottest "solo" moments I've ever had have been while listening to different neighbours over the years, as they fucked.

There's something incredibly erotic about being a hidden third party two a couple's sex. Thanks for sharing your story and reminding me of what that's like.

beautyoftheyear said...

I love to masturbate alone using my Jenna Jameson hot pink vibrator tickling my clit while I look at hot black girls with big boobs. Turns me on because when I look at them, it reminds me of myself. I am so vain!!!! LOL.