Thursday, September 17, 2009

Happy birthday, part two

I was amazed at how things were working out. I had no plan, only a hot hope...and now Chad was fucking Wendy in my bedroom.

It wasn't long before I quietly pushed open the door and slipped inside the room. Neither noticed me. I sat in the chair near the foot of my big bed and watched. My panties were thoroughly soaked as was part of my little black dress. I didn't dare move. If I broke the spell, the magical alignment where everybody had left their inhibitions at the door, the evening might end in disaster.

Chad was on top of Wendy in a classic missionary position that I find very sexy. He raised himself up on his arms to look at her, and they were locked on each other as he fucked her. And, what a fucking. In the ambient light, I could see his huge cock disappearing all the way inside her, then pulling out, then pistoning back inside. Her knees were pulled up, her ankles rested against the backs of his thighs, and she gripped his ass tightly. His tight balls slapped right up on her butt as he reached maximum depth. I didn't know how she could handle that length, but she was loving it. And I mean loving it...moaning, whimpering, giving little screams every few minutes, calling out half-words. He was into it as strong, silent type this young man.

The room smelled of sex. Pussy odor and sweat. I could hear the wet puckery sounds of him entering her, pulling out, going back in. He started riding her higher up and she really went crazy. It was nothing like the way she reacted when I licked her, that slow buildup. I realized she might never have been fucked so well, considering her dead-battery husband and boorish married lover. Oh, if the crowd down at the office could see mousy Wendy now. Chad adjusted, raised her legs over his shoulders. He slid in very slowly, and she gave a deep moan. "Ohmygod!" Then his cock pulled almost all the way back out...quite the sexual athlete here...and slammed all the way in. "Ahhhhhohmygod!!" Again and again. I felt my fingers on the inside of my thigh but made myself wait. No self-gratification. I knew I'd get mine soon.

I wondered what she would think if she knew he was 18 years old. At that moment, she probably wouldn't have cared. They both came in a loud concussion of screams. And then he carefully let her legs down and gently lay on top of her, holding her close, letting his wondercock stay inside her, stroking her hair, whispering her name (I had taught him all this; what a difference from the young guys who first fucked me when I was around that age).

Neither seemed surprised when I slid naked onto the mattress next to them. Both had this glassy look of the sexually happy. The odor of semen and pussy was like fine wine. "Oh..." Wendy managed, and touched my face tenderly. We kind of naturally rearranged ourselves, with Chad climbing off and lying on his back. A long white string of semen followed his penis out of her pussy. His cock was still half hard as I licked their juices off. Then I licked, sucked and nibbled a very happy Wendy, glorying in their mixed juices. She was spent but moaned and rubbed her legs against my shoulders.

It wasn't long before Chad took control and gave me an unusually forceful doggy fucking. I was so dilated and wet that I took more of him than ever before without discomfort. I was so aroused that I had my first orgasm almost immediately. I think Wendy was sucking on my nipples from below...I kinda lost track by that point. The edges of my eyes were exploding colors and my feet and lower legs were burning with orgasm. He could feel my pussy contracting against his cock as he grabbed my ass and fucked me like a wild man. Another orgasm hit me like a bullet out of nowhere...with a happier result. I could hear this explosive scream and realized it was me and I was both floating and tightly impaled in Chad's cock. I fell forward onto Wendy, who cradled me and kissed me. And I fell asleep like some selfish twenty-year-old guy. When I woke up, they were both between my legs licking me, kissing each other...god, it felt good. Later, they brought me a piece of cake and we took turns feeding each other bites.

I was out in the field for a week before I saw Wendy again. She blushed immediately and smiled. "Hope you had a happy birthday, Linda."

Oh, I did.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Happy birthday, part one

I turned 40. The only thing that kept me from being neurotic and depressed about it was the small dinner party I had at my place. The invitee list was small: Chad and Wendy.

We enjoyed martinis and then I cooked while the two of them made conversation. Wendy gave me this knowing smile, as if she figured out I was up to something. But they seemed to get along well -- a good 'tini will help, but as I've said, Chad has social skills well beyond his age. I could hear him getting Wendy to talk passionately about a new book on the Middle East. (One challenge to a dinner like this is that there's so much Wendy and I can't talk about to outsiders).

After dinner, we retired back to my cozy living room and I made sure Chad and Wendy sat on the small sofa. I poured a fine port and sat across from them on my vintage Eames chair. We were about talked down, about to that point in the evening when one starts to thank the hostess and head for the Metro, when Chad leaned over and kissed Wendy, first lightly, then passionately. Her arms went around him and embraced him. I felt a warm, wetness between my legs (I was wearing a little black dress, just to set the mood).

Chad pulled back and Wendy was flushed a bright red.

"I...I...Linda, I should be going..."

I winked at her. "Just let it happen."

And did she. Wendy grabbed Chad's shirt collar and pulled him back again. This time the kissing was serious and pretty soon she had her hands all over him, including down his left leg, where his fine cock was stretching the fabric. I can imagine what she was thinking. I just sat there. Everybody was toasty from the booze, but I didn't want to move too fast and blow the whole thing up. I've opened up Wendy a lot, but she's still a suburban soccer mom with all that baggage. He stroked her face and hair, kissed along her neck and her ears; I had taught him well.

I walked over to the two of them and stroked both their heads. "You guys need to get a room." They looked up, and I nodded toward my bedroom. "It's okay," I continued. "I have some work to catch up on."

Chad stood quickly and led Wendy into the bedroom. Days before, I had talked to Chad and asked him if he would be open to some mischief. He was, of course -- he's a horny 18-year-old! Wendy hadn't been prompted at all, but over time I had told her about threesomes and orgies I had taken part in. Part of her was a little shocked. But most of her was very, very intrigued. I could tell most of all by how horny she was to play with me after I had told these stories.

The two of them went into the bedroom. The door closed. I sat and nursed the port for several minutes before rising and opening the door ever so slightly. Then I went back and sat on the sofa, stretching out my legs, turning off the floor lamp and sipping...and listening.

Wendy is not a major screamer. But it wasn't long before I heard the first one of the night, sharp, primal, exquisite. I tried really hard not to involuntarily squeeze my legs together and grind my pelvis. I was hoping I could join the fun, too...