Friday, February 26, 2010

Earning extra credit

I've been reading the book, The Death of American Virtue, about the Clinton impeachment. Back in college I had my own Monica Lewinsky moment. I was having an affair with one of my professors. A very nice man, who is a well-regarded scholar at an elite university in the northeast -- I'll leave it at that. He was married, of course, and old enough to be my dad. But he was incredible horny and good in bed.

In one of our sessions, we got a motel room and he had just sat on the bed when I dropped to my knees, unzipped his pants, and watched his cock spring out at the ready. I took him in my mouth and spent a long time licking, teasing and sucking. I was still perfecting my techniques. He wasn't complaining at all. Sometimes I would look up at him and smile while I kept jerking him off, then I would go back to earning extra credit. On this occasion, he came suddenly. I felt a little salty, bitter come on my tongue, then came a big spurt of stringy semen. I wasn't ready for it and gagged, pulling away. A viscous white string connected my mouth to his cock head and soon landed on my blouse. I picked up some of it with my fingers and swallowed it, trying to look sultry. But sure enough, I went back to my dorm with a big come stain on between my breasts. My roommate Pam smiled...she knew what it meant. And it sure wasn't, "I spilled a milkshake." It wasn't a blue dress, but, hey...

Another time, I came to class wearing a very short khaki miniskirt, no panties, and sitting in the front row. It was a lecture hall with raised seating for the students, so he could see all the way to Omaha when I opened and crossed my legs, which I did several times. At first, he grew red in the face, and I could tell he was growing elsewhere. Usually, he liked to walk around as he lectured. This time, he stayed safely behind the podium.

Afterwards, he said, "Linda, I need to see you in my office." So I obligingly went with him. Once the door was closed, he nearly threw me against the wall, smothering me with kisses, his hard cock pressing against me from inside his pants. I was already wet and could smell my pussy.

He put his hands on my waist and lifted me on his desk. I was still fully clothed, but the skirt had already ridden up and I opened my legs. I heard his pants unzip and his cock pushed inside me. He fucked me like a maniac, my legs wrapped around him, his hands firmly on my back. Panting in my ear, "Linda...God!...You feel so good!" He lasted maybe two minutes but it was enough for both of us to come. He held me and kissed me, whispering my adult. And his cock finally slipped out of me. His semen and my pussy juice had mingled to make a nice stain on his blotter. But there was also a wet, white stain all over the front of his pants. He had been so eager to fuck me that he hadn't even pulled down his pants.

It was only then that we saw the group of young men and one woman in the adjoining building watching us. Nothing ever came, so to speak, of that public sex. As for how he explained the stain on his trousers to wifey...I never found out.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Losing my other cherry

I didn't have many "firsts" that I could give my ex-husband, but I did save my anal cherry for him.

It wasn't a conscious thing -- I had been horny and open to most anything since college, and seemed to have an amazing ability to get myself in sexual trouble ("sexual sin," my evangelical sister, Amber, would put it). Early on, men loved fucking me from behind -- my ass was a magnet for guys, and they would tell me how sexy it looked to fuck me from behind, seeing my long back spread into my hips, and back then I also had longer red hair flopping around. I let a few men finger me in the ass and it felt good, especially the friction along the sensitive skin of my perineum. But I was a little tight girl, and I was afraid to let them fuck me there. If they tried, I would pull forward and change the position. A couple begged, but I was afraid of the pain.

My first husband was if nothing else a gentleman and a gentle, caring lover. He also had a nice, average cock -- nothing monstrous or scary. That definitely helped his cause here. For whatever reason, after I turned 30, I began to think more and more about anal sex. One long Sunday afternoon was spent in bed, fucking, sucking and him giving me exquisite cunnilingus. After a brief nap, we were at it again. Did I tell you I was wearing a white garter belt and sheer white stockings? He was fucking me missionary style and I looked up at him.

"I want you to fuck me in the ass," I said.

His face was like that of a man who had just won the lottery, but I could see he was trying to be cool about it. He got the KY out of the bedside table drawer and I got on my hands and knees. I felt his cock push back in my pussy, and my mini-orgasm contractions began almost immediately. He fucked me awhile this way, gently, rhythmically, then breaking into a hard, fast fucking ("Don't come yet," I gasped) before slowing down again.

I heard the plastic pop on the KY and felt the cool gel around the sensitive edge of my ass. He fucked me slowly and slipped a finger inside my anus. It felt good, as usual. I was very aroused, but also apprehensive. The next feeling was fuller: he has put two fingers inside and was finger-fucking my virgin ass. It felt very odd and arousing to process the sensation of his cock in my pussy and this thickness in my anus. My pussy flooded with new lubrication, mixing with the sperm I already had inside me. He pushed my shoulders down and I put my head on the sheets, my hands in front of me to steady myself.

"Does that hurt?" he asked.


His fingers went away and he pulled out. A few seconds later, the head of his cock was rubbing against my perineum. It felt great and he didn't give me time to change my mind. He pushed into my well-lubed anus. This was new. Different from the feeling of cock-in-pussy. It wasn't quite as intense physically, except for the feeling of being very filled up. Now he felt huge and even though he was fucking me slowly and the rubbing against my perineum was very, very nice...this sharp pain overtook me.

"Hurting," I managed as he pushed me forward and pulled me back with his strokes and his hands steady on my hips. But I knew he was a gentleman, so I added, "Don't stop." I had no pain when I lost my pussy cherry -- I was an athletic girl -- so this was new and I had nothing to compare it.

I tilted my pelvis and it hurt less. I thought about what a taboo I was breaking considering my repressed upbringing and almost came from the mental turn-on alone. Pain and pleasure. "Fuck me in the ass," I half groaned, half screamed. And he did, until he screamed and ejaculated inside me.

How long did he last? To me it was about twenty minutes -- he claimed it was about five. I hurt for days afterward. But we were back at it soon (pun intended), and I learned how to angle myself to handle it. He grew to love it, not only because he loved my ass, but because he got into the taboo turn-on thing, as well. And he was always good never to try to fuck my pussy after he had been inside my ass. Anal sex was never my favorite, but I do love it in its special way, especially when it brings out my inner submissive. I've had big guys try to fuck me in the ass, but they can rarely get far inside. My ex -- he could do deep and it got to where it felt great, and I loved feeling semen leak out of my ass. So forbidden. Linda Sue, you bad bad bad girl.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Eyes on me

The snow in D.C. was absolutely gorgeous. So what the heck have I been doing that would please you? Not much. It's just too risky right now.

Still, I went out before the big snow, wearing a short skirt under my good winter coat, went to a couple of my favorite watering holes. It's nice to feel the eyes on me. And believe me, you can almost physically feel the lust. It's something most of you guys will never get, sorry to say. The legs men are especially appreciative -- in my experience they're more likely to "get" the whole woman. But even the one-note tits guys were probably looking. I still have good legs. One pickup attempt, Always fun to see the dates' getting angry when their men are staring at me.

So now I have to reach into my memory for some true tales from my past...