Monday, April 7, 2008

Fuck me the way you fuck her

Well, Chris and I were back in the sack over the weekend. I know he's fucking Heather, too, although he won't admit it. He's very sheepish. I'm too old for this shit. Just tell me the truth and we can figure out what to do next. I'll fuck whom I choose, and he (sheepishly) isn't asking.

At one point I got him very overheated with a blowjob. Very, very slow licking of Linda's lollypop, up and down the shaft, around the glans, varying the intensity. Then making an "O" with my thumb and forefinger and very lightly stroking the shaft up and down as I sucked on the head. But I was being very careful. I didn't want him to come. I wanted him to want to come so badly!

"I know you're still fucking Heather," I cooed, in between taking his penis in my mouth.

"No..." he groaned. "Let's not talk about..."

With my other hand, I stroked his balls. "You're a very bad boy, Chris."

"Please...oh..." But there would be no relief, yet. I had a lifetime of cocksucking teases in my bag of tricks. I moved my head up and down, my lips barely touching his cock. He was shuddering.

"I want you to fuck me in her favorite position," I said, giving his shaft and head an especially intense sucking. I was afraid I had almost taken him too far. I backed off. He was in an agony of delayed pleasure.

"You're a perv, Linda."

"Yes" Lick, lick.

"I can't..."

Suck, stroke. "You'd better. And in that little bitch's favorite position." Lick. "The one that makes her lose control."

He rose up and grabbed my shoulders, passionately kissing me. "You want to be fucked, huh?" His eyes were mad with lust. He laid me back on the bed and started licking me, tongue-fucking me. Now I was the one losing control. He's a good one, knows how to play me. After several minutes of this and a baby orgasm, I felt the big head of his cock push into my pussy. He started fucking me hard but I pushed against his abs, holding him at a distance.

"You'd better show me, you bad boy."

He gave me a devil smile and took my legs in his arms, raising them. Soon he had my ankles up on his strong shoulders and his cock was really deep. I was talking dirty and moaning and already starting to feel my feet getting hot. He pulled almost all the way out, rotated his hips so I could just get the feeling of his cockhead inside me -- an amazing sensation, as his movement oscillated -- then he would slam into me. Over and over this way. Now I was the one begging for relief. Thinking of young, long-legged blond Heather getting it only made me more aroused.

Then he just started fucking me like a madman, my legs still up straight, my feet by my ears, his cock in and out of me, filling me again and again, sooooo deep in there, the whole power of his body fucking me. We both came together, both of us screaming, them whimpering as we collapsed into a heap.

He was a gentleman: He didn't scream her name when he came in me. This morning, I still feel the most delightful stretch in my legs.


hans said...

What still no comments?

Well, I´m not shy to say that this was a fricken hot thing to do Linda darling!

I´m a bit envious of this fella though. He gets your hot bod (at least I hope he´s only worming his way into your snatch and not into your heart too) AND this Heather-bitch.

Oh well.

When Heather finally finds out she´ll go total psycho on him. So the Universe is balanced again.

Anonymous said...

Oh my! Is that guy in the picture Chris? His physique and hair are very much like my current guy... what a turn on!
That picture gives me some very interesting ideas that I'll just have to experiment with sometime soon ;)