Friday, April 4, 2008

Let's play dress-up

I'm enjoying the votes on the poll to your right. As a girl who has been known to dress provocatively, I'll give you my two cents.

I can still get into my high-school cheerleader outfit, which has pleased more than one lover who enjoys role-playing and dressup. I've put on a little weight over the past 17 years, but not too much. My doctor tells me, probably a little too often, how young and taut my skin is.

As a leggy babe, I trend toward skirts, including short ones. I have a couple of little black dresses in my closet for evening wear. When professional days allow it, I wear classy, well-tailored skirts at or above the knee. And I have some killer miniskirts for out on the town. My legs are long (I'm 5'8") and shapely, not skinny, not like them.

Men who only look at boobs don't much care for me (my sister Amber got the big breasts in the family, and no matter how she tries to dress, men stare...she is a pretty girl). But in the summertime I like to put on a T-shirt or top with straps and go braless. My breasts are pert and firm, and when I'm braless I definitely get the looks.

I dress for men, and it doesn't diminish me in the least. I expect men to dress for women, too. Drives me nuts to see a couple out and the woman is well dressed and the guy is some bubba in a baseball cap. I am eternally drawn to a man in a stylish suit -- the men's suit is one of the great and sexy design achievements. Nowdaays the rebels wear suits, since "casual" is the new comformity.

Dress-up is a great element of good sex play. I have my cheerleader skirt and sweater. Also a parochial school outfit I bought to please a lover -- oh, my. In college, I frequently wore a miniskirt -- maybe just a simple khaki affair -- and no panties. That got me in wonderful trouble more than once. And lots of men get off in me wearing a woman's suit. I've been known to wear a longer dress with nothing underneath, or with a garter and stockings. Makes for easy public or semi-public couplings. And there's something so sexy about getting out of bed in the morning and putting on my man's dress shirt.


Pete from Cal said...

Breast can always be enhanced but you either got legs or you don't. I got admit that I'm a leg guy although I still love breasts because legs look good in stockings, pantyhose, and miniskirts. Plus who doesn't like a nice pair of legs on a sexy pair of heels? I'm sure you got a nice firm butt to go with those legs too because they're truly stairway to heaven, no? :) Ah, the realm of possibilities where those legs can lead. :D Thank you!

dickie dick said...

I'm in the you like a man in uniform?? A lot of women do...I once banged a girl at the Portland Rose festival who really got off on me in whites....once we got busy and naked she insisted on wearing my uniform cap and shirt (open) while I fucked her brains out! It was a great night.

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