Monday, March 24, 2008

Penises I have known

They come in all shapes and sizes, and in my way, after my fashion, I have loved them all. A reader sent me a photo of a recent conquest. He had a penis that curved down. That I had never experienced before. I have had a couple that curved upward -- I think that was Bill Clinton's "distinguishing characteristic" during Monicagate -- and they really can make me feel my G-spot. But downward...I haven't done that. She didn't like him.

It got me thinking.

Some cocks I have known:

B had a thick, long cock with a distinct head. He kind of bulged out in the middle. We had quite a time working it into my pussy the first time. He said he was eight inches long. Talk about being filled up! And I remember licking the skin on his cockhead, how it was very rough and almost scaly looking, but of course so soft to the touch.

M, another big boy. His shaft stood straight with a slight curve when I had him on his back. He had a big, prominent vein in the shaft and I could feel it pulse as he got excited -- loved that feeling in my mouth or hand. A big cummer, too. His head was very prominent and the "eye" of his cock was bigger than I had seen before. Absolutely loved to fuck me from behind, and loved to "take" me and stuff as much of that cock into my little asshole as possible.

J was average but thick and with an even bigger head. I could feel so filled up. He really knew how to fuck, too, and made the most commonplace position special. He'd rotate his hips as he fucked me on top. Divine! He got almost purple-red with arousal. Very very prominent head...made the licking and sucking interesting. And I could always feel that head when he first entered...felt like a virgin again, every time.

G, a redhead, had a nice average cock sticking out of this thatch of red pubic hair. His cock was pale and pink, and the head got very red as I sucked it and played with it. His semen was thick and stringy -- once had a string about eight inches long coming out of my pussy once he dismounted.

T's cock was big like a missile. His head was barely distinguishable from the shaft. And the shaft, which was so smooth, got slightly bigger as it went down. Made for a very full feeling inside of me. I could never even try to get it all inside me.

D was very black...Wesley Snipes black...and stereotypes fit. He was gigantic, and uncircumsized. He hurt me when he fucked me and didn't care. His skin was mottled black and pink on his cock. He made me come and I resented it, because he was so goddamned arrogant.

MR's was uncircumsized, too...fascinating to play with the foreskin, reveal his nice head hiding in there. His glans were very sensitive. I could feel a different kind of friction as he fucked me. Very edgy and arousing.

L was small, maybe 4 inches, and the reddest cock I ever saw. I could only come riding him because it was hard to get that filled-up feeling. But I could take him all the way inside my mouth...

And there are so many more.


Cherokee said...

I am sitting here tonight pondering the pussies I have had the honor and privilege to have known and for the life of me, as intimate as I was with most of them, I don’t think I could describe them separately or remember who went with whom. Truly I am ashamed of my inattention to detail. Suffice it to say, they were all wonderful in their own time. And I will try to do better in honoring their memory. Now breasts, breasts I can remember!

Pete from Cal said...

You honor those men by remembering their penises, Linda Sue!! Hurray, hurray! :)

circumcised.aussie said...

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