Monday, March 31, 2008

The tasty world of high school 'relief sessions'

I've caused way too much trouble already, so I'm going to tell you a wonderfully cock-hardening/panty dampening tale from my friend Cheryl.

She dated guys in high school, but some fun came from her "gal pals." As she told me, "Guys are kind of stupid at that age and while I loved their muscles, the way they smelled and even their dopey guy stuff, I really was kind of afraid of their roughness and wasn't one to put out. I liked making out and letting them play with my boobs and I would toss a hand-job their way on occasion, but I never fucked them.

"I learned to rely on myself for easing the tension, if you will. I should say myself and two other girls I had known for years. For the most part the three of us hung out together all of the time. Sometimes it would just be the three of us on a Friday night, or it would be the three of us and a bunch of other girls, but it would always be the three of us...

"As you can imagine, familiarity either breeds contempt or a special closeness. We were close...So close that we shared everything. At one point that began to included what we called "relief therapy". If one of us had been on a date or did some "heavy petting" with a boy and needed a little relief but didn't want to do it ourselves, we could rely on each other.

"It usually was quite simple and consisted of either two of us or all three of us meeting at one of our houses. The relief sessions would begin by the person in need ( the beginning of the session there was only one in the end almost always all three of us got some relief) lying down and covering her eyes. Then you would feel someone removing your clothes and then, most generally, hands playing.

"Playing with your hair, your boobs, your stomach, feet, knees and finally playing with your pussy. And, we got quite good at jilling each other off. I still mastubate on occasion thinking of relief sessions. When we were freshman in college we all came home (we went to different schools) at Thanksgiving and agreed on a relief session. I got to go first and was quite surprised not only to have a kiss laid upon my lips (we never, ever kissed like that) but to actually being licked down there....oh my god.

"I had a very pleasant orgasm. And when I sat up I was like 'I, I, I...can't...,' and they both started giggling. 'Nice, huh?' Ummm...I would say so....

"Our last relief session together was probably in 1985-86. Two of us still stay in contact and live millions and millions of miles apart in both distance and in the direction of our lives. But, we still love each other. We met a few years back for our 20th reunion. We never mentioned our sessions, but about a week later I got an email from her and she said that she had wanted to talk about them, but just lost her nevve. She has not once done anything with another woman and really missed that special touch. We agreed to have a 'session' one day when we could get time to meet somewhere. Hasn't happened yet. It may never. But I like thinking about it.

"I will always enjoy the touch and feel of a woman and will never go long without the sweetness of a kiss or the absolute joy only one woman can give to another. Men? Can't do with out them. Women? Can't have an incredible, stupendous, outstanding, un-describable, intense, orgasm without them. Oh, sure, I have had good sex with men. But never had head like that from a woman."

And all I have to add is: I think I am going to swoon!


Cherokee said...

Wonderful story and yet another example of how women are superior to men. As a guy, nothing would turn me off more than to be touched by another man. Gross! However, I am convince that a man would know how more how to please me than any woman ever could. Again Very Gross!
By double standard, it seems perfectly natural that a woman could reach out physically to another woman and be pleasured completely. But the mere thought of even being approached by another man makes my skin crawl. Very sad for me (and I think most men), but very fortunate for women. Don't ever complain of being the weaker sex!

hans said...

Oh my cherokee, what a massive loss of "manpoints" for you there in that 1st sentence. Then stating the obvious while making it sound like it´s a bad thing pegs you for emergency attitude adjustment. Please click here, here and here.

Again, thnx for a very hot story Linda!

dickie dick said...

Nice hot story and I loved the one you posted in felatrice that linked me over.
I remember those high school days with those diamond cutter boners. I never did get a blow job (graduated in 72) I got a lot of cery sweet hand jobs and dry humping. There was one sexy little redhead that used to let me finger her tight little pussy whenever I wanted but never got past that....oh man those were great days!! Thanks for the stroll down memory lane.