Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Domestic bliss for Linda? Not to worry

Things are getting interesting with my new lover, and for once I'm not the slut (yet).

I was meeting him at a bar on Saturday night and, as often is the case (hey, I'm a girl), was running late. To reach the bar, you have to walk down a corridor, then through the main part of the restaurant. I did all these things, to see my honey kissing another woman. She was cute and young, with lovely straight blond shoulder-length hair, cut just-so. She had a nice little body, poured into black jeans.

They were together at the crowded bar and locked in a kiss that was not just a friendly smooch. She reached around and grabbed the ass that had been my territory lately. They talked a little more and she left. She walked past me and I smiled. She smiled back. We're just two females navigating a world of predatory men, right?

There was a time when I might have been jealous or, for a time especially when I was PMSing, gone psycho. Instead, I just sauntered in,enjoying all the strangers' eyes on me. Chris greeted me with a kiss. I pulled him down to me and tongued his mouth, imagining the transaction that had gone on. We had a drink and a nice chat, considering the loudness of the room. Later we went to dinner and I told him what I had seen.

He turned bright red. I felt sorry for him. She was his former girlfriend, Heather. She was having a hard time, missing him. He didn't mean for the kiss to happen. Please, Linda...

I stopped him. I'm not looking for forever, babe. So you need to make a decision. You can fuck her, and I will fuck other men. Or you can bring her into our world. You decide.

He was speechless. He said nothing as we walked back to my place and had the most fiery sex so far. He promised he'd think about it.


Rogue said...

What a delightfully empowered rarity you are. Absolutely wonderful.

the happy husband said...

Very sexy story. If that eve happened to me, my wife would probably say the same thing. But I would probably leave it as a fantasy. I love your writing. I'm a fan.

Monk said...

Wow, meeting the situation head-on! I am a male with the same issue as your new lover. I am on friendly terms with a couple of ex-'s. My newish lover gets very annoyed if I act react in any friendly manner to them. I put her through the wringer one weekend when we were dating for a month and exclusive and we went to the b-party of one which included a naked hot-tub shared with others. The other was dinner and fixing the telephone system where there was no cell reception. Would I jump at a threesome, you bet! Could happen, but it would be a stretch for her. More likely to happen with a neutral new woman for both of us.

Pete from Cal said...

Nice post.... didn't know you're currently in an exclusive relationship... very interesting proposal for your lover... a 3some.. Is he just not as sexually open as you? Hell, any guy should be willing to jump into a 3some with two dynamo babes. Is he just afraid to ask her?