Tuesday, December 25, 2007

The brother-in-law shows me his holiday cheer

It was quite a day at the old homestead. My bother-in-law Justin came onto me like never before. He's married to my uptight sister Amber, and I know he is both attracted to me and frustrated at the lack of sex in their marriage.

It doesn't surprise me he's frustrated. Amber has all my mom's hangups about sex and isn't shy about letting me know she thinks I am a shameless harlot. But, hey, he married her (she definitely got the big boobs in the family; maybe that's it).

So before dinner, I go upstairs to use the bathroom, and once I am at the door, Justin is behind me, hugging me, kissing my neck, reaching around to pinch my nipples. I can smell the alcohol on his breath. Maybe I let it go on a little too long. When I turn around, I see he's unzipped and his erect cock is poking out.

I must say, he's got quite a unit!

I shooed him away and peed in peace. But it was the perfect reminder that adultery and its possibilities are always around us. I'm not going to fuck my sister's husband (hee-hee, what do you think about your slut sister, now, Amber?). But I will write about adultery later this week. I have given and taken and been screwed by it...


daddychef said...

isnt it amazing that there are folks out there who marry the prude for the show but want the slut, and I mean slut in the loving affectionate way, for the bedroom. I have never understood why people stay with the uptight cold fish spouses.

And to think this was something he thought he could get.

Hung One said...

I fucked my sister-in-law after a big family wedding. Since that time, we've gotten together when we can. It's great. Neither of us were happy with the sex we were getting in our marriages. She's my brother's wife's sister, so I guess that degree of separation helps keep down the guilt.

fantasiesgalore said...

I have a "playful" relationship with both my sister and her husband. We have not actually done anything but love to talk about it and tease each other. I don't think any of us are sure we want to take it any further but it makes for some fun conversations!

angela said...

Is this cheating?

Back when I was married, we had people over. One of my husband's buddies was too drunk to drive home, so he crashed on our couch.

In the middle of the night, I went downstairs to the kitchen to get something to drink and come back upstairs. As I was headed back through the living room, I noticed move ment on the couch.

The guy had the blanket down to his waist, and one of his hands was under it and obviously at his crotch. I froze and looked at him. He looked back at me, but neither of us said a word.

As I stood in a state of shock or confusion, he was obviously pumping his fist up and down himself under the blanket. I stood there and watched.

It didn't take long and he was breathing heavy and writhing. He grunted as he finished. I went on upstairs.

Yes, I made sure it was me that put the blanket away the next day.