Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Mary Beth tells all about call girls and powerful men

Mary Beth came over last night for wine, Thai food and a long talk about our favorite subject, sex. As you know, Mary Beth turned a chance encounter in college into an entrepreneurial gold mine. She was a coed hooker. We talked about many things sexual, but I wanted her specifically to weigh in on the troubles of New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer, or, as the Daily Show dubbed him, the Luv Guv.

Linda Sue: So did you ever fuck a governor?

Mary Beth: No, but I did pick up a few high-powered clients over time. Remember, most of the time I worked for myself. I tried to be very careful, using referrals from one man to the next. I was very discreet and never greedy. I did work for an agency for a few months, which was also interesting. Anyway, I had a city councilman, a couple of members – ha! – of the state Legislature. There were some very rich businessmen, at least one of whom was later on the cover of BusinessWeek.

LS: Which one surprised you the most?

MB: Without a doubt, it was when I fucked the president of the university. Fortunately, he didn’t know I was a student.

LS: How were they different from your other johns?

MB: They tended to be paranoid, very careful. A couple had bodyguards that stayed outside, but most tried to be as anonymous as possible. They were all Type As, very intense, very bossy. A few were nice men, but most were kind of cold and selfish, almost like I wasn’t there. But they liked me. They liked the idea of fucking this sweet young thing. One liked me to dress up like a school girl, another loved me in a tennis skirt. They pretty much were into the same things as other men, but that also means they could get pretty intense and rough as they worked out whatever stresses or issues they had in their lives. They liked it that I would do what their wives wouldn’t, blowjobs, anal, different positions…that I really seemed to liked sex and came.

LS: Ever fake an orgasm?

MB: No. I love to come. I did learn to tailor my responses, at least a little. If they got turned on by a screamer and scratcher, I could do that. When I really come, I usually don’t scream.

LS: I can barely contain myself, so it’s a good thing I don’t have kids. Any kinky stuff?

MB: The college president was into light bondage and a blindfold. That was about the most. I wouldn’t go for anything heavy duty or scary. Remember, I vetted them in advance.

LS: Did you think less of them for going to you, or think about their wives.

MB: I didn’t think less of them. Remember, I was a kid and pretty selfish in some ways. I did this because I could rebel, I loved sex, but I especially loved the money. I never think badly of a customer. I didn’t think about the wives. I figured, hey, you can’t satisfy your husband, so not my problem. The hubris of a cute 20-year-old, what can I say? Now that I am married and have children, I am more ambivalent about this. I think men in general will stray, and it’s how you decide to deal with it. Having said that, it would really hurt me if my husband, C****, did it, whether it was with a hooker or a girlfriend. Now I do think I probably kept some marriages together by giving the men an outlet. But I can really see both sides. But there’s a reason it’s the oldest profession.

LS: You said you worked for an agency. I never knew that.

MB: Yeah, that was an adventure. It was very high-class and safe. I had a driver who was a former cop. Got a good cut of the money, which was very good. But it also produced the scariest episode, which probably caused me to get out of it for good.

LS: Let’s tell that story another day…How about a refill?


Pete from Cal said...

Very juicy and interesting stuff. Thank you and Mary Beth for sharing insights into this world we know so little about. Any time you and MaryBeth get together, it seems like there's always good conversations. :) Thanks for sharing it with us. Gracias!

Cherokee said...

Love the conversation!

Madonna was right, "Poor is the man whose pleasures depend on the permission of another”. I wonder how society would change if we legalized prostitution. It would be safer and would be taxed. Would sex crimes go down? Divorce rates?

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