Tuesday, January 22, 2008

And when she was bad, she was delightful

Some women spend years married to the same man, maybe even their high-school sweetheart, happily or not. The Fates decided I would live many lives. So I've been happily married, for awhile, and that safe cocoon can contain much joy. And I have lived lives of passionate wildness.

Yes, I have been fucking several men at once. No, sorry, gentlemen, I don't mean an orgy. I mean balancing several intimate relationships at once. Call me a slut if you wish, but many women do it. You just don't know it. My sexy friend Mary Beth -- more about her someday -- is doing it right now, with a long-time boyfriend and a hot new love that has appeared. And I have known many men who do it, but they consider themselves studs, not sluts.

I went through a phase a few years ago when I had five lovers at once for several years. Only one of them knew about the others, a longtime FWB, and he was okay with it. One was out of town but would sometimes visit. Two dropped out, replaced by another. I decided five was manageable (tried six and was exhausted)

Life was always exciting. In at least three separate weeks, I fucked each one of them on a different night. Many times I would fuck two in a day, say, a nooner with one and spend the night with the other. I think my record was three in a day. Only once or twice was I in danger of being caught.

I loved every man I ever slept with, after my fashion. So don't think I am being cold or clinical about this. In most cases, we were all getting what we wanted, and more of a relationship would have been fruitless. In a couple, I wonder what might have been. But I try not to mix love and pleasure, and everything has a price.


Jim said...

True comments all.

If it could only be as easy and smooth as scheduling a doctor's appt., or bringing your car in for service.

"Nope, can't meet at 2:30 . . . I have a fucking at 3."


pete from cal said...

I'm happy for you in your pursuit of happiness even if it means having multiple lovers. :) Men have been doing it so why can't women right? Everyone is getting what they want out of the relationship and no one being hurt so why not right? No, I don't think you're being cold, cruel, or even a slut. If anything, I admire you for pursuing and doing things or people that makes you happy. :D But if you're sleeping with 2 or 3 people a day and getting exhausted, that sounds like work and maybe you should be paid for it. :D Live free, in mind and body! :)