Tuesday, January 29, 2008

'No falling in love': In praise of the transitional relationship

He had an old apartment lined with books, with a bay window showing the thick snow falling outside, and a fireplace that provided the only light in the room. We were both naked. I sat astride him on the sofa, feeling his cock push against me as we kissed in every possible permutation of mouth on mouth, tongue on tongue. He licked and nibbled and sucked my nipples until I was moaning. I wanted him inside me.

He caressed my face with his warm, large hand. "No falling in love," he said.

To you that might seem like a hell of a cheeky remark. But it was just the right thing to say. I nodded slowly and lowered myself onto his penis. I let him fill me up as we rocked together. I put my head on his shoulder, reveled in the way he pumped into me while fondling my ass, and let my mind fly away as I lost myself in a good fucking.

I needed all that. He was my first transitional man.

One of my readers mentioned T-Men. They are under-appreciated forces in the love that makes the world go round, the lovers who come after Big Deal relationships, the ones that have no future but help you move on.

This is not a revenge fuck, or merely a revenge fuck. It's a safe harbor. It's the great sex, combined with chemistry and companionship, and most of all the freedom of no pressure to commit, that makes the whole thing work. Later, again in "committed relationships," many women will never even admit they had T-Men, even though they nurture those hot memories.

My two T-Men knew that's what they were doing. They knew I was a wreck of heartbreak/anger/guilt and not ready for anything heavy. And they knew that the woman I would emerge as, after the journey of rebuilding my heart, wouldn't be the one they met. We might not connect in any other situation. They knew this. They were also worldly, funny and sensual and further opened the world to me beyond my repressed suburban upbringing.

Some T-Men don't realize it. And some women with T-Men don't realize they are just in a transitional relationship. They face heartbreak, disappointment, or, if they're lucky, the realization of what a gift they received. The ideal T-Man knows who he is and what he wants, i.e., not to be married that very minute. He realizes the fragile state of his lover, but also knows she will grow stronger as he fucks her well and lets her work out her old issues. There will come a time when she is ready to move on. He has the grace to let her go.

It works the other way. I have been a transitional woman at least a couple of times. Once I even used the old line, as he hovered over me, desperate to be inside me with my legs wrapped around him. To let that coupling wash away the past. I said, "no falling in love." He blinked eyes with lust and tears and slowly nodded his head, as I guided his cock head into my wet tight pussy.


Anonymous said...

Very insightful. I think many people find themselves in a situation where they need a transitional relationship. They may not realize it but they do need it.

pete from cal... said...

so poetic.... the healer of relationships... thanks :)

Jim said...

I think it's at the heart of any "FWB" relationship . . . no strings attached, just two people who have basic physical needs that they fulfill for each other.

Pleasures taken in the feel of another's body, wrapped tightly and moving with yours, to the peak of ecstasy. Nothing more, nothing less.

Repeatedly, lol.


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