Friday, January 18, 2008

LA Story: the night I learned to f-u-c-k

The average hetereosexual man doesn't know what it's like to be fucked. Just parse the words slowly: g-e-t f-u-c-k-e-d. Even the words convey some of the vulnerability, uncertainty and, honestly, powerlessness a woman can feel when she is on the receiving end of a penis attached to this larger, stronger creature who is suddenly inside her, a part of her, and yet not equally physically vulnerable.

And women don't know what it's like to fuck someone: to have that power, that tool that can give so much pleasure, that is the source of such independent power, iconography -- an amoral, unstoppable will of it own!! -- and yet insecurity (is it big enough? can I keep this erection?).

Once when I was visiting my lover Ron in Los Angeles, I made a detour to a wonderful shop called the Pleasure Chest, in one of the Russian sections near Hollywood. It was the kind of place a woman could shop unmolested by creeps. I bought some items. I had a plan.

At his place, we went through some hot preliminaries, but I soon took charge. I put him in a hot tub and lovingly bathed him, soaping his cock and rubbing it with a face cloth, washing his balls and anus. Once he was dry, I put him in bed and blindfolded him.

First, I kissed and tongued his entire front, from his ears and neck to his toes, then worked my way up each leg. His beautiful cock looked almost painfully erect, but I cruelly only gave it passing attention, a light kiss here, a brief slip into my warm, wet mouth. Then I made him turn over and get on his knees.

"Bend your head down and raise your ass, baby," I commanded, remembering all the times men had told me the same thing. I caressed the insides of his thighs, his balls and hips, ran my hands strongly up and down his back. Then the KY was on my finger and I eased it into his anus. It was very tight and warm inside. I finger fucked him with one hand as I used the other to tease his balls and cock. Then I slipped in two fingers and he winced, then moaned.

It took me a minute to navigate the contraption. No talking. Just lie there, baby. Soon I had a cock. I would be gentle; it was only a six-inch strap-on, as thick as my first boyfriend's real dick. I lay it at the edge of his anus and he instinctively lurched forward, but I grabbed his hips and made him stay.

(Let me add right now that Ron is one of the most macho guys I've been with: athlete, former Marine vet of Gulf War I, and as a sports writer was always around the heavy duty male culture. He's a big guy, too. But he was willing to play, so...)

Suddenly I was seized by a primal lust and I drove my "cock" straight in. I don't think I was too rough, just going steady and slow but without stopping. I wanted to fuck this man. I was going to fuck this man, and even an atomic bomb going off out the window wouldn't stop me. Then I was in to the hilt and he groaned loudly, "Linda, you're fucking me!"

Indeed I was. I played this way for some time, entranced by being on the other end of the cock, as it were. I imagined so many times I had been fucked and how the boys and men just seemed to lose themselves to the stronger, insatiable will of the penis. True, I didn't have that urge to come, but I had great imagination. I thrust in and out, holding tightly to his ass, aroused by the sight of his body below me. As I fucked him, I tightened and eased my legs and hips, did some kegels, and had my own baby orgasms.

When I was done, I left the dildo in his ass and came around underneath, sucking his cock while I held the toy in one hand and fucked his ass. He lasted about 30 seconds before giving me two huge spurts of semen, then more. I swallowed as fast as I could -- I was on my back -- so I didn't drown in all the tasty man-goo. We both collapsed in a heap of sweaty flesh, the sounds of LA seeping in the windows, my store-bought dick still hard and ready on the bed.


Anonymous said...

You'll be happy to know that I had to go in the restroom at work, go to the last stall, and beat off thinking about this latest post. You are hotness, baby!

John said...

You are one kinky babe, Linda Sue. I love it!

Kathy said...

My husband and I love sex toys, and I regularly use a butt plug on him while I suck him off. He has the most powerful orgasms. But I never thought about the power relationship to all of this. Thanks for your insightful and arousing posts.

indiscretion said...

I loved this... I've thought about doing this to someone, to find out about exactly that feeling of power, driving into him. The closest I came was with a hand held dildo, in the context of him asking me to take control, do whatever I wanted to do to him. I tied him up, blindfolded and gagged him, played a little with lipstick and whipped cream, then used the dildo on his ass. I found, though, that I was mostly trying to be gentle for his first ever anal penetration. Perhaps I need to work on finding my inner man.


The Beautiful Kind said...

I never knew how much work went into thrusting until I strapped a dick on.

This was h-o-t!

The Beautiful Kind said...

update: I showed this to my friend and she said: It would have been hotter if she had a feeldoe. Then she could have clenched it in her pussy and really fucked him with her whole body and had the added stimulation of the feeldoe in her.

paul pink said...

Lovely Linda Sue: I'd be honored to serve as your bend-over boyfriend anytime! Just let me know when you're in New York City.

James said...


That is an amazing post. So very, very hot. Thank goodness for office doors. ;)


Naughty Girl said...

How fun! It is wonderful that you're in a relationship where this type of sex can be explored and enjoyed! :)

spankablebob said...

My wife and I include strapon play in our sex life sometimes. There are times when she does this that I am overwhelmed by the way that she takes control, and the surrender to her the and loss of power that I feel as result of this. Oh, yes, and the orgasms that I have from this are some of the most intense ones I have eer esperienced.

Andy said...

Wow! I don't see myself ever going for this scenario but it is really interesting to think about the role switch and how it felt for you. Great story and even better writing. I somehow missed this when it was originally posted but I'm glad you suggested it in the comments.

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