Monday, November 19, 2007

Oh, the trains we could have pulled

How much more complicated could my life get? I fall into this wild fling with a younger man, who likes to "take me," and I find that I like it. Then his even younger roommate joins us, and I get my fantasy of a threesome come true. Yes, young and strong. Now I know this has no future; one is 12 years younger and the other is almost 17 years younger! It's wonderful balm for an ego closing in on 40 to be desired by these young studs. But...I want to pull the ripcord before I am dumped for a sweet young thang or Mike's proto-violence gets scary.

I didn't tell you that afterwards, last week, Josh came to my place on his own and we played. He's both sweet and athletically sexual, and I warned him not to fall in love with me. When Mike demanded to know where I was, I told him. I could see the wheels turning...he would "punish" me. I didn't know whether to anticipate it or worry. I could imagine a scenario where it turns to something close to rape, and one of us gets hurt.

Events over the weekend solved the dilemma. I was at a bar with my friend Kathleen. Shorn of the puritanical Jennifer, we had a good ol' girl conversation on s-e-x, specifically my adventures of the previous two weeks. I should say here that Kathleen is a few years older, a musician, brilliant and outspoken. She heard my tale and blurted out, "God, I wish someone would take me that way."

So was born half a plan in my mind. I said, "Let's go over to Mike's apartment." So a little tipsy already, we stopped for a bottle of wine to oil the conversation, and soon were at his door. Let's just say, the wine never got opened. From the minute Mike opened the door, his eyes were lit with lust.

Roomie Josh wasn't there, so I realized my punishment would be to watch as Mike got to know Kathleen...and I do mean it biblically. Few preliminaries. They soon fell to kissing, and things went from there. It was interesting to watch him work as a bystander, and to watch Kathleen. He was both rough and teasing, and she seemed to know how to "fight" him to get him going, then to back him off a little. Me, I had been a little rag doll knowing none of this.

Later, Kathleen would tell me it had been four years since she had had sex. I think she made up for some of the lost time with Mike. When he had finally come in her, he made me lick her. I was eager for had been several years since I was with a woman, and Kathleen always seemed sexy to me, in this smoldering, dark way. My tongue was bathed in this amazing mixture of his thick semen and Kathleen's sweet pussy juices. When Mike was recharged, he gave me a wild fucking, too, and at one point, he was fucking me from behind with that huge dick of his while Kathleen was licking me. I've never come so hard.

I was disappointed that Josh wasn't there. Then, he came home...with a pretty little blonde thang. Oh, she was luminous. I wish I could say we went seventies retro, but it was not to be. His date (was I a little jealous?) seemed very wierded out and they soon left. Oh, the trains we could have pulled. (Are there no young sluts, the way I was in college??)

So, it has no future. But the present has been pretty amazing.


Anonymous said...

You are amazingly hot. The woman in control who has discovered her hidden submissive side.

Anonymous said...

Were you jealous when Josh showed up with a girlfriend?