Friday, January 25, 2013

He's changed

I'm totally exhausted from the inauguration. No time for sex. I forgot to tell you about going home to Seattle to see my crazy family. Mom always wants me to stay at their house, but I like the freedom of having my own hotel room downtown. I did make time to see my friend and former lover Mike, who is still stationed up there. He's gotten married, but agreed to have a drink. Knowing him, I didn't think a wedding band would stop him, especially with the miniskirt I was wearing, and I would get a good submissive fucking like he used to give me. Our affair is chronicled here, here, and here.

Even over martinis, he seemed very different. More mellow, actually interested in me, talked lovingly about his wife. Still, he accepted my invitation to come back to my hotel room, we took off our weapons, and eventually got into a mad makout session on the couch. I kept feeling his big, hard cock through his slacks, feeling my pussy getting very wet. Memories of our affair were bombarding me. I had his shirt unbottoned and loved the feeling of those washboard abs. He was breathing heavily. At any minute, I expected him to throw me to the floor, hike up my skirt and fuck me from behind. But he didn't.

"Come over to the bed."

" should go..."

"I'm not the morality police, Mike. I can feel your cock. I know what you want." I sure as hell knew what I wanted.

I took his hand and pulled him toward the bed.

He grabbed my shoulders and looked at me a long time. I could see him wrestling with himself. Then he gently sat me on the bed and pushed me down. Getting on his knees, he stoked my legs and took off my shoes. Then he pulled off my panty hose without creating a single run. I was shivering with arousal as he sucked my toes, licked the tops of my feet and ankles, then started kissing and licking up each leg. Just when I thought I would feel his tongue on my pussy, he just brushed it with his face.

"I love your scent," he said. "I never forget that."

"I want you inside me," I commanded, but it probably came out more as a begging whimper.

Instead, he just kept teasing for the longest time. Then I felt his tongue lightly tracing along my vulva. I almost came right then. He could sense it and pulled back, nibbling on the inside of my thighs. When I was cooled down a little, he would lick me again. I had the beginnings of a massive orgasm, my feet burning and seeing colors through my closed eyes. And he backed off.

His tongue came back again, so lightly. I was clawing the sheets, reaching for his hands, but he kept them on my ass, holding my firmly in place. His entire face was hidden by my skirt.

Suddenly, it felt like my whole body exploded. I could hear some woman screaming. It was me. Pulses of orgasm radiated out as he just kept it going and going. When I was completely spent, he tongue-fucked me into another orgasm. Then he licked me gently for a few more minutes as I lay whimpering.

"Fuck me."

"I can't, Linda." He didn't even call me "Sue," as he used to do to irritate me.

"Let me suck your cock.

I reached for his zipper, but he just took my hand and kissed it. Then I heard the door closed. For about an hour, I just dozed, completely satisfied. Well, not completely. But it was pretty damned sweet. His wife is lucky.


Anonymous said...

Long time reader, first time poster here Linda..
With your mention of the inauguration I couldn't help but wonder if the women "suits" I saw on TV were you...
I was doing a little fantasizing of my own, imaging that I was along the parade route and somehow we met and somehow or another I figured out who you were and all that and then we ended up back at my hotel room...

Anonymous said...

Yes. Yes, she is.


Paul said...

How does it feel to be on the receiving end of being teased? ;)

Jon alen said...

Being open minded enough and willing to learn can be a really big green flag for me. Sometimes it's more rewarding to be the person who taught your partner why opening up and communicating is such an awesome thing.
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Anonymous said...

In reference to educating the Virgin Grad student.

Linda, as much as I admire your imitation of Sisyphus... why?

There are 4 types of guys under 30. They are combinations of Got Money/No Money and Got Game/No Game.

Grad students who know Whig Parties have nothing to do with hair... are the definition of No Money/No Game. Grad-Virgin is assaulting the 20-30 year old girls in well fortified positions and he has no air cover. It's suicide to try and take those hills, commander.

This all works out past 30 because as Over-Educated Nympho says here:
"I'm ready for my next boyfriend to be my last."

Amen sister... too bad all the American 20 somethings don't realize this DURING their 20s.

So I would quit trying to get Grad-Virgin to perform the impossible. (be like a Got Money/Got Gamer). You should A) let him play with 30+ women... who like talking about Whigs OR B) Quit having him assault the well fortified 20-30s

If you choose B - Here's some advice. You can fly domestic or international...

Flying Domestic - He should concentrate on 18-20ish girls who don't care about the No Money thing. Yeah I know hard to find in DC... but bear with me. Places to find such: Dept Stores, (read Shopgirl to get a bead on these types), Lower end wait staff (Chili's Applebees etc), Dry Cleaners, Hotel staff. Tell him to drop Whig talk and talk about *gasp* normal things like going to work dealing parents you still live with etc etc etc. Great thing is no much dough needed to impress these blue collar gals.

Flying International - By far the BEST way for a guy in his 20s to travel these days. So boyo want to meet women that don't care about money and a future house in Fairfax County??? Date women who can't say Fairfax, don't know about the suburb concept... and gee are just happy to be with a man. He can concentrate on 18-21 year old Asian, Europeans etc and have fun. College is a venue to find these gems... BUT you won't find them in Whig classes, Pre Law, Poly Sci, and Rhetoric. These beauties are hangin out with the Engineers, Comp Sci and business types... And act fast because the more astute Engineers/Business guys hunt these babes to extinction by age 22.

Good Luck and good hunting... and remember an unsuspecting adversary makes up for poor execution. Quit sending in green troops against well prepared adversaries.

Community Activist

Anonymous said...

Hey Linda.....please keep posting...Long time reader and I love the way you are so open with all of us! I have met one woman like you in my sexual adventures and she truly knows her body and what she likes just like you do..Thank you for sharing! I know it would never happen but we could have interesting conversations if we ever ran into each other....I am a male version of you! LOL! btw..My cock is throbbing!

Mike said...

Hi Linda..been quite awhile since your last post. Are you going to keep it active?

Anonymous said...

We miss you!

Linda Sue said...

I'll be back. Stay tuned.

Anonymous said...

Bunch of us miss your updates, G-man (-eater). ;)

Anonymous said...

When will you come back?! We've all missed you so much and are eager to hear what naughty adventures you've had while you were away. I'm a young man who has stroked himself to climax many times while reading your blog, imagining that I would one day encounter a sexually liberated, mature woman such as yourself. How does an eager student spot a willing teacher like you? What are the giveaways? Is it something in the way you carry yourself, a look in your eye, a vibration that you emit? You are the holy grail that men search for, I hope you realize that. I would worship you.

Mike said...

Excellent I would hope I could do the same and still be able to stop in time