Friday, January 13, 2012

Sucking cock

New Years was quite nice. I'll leave it at that. For some reason, I don't want to blog about the Professor, at least not yet. Few of my men know that I do a sex blog and tell all. A couple of them knew and even helped me remember some details. For them, it was kinky and a turn-on. Most men wouldn't find that true, and even fewer women. I can't imagine Wendy and Pam, among others, would want all you guys masturbating to our romps together.

It's been so busy at work, Dear Diary. I did have fun with a young female colleague while we were spending some very boring hours in a car watching something I can't tell you about. We started talking about sex (yes, women do), and she was curious about how to give a great blowjob. Her boyfriend is ten years older and more experienced. Although she says he's very kind and taken with her, she knows she's "just not doing it right." We had a banana, and I showed her a few tricks until the thing started coming apart in my mouth. It reminded me, however, that oral sex is really important to men — do it well, and he'll never forget you.

It reminded me that the Fellatrices posts I did are lost forever. So I won't be repeating myself if I give a few tips:

1. DO drop your hang-ups. It's not "nasty" down there. If it really is, have him take a shower and give him a little talk about personal hygiene (or get a new bf).

2. DO play with his cock before you ever put it in your mouth. Stroke it, masturbate him, caress his balls, all while you're kissing him. Work down his body, kissing and licking his chest, nipples, belly button, thighs. One thing I like to do is to go down his body rubbing my (still!) tight, pert breasts across his chest and belly. I also let my hair fall on his skin and caress him. Make him want it.

3. DO praise his cock (honestly).

4. DO vary your technique. Maybe start out by taking it lightly in your mouth once...make him want it!...before licking the shaft and head in different ways. Take your time. Break it up by (gently!) licking his balls and taking them in your mouth while you stroke his penis. As he responds more and more...

5. DO take him fully in your mouth, in and out. Start lightly and increase the sucking pressure. The sweet spot is the area near where the shaft meets the head. Vary the amount you take in your mouth and the speed with which you suck him. If you're not ready for him to come and he's about there, slow down.

6. DO use your hands. I finally focus on sucking (harder and harder) the head and top of the shaft while I am moving my hand up and down on the rest of his shaft. Maybe with my other hand, I am stroking his balls. Note: When my hair is long, I pull it to one side over my shoulder so it doesn't get in the way. And, get comfortable yourself.

7. DO back off the pressure as he starts to come, so his orgasm doesn't become intensely painful. Make some noise.

8. DO swallow. If you're one of those rare women who really get nauseous from semen, then spit it out afterwards (a towel nearby).

9. DON'T let him hold your head down or force you, unless you're into that. Know how to let him know what you want, too. Gently remove that hand.

10. DON'T make loud, cow-like sucking sounds. Learn to breathe through your nose. Anyway, you want the maximum pressure applied.

11. DON'T be impatient. Some guys come fast, some need time. It's all good.

12. DON'T be afraid to be kinky and spontaneous. I love to greet a lover at the airport by sucking his cock in the parking garage. I've sucked cocks outdoors, beside a bar... Even a taste makes him want more.

And, keep learning. It took me years to perfect my "feather" blowjob technique. Don't be afraid to ask him how he likes it, either. Ladies and gay/bi gents: Add your advice in the comments section.


Anonymous said...

Temperature play can provide nice variety. My husband really loves "the hot mug trick," when I drink from a hot beverage and then, with my warmer mouth, suck on him. It requires a certain amount of interruption in the blow job, but he certainly does not complain. We tried this with cold beverages, but he did not find that so appealing. However, I plan to try that with our playmate, who has expressed interest in precisely that.

Also, sometimes going with no ceremony or build-up, but just taking the full, still-flaccid penis in the mouth can provide a different and exciting sensation. Obviously, this status does not last long (if you are doing it right), but it gives the man an unusual (and, from reports) enjoyable sensation.

Anonymous said...

My favorite blowjob technique is when she concentrates on my cock head and just slightly below it while stroking me and playing with my balls. There's also the killer move of licking the area just below my balls and sometimes I get the adventurous woman who likes to lick my ass while stroking me. THAT is killer....not strictly a BJ though.

Anonymous said...

God, I wish you'd talk to my wife.

Anonymous said...

Speaking from the male perspective and at age 66, I have to say there is either a hand job or a blow job. When the two are employed at once there has, to me, seemed a distraction.

A hand job should be employed when there is a great deal of lust and a need for a quick release; face it, men have pleasured themselves this way for aeons.

A blow job is distinctive, special and loving and can become a very special way to share release for you man but only if it's not involving your hands. Use your mouth and lips as a pussy and swallow please or show it to your man as a dribble.

Greg said...

As a bisexual man, I'm sorry to tell the ladies that you are not doing it correctly. A man has always been more successful at getting me off than a woman. Yet I prefer being with a woman more than a man.

If you're are learning your technique from porn, than ignore it. They always do it wrong.

First, consistency is your friend. Second, speed is not required. If fact, it can lead to you accidentally scraping a man with your teeth which would kill any buildup to orgasm. Third, pressure is important. Don't just let it slide in and out of your mouth. Fourth, the most sensitive zone is the underside of the cock just below the tip. Further down the underside of the shaft feels good also but you'll make him come quickly if you concentrate closer to the tip. The upperside of the cock has little sensitivity and you're wasting your time if you lick there.

You need to suck consistently. Stopping ruins the rhythm (believe me, that is the most important part). When guys fuck you, you don't see them pulling out and then go back in. It's consistent, slow rhythm. That gets the job done. Breath through your nose.

On the upstroke, you should put a lot of pressure on the underside of the cock with your tongue. He won't last more than 2 minutes if you do this right. I know. I used this trick on many guys and they love it (I learned from someone else who could make me come in 1 minute).

I hope this helps.

Meaghan said...

I always find it useful to run my hand over his pubic hair during foreplay. That can sweep away any stray hairs I might choke on!

Anonymous said...

It is quite amazing to read about all this love of sucking cock and swallowing semen. No wonder there are so many gay men out there cocksucking must be a very nice to do.

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