Friday, December 30, 2011

Doggy delight

I survived Christmas with my family in Seattle. I got a hotel room, not wanting to stay with my parents and sure as hell not wanting to stay with Amber and Justin. I did see Chris one night and we had a romp for old times.

He took the initiative and I was just along for the ride. But the big event was neither me riding him or him riding me. I dressed in sheer white stockings and white garter belt for him, and he fucked me from behind for what seemed like an hour. I must admit, he was a master. He started very slowly, sliding in inch by inch even though I was already sopping wet from our earlier fucking. Then he fell into this amazing slow rhythm interspersed with hard, fast thrusts.

My butt was in the air, his strong hands gripping my hips. My head was down on the sheets and my hands in front steadying myself. It wasn't easy, and not just from when he was really banging me. When he was going slow, I could feel him swiveling his hips to push his cock in from different angles. Two little orgasms hit me about halfway through and I started pushing frantically against him. But he wouldn't let me really get off.

He kept his hands firmly on my hips, controlling the motion. Other times, I felt his warm hands caressing my thighs and my back. I was shaking from the stimulation of his cock in and out of me. I remember multiple gasps, moans and "fuck me!" coming out of my mouth. Gripping and clawing the sheets came naturally, not as theater. Finally he started a steady, faster tempo, faster and harder, slamming into me. Colors were shooting into the sides of me eyes and my feet started burning. I knew I was a goner and one of the most intense orgasm of my life exploded out of my pussy. At the same moment, I felt his big cock pulse, he let out a yell and came inside me.

I fell forward, whimpering. He fell on top, his cock still in me, his torso sweaty. Yow-ser.

Now I'm back in D.C. The Professor and I are going out for New Year's Eve.

As to the commenter who said I should consider moving out of field work: There's some pressure for that. I'm not 25 any more, except maybe sexually. But I have some skills that are unusual and highly valued (no, not blowing every guy in town). So, we'll see.


Anonymous said...

Geezus, that sounds like quite the hot experience. Thanks for the lovely, detailed description! :-9

fitforlife said...

Linda Sue-your Christmas experience sounded like fun for both of you. I enjoy reading your inner thoughts.

petunia said...

Who is Chris? I couldn't find him listed on your archive. That sounded like quite a night. I hope you have a good time with the professor, too!

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